Angel of Death

Chapter 14

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Prince Zuko sat within a meditative pose, his breathing coming and going calmly air coming in through the nose and out slowly through the mouth. For those of his lineage breathing correctly was the most important step, otherwise they'd never be able to truly control their power. Their power, or rather their Kekki Genkai gave them the pyrokenetic ability to create and control fire. Unlike most elemental Kekki Genkai they did not require the use of seals to use their ability instead merely flowing through forms to use their flames. While others needed to use seals and breathe the fire out of their mouths his family had no need to do so and instead could fire blasts of flames from their fist and feet enhancing their taijutsu prowess greatly.

Legend has it that the first with the ability had actually been granted it by a dragon. According to the story as a young boy he'd been orphaned and found by a stranger who raised him. That stranger turned said sout to have been a dragon and had taught his adopted son how to control the flames. Zuko didn't honestly know how true those stories were, nor did he honestly care at this point in time. What he did care about however was growing stronger so that he could properly serve his people. At first he'd only wanted to be stronger for the sake of being stronger than everyone else, he'd wanted to stand out and let everyone see his strength, especially his sister who things seemed to come so naturally to.

Naruto had put a stop to it, not with his fist but with words and after a period of indecision the young prince had set a new goal in mind. He had gained an inner peace that had once been missing and as a result the potency of his flames had eventually increased. Whereas Azula boasted blue blames, he himself held white flames a color none had seen before he himself possessed them. It was for this reason that he would be heading to Tetsu no Kuni, to show Naruto the results of his training the last few years.

Elsewhere within Hi no Kuni, Sarutobi Hiruzen stood before the gates of his village with a sea of villagers standing at his back. At his sides were a full squad of ANBU, the best his village could boast. It had taken a bit of time for him to get things all prepared for his travel but things had worked out quite well for his trip to Tetsu no Kuni. His former teammates Homura and Koharu were also in attendance at the front of the crowd in fact. He had set things up so that for the duration of his absence the shinobi council would be in charge of all matters of importance, while Homura would handle the overseeing of mission assignments.

With Danzo dead and his Ne forces incapacitated he found arranging things to his liking far easier than he had expected them to be. At the same time he'd still taken some precautions ensuring no laws could be passed without his presence or that of the Daimyo's himself. Of course he was leaving rather late in the evening but that was because he wasn't heading immediately to Tetsu no Kuni. Instead he would be heading to the capital where he would be linking up with the Daimyo and his family where he already had a contingent of shinobi playing bodyguard before heading to Tetsu no Kuni the next morning. At the pace they were going to set they would arrive in the Samurai run nation two to three days before the tournament if all went smoothly.

"Now then I've arranged a few things and have managed to make it so that you all could see the tournament live. There will be a large screen showing the tournament within our own stadium on that day, so all of you interested can see the matches there." Said the Sandaime as he finished addressing the crowd.

"Have the matches been decided yet?" questioned Koharu.

"If they have they have not been given out, only the names of those competing. All we know for sure is that it is set to take multiple days." Said Hiruzen.

"Do be safe on your journey you old monkey." Said Homura.

"Just in case should the worst happen then either Jiraiya or Tsunade is to be the Godaime. Unfortunately no one else possesses the skillset necessary for the job at the moment." Said the man quietly so that only his two advisors could hear, both of whom nodded their understanding.

That said the man known as the Legendary Sandaime Hokage turned and leapt up into the trees dashing off at a fast pace with his ANBU guards forming a diamond pattern surrounding him.

While this was going on and repeating itself in several other countries with other Kage's, a pair of women had entered into the land that was run by the samurai. Of the two one stood at the height of 5'3 with straight blond hair. Her hair is waist-length with shoulder-length bangs framing both sides of her face, with a violet rhombus mark on her forehead. She had a slender yet noticeably curvaceous frame and a large bust measuring at 106 centimeters. She wore a green robe with the kanji for 'gamble' written in black on the back, inside a red circle. Underneath she wears a grey, kimono-style blouse with no sleeves, held closed by a broad, dark bluish-grey obi that matches her pants. Her blouse is closed quite low, revealing her sizeable cleavage. She wears open-toed sandals with high heels and red polish on both her fingernails and toenails. She also wears a soft pink lipstick and had a green gem hanging down between her breast dangling from a plain black cord for a necklace.

The second woman was actually a bit taller than her standing at the height of 5'5 and she has shoulder length black hair with bangs and onyx eyes. She wore a long bluish-black kimono with white trimmings, held closed by a white obi, and open-toed sandals with low heels. In her hands she carried a pig that wore a dark red jacket and a pearl collar. The two turned heads if for no other reason than the fact that the first had such a large bust that anyone would stop and stare.

"Wow this is a really nice place." Commented the second woman.

"I suppose; but why are we here so early, the tournament won't start for at least another two weeks." Complained the first causing the second to roll her eyes.

"Honestly Tsunade-sama; because we had to leave the last place so suddenly! At least here no one will be harassing us for the money you owe them for a while." Said the second causing the first to actually pout.

"Eh Tsunade!" exclaimed a voice causing both to stop and turn towards it.

"Jiraiya! What the hell are you doing here?" questioned the newly introduced Tsunade as the white haired shinobi walked towards the two.

"Sensei sent me honestly. His newest student happens to have made it into the tournament. I'm here to help with his training." Explained Jiraiya.

"Sensei actually took on a new student, at his age? Why the hell do you need to train the gaki anyway?" questioned Tsunade.

"Well the kid's actually my godson." Said Jiraiya rubbing the back of his head with a sheepish expression on his face.

"Great, another little perv running around." Muttered Tsunade massaging her forehead with the tips of her right hands fingers.

"HA that's right! It's only a matter of time until I have turned the boy to the glorious ways of the Super Pervert!" exclaimed Jiraiya only to be beaned in the head by Tsunade.

"That's what you get Ero-sennin." Called Naruto as he came out of a nearby store carrying several boxes in hand with a duo of clones carrying bags.

"Just you wait gaki; sooner or later I'll turn you to my views!" Said Jiraiya recovering rather quickly.

"And you wonder why you can't get any, later Ero-sennin."

As the boy turned and left with the clones Tsunade burst out laughing as Jiraiya became a blubbering mess. At the same time however she made a mental note to speak with that kid later on.

While this was going on another Naruto was making his way through the streets that made up the village the shinobi were staying in for the duration of the Chuunin Exams. Despite the fact that he appeared out of place due to the clothing he wore he walked the streets unbothered by anyone and not bothering anyone else in return. Eventually he came to a stop in front of a building taking a breath before entering. As he did so he was greeted by the sight of a single man cleaning a bar with a towel. The man had short brown hair and a connected mustache and beard. He wore a pair of grey hakama and a dark white short kimono top.

"Ah welcome young one, how may I help you today?" questioned the man.

"I'm looking for someone." Explained the blond as he entered the establishment finding it empty and taking the offered seat at the bar

"A friend?" questioned the man

"Not quite. I've never met him."

"Never? Who is he may I ask?" questioned the man with a short laugh.

"Hattori Hanzo."

As the blond said this the man froze dropping the towel and looking up slowly so that their eyes met.

"What do you want with Hattori Hanzo?" questioned the man his tone now serious.

"I need Uzu grade steel." Said the blond.

"Uzu grade why would you want such a thing?" questioned the man.

"It is my birthright. I was informed only he knew the secret behind it and I have vermin to kill" Explained the blond.

"You must have big rats to require Uzu steel." Said the man.


"Follow me."

At that Naruto stood following man as he left the bar area and went into a back room. From there he pulled a cord down from the ceiling causing a set of stairs to descend. As they ascended the stairs they came to a new room with the walls covered in swords with the sole exception of a single one. As Naruto walked the room he could see the swords usually katana, wakizashi, and nodachi. They were all different ranges of colors as well yet what all held in common was that all of them bore the crest of the Uzumaki clan on the scabbard.

"I wanted to show you these. However, someone as you, who knows so much, must surely know I no longer make instruments of death. What I have here, I keep for their aesthetic and sentimental value. Yet as proud as I am of my life's work I have retired." Said Hanzo as he came to stand beside the blonde admiring the rack of weapons.

"I admire and respect that. I also have no need for a sword, merely information about my own." Explained the blond.

"You have a sword and need to know about it?" questioned the man.

At that Naruto removed a pair of scrolls unsealing his two zanpakuto allowing them to rest upon the floor. As soon as he did so Hanzo's eyes widened as he could feel a subtle power radiating from the two blades power which he knew only a select few were able to sense.

"I see. You truly are of the Uzumaki clan then, the head family in fact." Said the man getting a nod from the blonde.

"I know the basics about them but I want to know everything that I am missing." Explained the young teen.

"Very well as it does not require me to break my vow to Kami-sama I shall share with you the information that you seek. This knowledge was generally passed down from Clan head to clan head however during the fall of Uzu the information was given to me by the current clan head Uzumaki Yoshimitsu. While the Uzumaki were feared for their knowledge of fuinjutsu indeed that was not the reason they were destroyed. The truth is they were destroyed due to fear of the clan head's ability and the desire of the bigger villages to have it for themselves. That ability was the ability to wield the zanpakuto; swords that were both a reflection of the clan head's power and soul, as well as sentient beings unto themselves.

Each zanpakuto was always unique both in shape and in ability. These you see before you are called Asauchi, nameless zanpakuto, whose wielders had yet to truly awaken them. However it was only the clan heads who ever discovered the truth, that zanpakuto were more than just ordinary swords. While the bulk of the Uzumaki clan had yet to discover this its most powerful members knew this as truth and judging by the feel coming from yours I'd say you'd discovered this as well. Why I was told the secret was because I was one of the few to know that the clan head had a daughter living in Konoha and he believed that one day she would need to know the information he held. Though you are not her I see no harm in giving the information to you seeing as you are her son though you look more like your father." Said the man chuckling as the blond narrowed his eyes.

"Now then here is the secret I was given. Outside of the initial transformation of a zanpakuto that is dubbed 'Shikai' there exists a second more powerful one called 'Bankai'. To achieve Bankai you will need to materialize your zanpakuto's spirit in the physical world and then subjugate it. This usually takes ten years to achieve which is why only the heads have ever discovered this. However, as a tradeoff after mastering this level your power will grow anywhere from 5 to 10 times its normal strength." Explained Hanzo.

"I see; a project for a later date then. Thank you." Said Naruto bowing towards the man before making his way out.

Tenten stared up at the ceiling unseeingly. Though her eyes were opened they were not focused in the present but in the past. Her thoughts were still on the meeting that she had the previous night with the Uzu kunoichi and one of Konoha's premier jounin. She hadn't believed the woman who had interrupted her training, not until they had actually tracked down the jounin who had been none other than her own sensei's rival, Hatake Kakashi. The man had literally froze when he saw her before lifting up his hitae-tae and exposing his Sharingan so fast she hadn't even caught the movement. After that his student had been dismissed and the three had sat down to talk and straighten things out. First and foremost the woman's name was Uzumaki Rin, a former leaf shinobi now a jounin of the new Uzushio. Kakashi had been her teammate alongside Uchiha Obito under the famed Namikaze Minato.

Their relationship hadn't started like normal relationships at all. In fact Rin had admitted that she had actually held feelings for the other member of the team. They're relationship had only changed after Obito died, when Kakashi had found Rin drinking her sorrows away within the one of the shinobi only bars. The next morning they had woken up together and it had been an event that had been followed many times over. Nearly a year later and she was born, her parents hadn't gotten married and she was living with Kakashi's mother at that point as both were valuable assets in the war effort. After the war things had begun to settle but not long later the Kyubi attack happened. On this night Rin's body had been found as had Kakashi's mother's and a baby girl identical to her that had been inches away from her.

Obviously she wasn't dead however and Kakashi deduced that someone had tried to snatch her during the chaos to take advantage of her bloodline. They were either after the Uzumaki clan bloodline or that of the Hatake white chakra, which only Kakashi's father Sakumo had possessed until this point. Regardless of how it happened both Kakashi and Rin believed they knew who was behind the act. While she would like to say that she wanted answers as well, which she did, at this point her mind was so full of new information that she honestly didn't think she could handle any more. Sighing she climbed out of the bed and decided to get on with her day, hopefully the training would take her mind off of things for a while.

It hadn't taken long for the two Sannin to find a place to catch up. However unlike the shinobi run nations the samurai country had no bars open so early in the day and as such they had to wait for a seat within a nearby restaurant. The two were now seated within a private booth which was usually reserved for large parties. Neither had spoken about anything serious instead opting to keep the conversation light as they waited for their meals to arrive. They had each now finished their meals however and as such Tsunade turned some rather serious eyes upon her old teammate who soon erected a privacy barrier for the small room.

"So you want to tell me the real reason sensei took an interest in the kid; and why he's got you training him for that matter?" questioned Tsunade pouring herself a cup of sake.

"I could but what's that information worth?" questioned Jiraiya.

Tsunade grimaced as she heard those words. Despite his onetime crush on her and the fact that she could put the fear of Kami into him, when it came to information Jiraiya may as well have been a stone. That was the reason she hardly ever asked for anything regarding his trade as he always had a price in mind. His usual actions actually served the perfect cover for him as no one would suspect such a blatant pervert could actually possess any kind of valuable intel, or put together a successful spy network. She herself hadn't realized just how much she hadn't known about her old teammate until the death of her brother. After they had found out Jiraiya had come to her the within three days' time with a detailed file about all the men who'd participated in the ambush that had taken his life. In had led to the kick start of the Second Great Shinobi War as she had wasted no time going out and obliterating the ones who'd done the deed.

After that however Jiraiya had never freely offered her any valuable intel again. Each little nugget he gave her had a price and the better it was the more expensive the price. The most logical thing to do in this situation would be to use his vices against him and as the blatant pervert he was most would assume a bit of skin would do the work. Those people however would be wrong, Tsunade knew Jiraiya better than that and knew that when serious not even the promise of female flesh would loosen his tongue.

"What do you want?" questioned the slug sannin with narrowed eyes.

"The Nidaime's notes on elemental composition." Said Jiraiya.

Tsunade froze at this even her heart skipping a beat before going back to normal. Despite the fame of her grandfather the Shodai Hokage's Mokuton techniques it was her great uncle the Nidaime that was still regarded as the greatest ninjutsu user to have lived in the age of shinobi. This was due to the fact that he'd taken his training with his elemental chakra so far that he had actually been able to create water by combining his chakra with that of what was already in the air. He had been so adept in the art of combat that he had basically rewritten the book on the applications of ninjutsu.

"That's a pretty big price tag for a bit of info on one brat." Commented the woman

"Not really the kid's already working on it just with different elements. However I know for a fact he possess a water affinity as well. As for your main question I'm not here to train him just to supervise for the most part. You know how sensei is when it comes to training already." Explained the Sannin.

"Impossible, what you're talking about requires chakra control on the same level as that of an iryo-nin." Stated Tsunade quickly.

"Perhaps, however with the amount of chakra he possesses that may not be the case." Said Jiraiya with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Only someone like you would think something like that. Chakra control is the most important part of that level of elemental training, without that level of control the elements backlash on the practitioner."

It hadn't taken long for the Sandaime Hokage to arrive at his group's destination. Normally a trip such as what he made would take several hours however the group of high class shinobi had made the trip in just over an hour and a half. As they emerged from the woods they found themselves standing outside the entrance of the capital of Hi no Kuni, Capital Island. Though not really an island in the classical sense of the word the Fire Capital was indeed an island onto itself; isolated from all else to become a massive city that dwarfed Konoha in size. Capital Island was the home of the Royal family, nobles of Hi no Kuni and a massive army at the beck and call of the Daimyo himself. As they emerged from the thicket of trees they came upon a large group of people at the forefront of which stood the Fire Daimyo himself.

"Your timing is impeccable as always old friend." Spoke Iroh in greeting.

"It is good to see you in good health as well." Said Hiruzen

"Well now that you're here we should move out; would you like some tea."

With that said from Iroh the two old men climbed into the centermost carriage where they would be staying for the duration of their journey. At the same time the Anbu that had been guarding the Hokage nodded once and vanished to take up better guarding positions. Everyone else also moved out several of the soldiers climbing aboard carriages to drive while others took up positions to guard them from attacks atop horses. Once everyone was settled and in position they took off on the path to Tetsu no Kuni.

While that scene was repeating itself in several other countries Naruto now found himself within the length of area that he and Jiraiya had been doing their training in. The area itself had gone through a bit of a change with the man-made lake that Jiraiya had created. It had actually been quite the sight to see the man create it as he'd used a Doton technique to fashion a hole and summoned a toad which had filled it full of water with a Suiton technique. Only two days had passed since the second exam and he had managed to learn the initial technique Hari Jizo as well as learning that last step to controlling his fire chakra. With that out of the way there only remained one more project for his fire chakra, which he had his clones working on at the moment. However at this particular time Jiraiya had called him to begin work on a new project at least that was what he thought before catching a water balloon the old man threw at him.

"The next technique I will start you on is the one I was sent here to teach you. The technique is learned through a series of exercises, the first of which will be to pop that balloon."

As Jiraiya said this he held one up in his right hand which proceeded to become bumpy at random intervals before it burst sending water spraying out in all directions. Naruto frowned with his senses as they were he'd been able to tell that Jiraiya had rotated his chakra within the balloon in not one, but several directions simultaneously. Narrowing his eyes in thought he realized that it was a move that would require profound levels of chakra control especially with reserves like his own; it was rather fortunate that he'd been working on control up to that point.

"As you saw the technique does not require any seals whatsoever, it is an act of pure chakra control. Once complete however it becomes self-sustaining, meaning there is no need to keep adding chakra to it. The compacted nature and moving speed of the chakra allows the technique to grind into whatever it comes in contact with to inflict major damage both internal and external. For these reasons the technique, Rasengan is classified as an A-rank." Explained Jiraiya getting an understanding nod from the teen.

"Well then what are you waiting for get to work."

At his words Naruto narrowed his eyes bringing forth his own balloon and channeling his chakra into it. Though nothing appeared to be happening beads of sweat had broken out on the teens face who was focusing all of his concentration on the task at hand. Steadily he increased the speed of the rotation in his chakra before finally trying to split it into twin streams only for his hold on it to immediately falter and his chakra to dissipate.

"Heh, good try brat but that technique's harder than it looks like trust me." Said Jiraiya with a laugh before plopping himself down some ways away.

Undeterred Naruto scowled and followed his action plopping himself down before turning his attention back to the task at hand. Watching it all from a bit of a distance was Tsunade, who had been there patiently for the past fifteen minutes. In truth she wasn't completely sure why she was watching the brat train, but supposed she just wanted to see what made him so special to their teacher. However just from the last fifteen minutes she could see that Jiraiya wasn't taking this really as seriously as she once thought. It seemed to her more like he was just trying to keep the brat busy, hell why else would he try teaching the brat something like the Rasengan which outside of its maker only two other people had ever known to her knowledge.

"Are you enjoying the show?"

The question nearly caused her to jump in surprise but Tsunade managed to reign in the impulse and instead turn an impassive gaze to her left where she found another blue eyed blonde seated calmly as if nothing was wrong. She was actually a bit surprised and wondered just when the brat had managed to create and switch out with a clone without her realizing it.

"How long have you known I was here?" questioned Tsunade.

"If I had to guess he knew the whole time, the scent of alcohol is strong in you and you're positioned upwind." Explained the blond revealing himself to be a clone.

"So you have an enhanced sense of smell. So I guess you're a tracking specialist?" said Tsunade.

"No I've got too many qualifications for just one classification at least according to Koharu-baa-chan." Explained the blond causing the woman's mouth to twitch upward.

At the other end of the field the original Naruto had finally thrown the balloon down to the ground having determined that he just didn't have the needed chakra control for this particular technique at the moment. Standing to his feet he summoned at least fifty clones and proceeded to order them to work on chakra control exercises. As they were near a lake many of them took to trying to stand on the water with just their hands. Others began working on standing with just the tip of their fingers, while the original himself began making his way over to the two of them while the clone burst into smoke leaving the bag he'd been carrying sitting and waiting. Taking the clone's former position by Tsunade the blond opened up the bag and pulled out a container full of rice, teriyaki chicken and bread rolls.

"That's an interesting training method, who taught it to you?" questioned Tsunade motioning to the clones on the trees.

"I thought it up, I've never heard of exercises after kunai balancing so I just started doing stuff I thought would be fun." Said the blond getting the woman to snort.

Elsewhere Kimimaru eyed the team of gennin before him with impassive eyes. Of the two teams to have made it to the finals from Kiri the three of them were the ones to show the most promise. It was for that reason that he was put in charge of the training for the three of them until their jounin instructor retook responsibility for them. The first of them was the one who had many eyes on him for quite some time, said to be the newer generation's version of the 'Demon of the Blood Mist' Hozuki Suigetsu. The younger brother of a former member of the Seven Swordsmen, and in all honesty someone who'd basically been groomed to become one of the swordsmen himself. He was noted to be a prodigy in the art of murder something that had caught much attention during the Civil War.

The next was Chojuro, another potential member of the Seven Swordsmen. Unlike the previously mentioned candidate however Chojuro was actually quite shy and seemed to lack much confidence in his own abilities. It was actually odd seeing such a personality in someone so skilled, as every person that he knew with skill contrasted the boy in personality. The final member was the only kunoichi of the bunch. Her name was Korra the best gennin in Kiri in terms of ninjutsu, and a direct descendant of the Shodai Mizukage. Most people wouldn't realize it but the girl was sometimes referred to as 'power incarnate' by the gennin of the village. While she couldn't handle a sword at all she was perhaps the most formidable of the trio capable of utilizing water ninjutsu to quite the amazing affect for her age as well as a surprising amount of strength. Of course all this was in their files, that Kimimaru had memorized when he was given the assignment to watch over them for the duration of the exams.

"Now that the first part of the exams has ended we will begin training. Suigetsu, Chojuro I will be overseeing the vast majority of your training. Koora, Haku will be in charge of your training as your strengths lie in her specializations. Your first task, survive."

Before the gennin could even realize what was happening Kimimaru had attacked.

The Hyuga clan was among, if not the most traditional clan in all of Konoha. While most of the other clans had changed with the times somewhat, the Hyuga had remained rigid as a stone as their tradition dictated. So it was with some surprise that when the members of the council of Hyuga reached the room they were greeted to the sight of Hyuga Hiashi already seated within. Normally the council were the first to enter the room and get situated before the head made his appearance. Several of the elders frowned at the action but chose not to speak on it and instead moved to get settled.

"Now that everyone is here we shall get started." Spoke Hiashi once again causing elders to frown from the break in tradition as it was usually the head elder who began such meetings.

"As you all know my eldest has been selected to head to Tetsu no Kuni to compete in the Chunin Selection Exams. Her team I have been informed was among the four leaf teams to make it to the finals among the twenty that were sent. Before her departure however the two of us had a discussion and in the end it was decided that should she impress me during the exam then she shall be selected as heir of the clan." Stated Hiashi.

"If that is the case then, should that come to pass you will no longer be allowed to put off branding the younger one." Spoke one of the elders.

"That is also what I have called to tell you. Hinata claims to have come up with a way to fight that we have overlooked. She has agreed to teach this way to a select group of Hyuga of her choosing, none of which would be allowed to bare the seal; Hanabi was the first she named." Said Hiashi.

"Ridiculous. You forget the fact that girl is a weakling, she cannot even defeat her younger sister in a sparring match. That girl would be far more useful training under…"

The rest of the elder's sentence was suddenly cut off as he was choked by a crippling killing intent. As one all eyes turned to the scene watching the Hyuga clan head as he focused his utmost desire to murder onto the man. None however spoke up as this was an old issue that many knew would come to a head for some time now. Finally the crippling killing intent vanished and Hiashi satisfied his point had been made turned his attention away from the elder.

"As I was saying this all depends on whether or not Hinata manages to impress me with this new skill set of hers. However she has already impressed me simply by being bold enough to approach me with such an offer. It has been arranged that the matches shall be viewable this year by screen in the village arena. I'd advise you all to attend."

Kurotsuchi gritted her teeth as she sat within upon the bed of her hotel room. She was surrounded on all sides by darkness having not even bothered to open the curtains nor would she turn on the rooms lights. Her mind kept replaying the fight she'd had with that blond leaf nin who had negated her every move. Her pink eyes narrowed in anger as the scene replayed itself over and over within her mind's eye. It was infuriating that she, the granddaughter of the Sandaime Tsuchikage and a prodigy in the shinobi arts, would lose to some tree hugger! Not only had she lost but he'd toyed with her the entire time, treated her as if she wasn't even worthy of his full attention!

She had never felt so insulted in her life! Sure she had been dismissed by opponents before but that had only been by higher ranked and skilled shinobi like jounin. Never had a gennin disrespected her in such a manner and it infuriated her to no end that it was that blond bastard had done so. Don't even get her started with that cocky smirk on that tanned face, or those captivating blue eyes… she hastily shook her head to rid herself of her thoughts as her mind began to wander. Damned Diedara for turning her on to blondes fucking traitor, and damned that leaf nin for not taking her seriously, but she'd show him, she'd show everyone soon enough. Yes soon she'd kill that blond bastard and soon that damned traitor Diedara.

Elsewhere within Tetsu no Kuni Anko frowned in disappointment as she looked down on the blond haired Yamanaka that was her impromptu student. Ino for her part sat huddled on the ground with her knees to her chest and arms holding them up. When Asuma had asked her the favor of taking over the girls training she hadn't really minded, after all she was the daughter of one of the greatest interrogators in the Hidden Leaf's history. What she had gotten however was far from what she was expecting to receive.

"Your pathetic." Said the woman shortly and bluntly not even bothering to sugarcoat things.

"Your stamina is poor and your chakra pool is miniscule even for a rookie. Your taijutsu is sloppy and your weapons handling is shoddy at best. However what's worse is your performance just now in the way you ended our little spar." Said Anko.

"Yeah well I would have kept going if you hadn't have ripped my shirt off!" exclaimed Ino doing her best to cover herself while Anko snorted.

"So what you should have kept fighting. This was just a spar but in a real fight no one is going to stop just because you lost some clothes. In fact most people actively try for just that and you cant stop just because your tits are showing, you'll be killed and raped and not in any particular order. It doesn't matter if your stripped naked, you don't worry about it until your opponent is dead and then you can think about covering yourself up." With her speech given Anko tossed the young girl her shirt and vanished in a whirl of leaves.

Naruto was quite pleased with himself as he finished his training for the day. Tsunade had left him quite some time ago, something about catching up with her assistant but it didn't really matter to him. Still he had managed to get much done thanks to the rather blatant abuse of the memory transference of the Kage Bunshin no jutsu he had made some amazing progress with the projects he'd had them working on though he himself had been forced into a nap for some time afterwards. Thankfully they hadn't all dispelled at once and instead had done so a few at a time, meaning many had only done so while he was knocked out making it easier to sort the memories out.

As he made his way back through the village he ran across Hinata who was coming out of a clothing store with a white shopping bag in hand. Immediately upon spotting him her face lit up with a blush as was the norm and she stood stock still until he reached her before joining him in the walk. Naruto couldn't help but find her shyness and relative innocence enduring it was actually the thing he liked most about her aside from the fact that she didn't judge others prematurely like many of their peers. As they walked they engaged in a light conversation about what they had thought about the exam thus far. In an effort to further bring her out of her shell the blond would often encourage her to do more talking than she was actually comfortable with.

He was also quite happy to hear about her training and surprised at how quickly she was coming along with it. Manipulating reishi was actually quite hard and at the level she was doing it at it spoke highly about her control. If anything her blush only deepened with the praise that he gave her especially as it was something she had rarely ever received growing up, the fact it was her crush praising her only added to that. It was only as they reached the hotel that Hinata decided to breach upon a subject that had piqued her curiosity for some time.

"Ano, Naruto-kun why do you wear two crests?" questioned the girl causing Naruto to pause in order to figure out an answer.

"I'll tell you but in private." Said Naruto.

Hinata's blush only deepened at the words. She had never been anywhere private with a boy, and the only times she'd been somewhere private with people outside her clan she usually ended up doing something naughty with her sensei or that one time she and Ino had made out for an hour. As they reached their floor Hinata quietly searched out the rooms with her budding senses and led Naruto to her empty one. Her room the blond noticed looked exactly as his did which shouldn't have surprised him considering they stayed in the same hotel, even still she led him into one of the bedrooms before closing the door behind herself surprising him as he thought they would be in the common room. Hinata busied herself by putting her newly bought things away even doing it in a way that blocked his view of what she'd purchased.

"What do you know about the founding of Konoha?" questioned the blond causing her to pause in her work before she turned to face him.

"Just what they taught us in the academy. The Senju and the Uchiha had desired peace in the warring age and had come together to create Konoha." Answered Hinata shortly.

"True enough but it's not that simple. In order to be assured that the idea had merit and for them to be granted funding they would need a show of proof that it could work. Senju Hashirama and Tobirama headed to the only hidden village at that time Uzushiogakure which was located just off the coast of Hi no Kuni in Uzu no Kuni. The island was home to few clans most prominently the Uzumaki clan who ruled the island. In a meeting with the ruler the Senju brothers managed to impress him and in a show of support the ruler wed his sister Uzumaki Mito to Senju Hashirama which was all the proof the Daimyo at the time needed. The spiral crest you see here as that of the Uzumaki clan." Explained the blond

Immediately upon hearing the explanation a feeling of elation made itself known within the Hyuga girl. The one problem that had always stood between her and a relationship with Naruto was the fact that their social status was different. However if what he was saying was true than she would be free to be with him. In her elation at the news she did something quite unexpected pouncing on the boy and planting a kiss on him. In his surprise at the action Naruto found himself pinned with his back to the door as the Hyuga heiress kissed him, however he recovered quickly and eagerly returned the kiss. Hinata moaned into the kiss as Naruto's hands found their way to her backside cupping it and picking her up in a show of strength.

As the blond broke the kiss in order for them to breathe he immediately attacked her neck mercilessly as he led her across the room and to the bed. As he carried her Hinata took the time to catch her breath still in wonderment about what was happening. She had no illusions about where this could be heading and no plans on stopping it as well, this after all is what she had been wanting for quite some time. Running her hands through his hair she wondered if this was in fact real or another of the fantasies that had plagued her since her academy days. The feeling of his hands cupping her ass firmly told her that it was real and she found herself bending down to place a kiss on the top of his head.

As she was placed down onto the bed Hinata pulled the blond into yet another kiss however Naruto was surprised by the raw emotion that she had put into it. While before he had felt her elation the new emotions he felt from her took him a bit by surprise. The kiss was sweet and he could feel her passion and her love within it much like every kiss he shared with Tenten. As he went to pull back Hinata grabbed him and held him still and looking into her eyes he could see nervousness and apprehension and desire mixed within them. Leaning back into her, yet still hovering he gave her another kiss though this one was more tender with more emotion than just lust. Hinata however wasn't idle hands that had at one point been placed on his back had slid along his sides and worked their way to the front sliding up under his shirt to run down and find the front of his pants easily releasing the button and lowering the zipper surprising him enough to break the kiss at her forwardness.

Pulling back the blond lowered his pants the rest of the way before kicking them off and away from himself though getting tangled with his shoes momentarily. Hinata having long since slipped out of her own hastily released the button of her own pushing down the capris and the rather unflattering panties she was wearing before hastily shoving them off the bed and climbing under the covers. As Naruto won the fight against his shoes and looked up to rejoin her he raised an eyebrow at her positioning only for her to shift and lift the cover in an invitation for him to join her. Looking into her eyes he could see that the symbolization of such an act was not lost on her, even with all of his romps with Ayame and Sakura he'd never actually slept in the same bed as either of them it was a more intimate act that spoke of a deeper relationship he just didn't have with them. Still he didn't even hesitate in removing his shirt and climbing under the sheets with the Hyuga heiress. This time however Hinata didn't let him settle over her instead shifting so that as he climbed into the bed she pressed her weight on top of him and Naruto found he was quite comfortable feeling her body on top of his own.

Leaning in Hinata initiated yet another kiss only this time she broke it just as quickly before planting a kiss onto his cheek just over the whisker-like markings that she loved so much, then onto his jaw and neck. She worked her way down slowly paying homage to his body by placing kisses along his chest, flicking his nipples with her tongue, running said tongue up and down the center of his torso before stopping at his waistline. Despite the darkness presented by her being beneath the heavy sheets and covers she was still able to somewhat make out the objects within her sight and as such had no problem finding the waistband to his underwear and pulling them down slowly removing them one foot at a time before stuffing them to the side.

Running her hands up his legs the Hyuga girl soon came to the prize she had been seeking wrapping her hands around it before stroking on his length gently in order to get a feel for his length. Naruto for his part was enjoying the treatment that she was giving him having found he had never been on the receiving end of such treatment. As Hinata's hands wrapped around him he tensed if only slightly before relaxing once more into her ministrations. Hinata meanwhile found herself fascinated by the warmth that he was generated which was much different than the coldness that was given off by the plastic rod Kurenai had used on her. Remembering her lessons the Hyuga girl bent her head down planting a kiss atop the head with her tongue quickly darting out to collect the drop of pre-cum that had collected at the tip. At the new taste she paused just slightly to register it but didn't do much as it was so little an amount she couldn't make a real decision about it. Placing kisses further along his length she ran her tongue up and down his sides while stroking him slowly with the hand that was holding him steady.

Coming back up to the head she circled it with her tongue before parting her lips and sliding down the shaft just enough for his head to fit in. Pulling back up to the tip she drove herself back down taking him even further down stopping with about half of his length within her mouth. At the feeling of his length engulfed within the Hyuga girls mouth the blond released a low moan that only drove the Hyuga girl on more. Slowly picking up speed she continued to suck on his length yet only taking him at most three fourths of the way inside her mouth before pulling back. Fisting his hands in both her hair and the sheets the blond had to fight the urge to thrust up into her mouth as her tongue worked him over. Finally however he could take no more reaching down with both hands and pulling her up by her arms, before she even realized what was happening she was on her back with the blond hovering over her once more laying kisses along her neck as his fingers probed her lower lips.

As he probed her Hinata couldn't help the gasp that escaped her lips rolling her hips into the probing digits as he fingered her. At the same time his mouth descended onto her budding breast immediately capturing the stiff peak of her left nipple tugging on it softly much to her pleasure. Even as she was moaning the girl was embarrassed by the loud squishing noises she could her as he fingered her drenched pussy lips before mewling in loss as he removed the digits. Knowing what was coming already however she beat Naruto as she reached down grabbing his dick and guiding it to her lips. Reaching up Hinata ran her hand through his hair before bringing him down into another kiss, at the same time Naruto drove his hips down spearing her to the hilt in one quick thrust. Throwing her head back Hinata released a cry that echoed around the silent room before she managed to calm herself.

Naruto however was straining to keep his hips still, never had he had a pussy as tight as hers, Tenten, Ayame, Haku, and Namida had not been virgins when he'd gotten to them. Sakura even though she had been one hadn't even held him as tightly as Hinata was as the walls of her pussy seemed to cling to him. As he finally fought down the urge to cum the blond slowly pulled himself out of her before going back in. Hinata panted her form covered in sweat as he repeated the action and she rolled her hips on each of his down strokes as the blond slowly picked up speed in his thrusting. Pants, turned to whimpers, and whimpers turned into moans as the blond steadily began to pick up speed pistoning in and out of the confines of her snatch. After a few minutes, plenty of time for her to get used to the sensation Naruto slowed to a stop and before Hinata could even open her mouth to speak he shifted position bringing her legs up so that he had each of her legs on his shoulders and kept his hands on her upper legs. Once again he began with a slow thrust however Hinata was hit with whole new sensations as he had changed the angle of his penetration not only going inside but actually going up.

"Oh Kami-sama" breathed the girl at the feeling hitting her.

The speed and force picked up in intensity until he was slamming into her with the sound of skin slapping echoing through the room along with the banging of the headboard on the wall, however those weren't the only sounds as Hinata was becoming quite vocal as well speaking up louder than he had ever heard from her. As her moans and cries filled the room Naruto kept slamming into her with the same force knowing that with each thrust inside he was hitting her G-Spot. At the same time he watched as her breast shook with each of his thrust bouncing up and down almost hypnotically until Hinata had stopped them by grabbing them in her hands.

"Oh right there, right there, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna AHHH!"

Hinata threw her head back with a scream as her orgasm hit her hard enough that her body seized up. As it did Naruto grunted as her walls became even tighter surrounding him as he tried to power through it and fight of his own, eventually her orgasm died down and Hinata collapsed as if she was boneless and breathing heavily. Pulling out of her Naruto took several breaths to calm himself down before changing the position again rolling the girl onto her stomach he pulled her up by her hips the result leaving her ass elevated into the air for his viewing pleasure while her chest and face were still down on the bed. Lining himself up and placing the head in the hole he slammed into her with force causing her to jerk forward and cry out into the bed. Not slowing in the slightest he began sawing in and out of her causing the entire bed to shake with his forceful thrust and he was pleased to see the jiggling her ass made with each thrust.

Reaching down he grabbed her by her hair and carefully pulled her up allowing her muffled cries to emerge from the pillows and echo through the room as she braced her hands against the headboard and arched her upper half back. Despite the rather rough treatment Hinata loved it shoving back into his every stroke and loudly crying out for more. Placing both hands on her hips for leverage Naruto grunted as he began to add more power to his thrusts as he felt his own climax building slamming into her with such force that had her stop her own movements and instead merely brace herself for the thrusts.

"OH Kami you're drilling me so hard! I love you….I love you…I love you…I LOVE YOU!" exclaimed Hinata as she came once again.

As the walls tightened around him once more that was all the blond could take as he slammed himself into her fully and released a roar as he himself let loose spraying his load deep inside the girl. The feeling of the blonde's essence coating her insides forced Hinata into yet another, albeit smaller orgasm right on top of her last. Finally the two were spent and collapsed onto the bed breathing heavily though Naruto still managed to roll himself off of her simultaneously wrapping an arm around her and pulling her so that her back was flush with her chest.

Elsewhere Jiraiya straightened himself as if a surge of electricity had suddenly run through him as his eyes turned away from his notes and out through the window of his hotel room. He had felt a disturbance in the force as if something grand had just happened and he had missed it. Narrowing his eyes in concentration he sent out his senses, his eyes taking on a slightly yellow color, though he hadn't completely mastered the skill he could do this much on his own just fine. After a bit of searching his eyes widened losing the yellowish coloration and a perverted giggle escaped him as he felt the chakra of his godson nestled quite closely with that of a female.

"Minato my boy, you would be so proud of your son." Spoke the man quietly with his lecherous grin as he switched out his notebook for a different one and hurriedly got to scribbling all the while giggling like a madman.

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