Here we go again, I thought to myself. My family had once again gathered at my house for our traditional Sunday night dinners. The men were outside gathered around the grill, as was the routine, while Alice, Rose and myself were gathered in the kitchen fixing side dishes and talking about our day to day. This was our life. We might not have all been blood but we were what each other had.

"I can't believe how fast Ayden is growing" Alice gushed over mine and Edward's three year old son.

"I know, I wish I could just slow it down for a little while" I answered her with a sad smile. Rose of course being Rose wouldn't have any of my sullen attitude today.

"oh come on Bella, you're moodiness is really getting to be a drag, You've got to cheer up girl." Rose lectured me in an upbeat tone that didn't quite suite her normal attitude. Maybe her pregnancy had finally dulled her normally jagged exterior.

"Damn it! Will this freakin kid lay off my damn bladder for five minutes". Ok, maybe not.

Rose was in her seventh month of pregnancy and did not care for it. I had loved being pregnant. But not our Rosalie, she was never one to sugar coat and she didn't tip toe around how she felt about being pregnant. I knew she would make a great mother when the time came, but for now she miserable and that was hard for me to watch.

"So Bella, tell me what's going on." Alice politely demanded after Rosalie excused herself to make yet another trip to the bathroom.

"What do you want me to say Alice, You know how things are for me right now."

"I just get the feeling, you're not telling me everything, I know you Bella. You know I know you, so let's just cut the crap and you tell me what's up." Damn unrelenting pixie.

"Alice…I just…I don't know how to talk about this…"

Just then Edward came through the sliding glass doors of our patio for a spatula. It hadn't gone unnoticed by him that our conversation ended when he came in. He quietly found what he was looking for and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

Once he left I gave Alice a look that she knew meant to drop it. Rosalie returned a few minutes later and we fell back into easy conversation about work and children.


The three of us had known each other for what felt like forever. Alice and I had known each other since our freshman year of college. We were dorm mates from day one until graduation. Rose joined us our sophomore year and stayed with us until her junior year when her and my brother Emmett got married and moved out of the dorms into a small apartment.

While rooming together, at the University of Washington, I met Alice's brother Edward. He was a year older than us and so far out of my league, it was ridiculous. Alice had been insistent on the fact that we were meant to be together. She told me that I had to marry Edward because she was going to marry Jasper and it would just be 'so perfect!'

Jasper had been Edward's best friend since they were kids. Alice had been hiding a very big crush on him since the first time he kissed a scrape she had on her knee at the age of six. Jasper was clueless, until one day Alice made her feelings completely known by stomping toward him in the dining hall, grabbing a fist full of his blonde locks and pulling his lips down to hers. After he finished kissing her back she looked him in the eye and said 'you've kept me waiting for a long time', before she turned and marched out of that dorm cafeteria with her held high. Edward and I had stood in shock.

Edward had slowly became my friend thanks to Alice's constant need to push us toward one another. I still don't know why he asked me out but I knew it had to be some sick joke. So I refused him on five separate occasions. But the boy was persistent. What little will power I had was quickly diminished on a group camping trip when I watched him throw a football around shirtless. He thought I was just playing hard to get. HA, if I had known he was sincere I would have thrown his sister out of our room and done things that would make Jenna Jameson blush the first time he asked me out.

We dated all through college and married the summer after I graduated. I insisted on waiting just to stick to some plan I had made for myself in junior high. Plans… What a joke. The path we're on now was never part of the plan when I said 'I do' in our peaceful meadow.

The years following graduation our little group was busy with weddings, parties, loss, disappointments, and too many laughs to count. Edward's years in med-school were hard but we were young and had the idea that as long as we loved each other we could make it through anything. I now wonder if that's true. Looking back nothing seems like it was all that hard. Our lives were easy then, even with being young, married, busy and broke life was perfect.

Well as perfect as it could have been without my Ayden. There is no such thing as perfect, without my son. That boy is definitely going to be trouble. He is my little Edward with his messy bronze hair and emerald eyes. He's also like his father in the sense that he has a way of getting whatever he wants by smiling that crooked grin. Most days Ayden is the only thing keeping me on this side of the crazy line, without him I know I would have hurdled that sucker sometime in the past year.

The girls knew, to an extent, what I had been going through, but at the same time they had no idea how bad things have become. I knew I would have to tell them eventually but the idea was almost as scary as the situation I found myself in. Something would have to change and very soon. I couldn't continue to live a lie. But to admit it to my two best friends meant I would have to admit it to myself, and that had proved to be an impossible task.

I couldn't help but long for the days when my whole life was before me, and I was living my happily ever after. That's the thing about fairy tales; they always end with the prince and princess riding off into the sunset. Why doesn't anyone ever warn you about what happens after that happily ever after moment?

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