Taming the Wild Beast


Disclaimer: The writer does not own Camp Rock, the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Alyson Stoner, and anyone else mentioned in the story.

I am not one to give in. Especially when it comes to the other species, or more specifically, guys. I was a small town girl, given the chance of a lifetime to attend a prestigious music camp. A camp that almost nobody knew of, because the people that went there? They became famous. Famous enough that they required their roots to be covered up, all traces of possible humanity and shady pasts cleaned up.

Then we start to talk about a certain rock star whose name strikes hormones in thousands of teenage girls. Shane Gray. And I, myself being a teenage girl, do get hyperactive if I see him on television or my laptop screen. But of course I have an excuse, and excuse that gives me the right to attack all the fan girls with a hammer. He is, after all, my boyfriend. Something about those perfectly hazel eyes, that stupid floppy black hair and that beyond angelic voice just made me give in. After all, he was Shane Gray.

What I didn't know was that meeting Shane Gray made your life a whole lot complicated, especially when you just want to smash your lips onto his and have a full blown make out session in a mess hall. But I dare say it was not his –if you excuse me- hotness that made life so very complicated, for it was him.

Entirely, purely, him.

A/N: Hey you guys! This is the rather short prologue to my upcoming Smitchie story, Taming the Wild Beast, which I will start updating after I'm done with Eighteen and Famous. This is just to give you a quick taste of my future work besides the many one-shots which I have done so far.

Please R&R to let me know if you like the story idea, if I don't get many positive comments I may decide not to continue this story and concentrate on my one-shots instead, as I appreciate reader feedback.

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