Alright, so i'm having a shitload of writer's block on everything i'm writing (Especially on HSB 2. i haven't known what to do with that for almost a year.)

anyway, this is what i'm doing to relieve that. so, enjoy! (Requested by BackYard)

The flames licked my face, burning my skin, searing off the flesh. But I didn't care. Ever since he changed me, things like flame, steel, and lead mean nothing. I stared down at the groveling form of my father, "I-Ino why are you doing this?" he asked as he backed up until his back hit the wall.

I wiped my bloody chin calmly as a support beam fell from the ceiling, "Why? Because you had my lover killed," his face twisted in mild disgust at either the thought of my dead lover, or at my charring skin, "I loved her, but you couldn't accept that." I picked him up by the throat and started to squeeze.

"You had her branded a witch, and had her burned." I snarled, "And now, you're going to share her fate." I grabbed one of his legs and bent it forward until the knee cracked and broke. He screamed out in pain as I did the same thing to the other. I dropped him, or rather, threw him to the floor, "Have fun in hell." I said darkly as I made my way out of the burning house, my skin instantly repairing itself as soon as I got outside.

People were coming from all around to douse the flames, but by the time they did, the corpses inside would be nothing but ash.

As I made my way out of town, I stopped off at the cemetery, to visit my dear Yoshiko's grave. It was unmarked, but I knew which one was hers. It was at her grave that that man came, and took away my mortal life. I died at the age of 26, just like my Yoshiko. I fell to my knees once I reached her grave.

I could still picture her charred, lifeless body as it was discarded. I had buried her, and gave her some peace. I remember her beautiful face. Her big, round chocolate eyes, her flowing brown hair, her soft touch.

I wanted to cry, but the tears wouldn't come. I wanted them to come, but they never did. "Did you have fun, Ino?" A man spoke behind me. I turned to see who it was. Dressed in an overly expensive suit, was the man that turned me into what I am, "O-Orochimaru." He had greasy black hair that went down to his mid-back, his face was as pale as the moon, and his eyes were bright yellow, "I just saw your handiwork." His voice had a sneer in it, "Did you enjoy sucking the life out of them?" he chuckled.

I turned my attention away from him and back to the grave. "Are you still pining for that corpse? She's dead, move on and get over it, girl." I turned and glared at him. How dare he tell me to get over the woman I love. Our love may have been forbidden, but it was there none-the-less, and we expressed it to each other every day.

"So," he placed his hands on my shoulders, "have you given any thought to my…offer." He blew in my ear, and I shuddered in disgust. Not because he's a man, but because he himself disgusts me. "I'm not going with you." I said firmly. "Oh? Are you sure?"

"Yes." I reaffirmed, "I refuse to be your little toy!" I shrugged him off of me. "Ino, Ino, Ino." He shook his head, "Fine, be that way. But keep in mind, the sun will rise soon, and if you're still out and about, you'll be killed." I looked back, but he was gone. I didn't really care about the sun. I would welcome death, if it meant I could be with my beloved again.

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