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Hyuuga's just staring at me, wide-eyed as I gently stroke Tenten's cheek. Said girl is completely stiff, and staring at him in fear. I nuzzle into Tenten's cheek, "What do you think, my love? Do you want to go with him, or stay with me?"

She doesn't answer, she just keeps staring at Neji, fearing repercussions from cheating on him.

Hyuuga's arm starts to move, I know what he's going for, maybe I'll give him a little show. "Don't worry, Tenten," He says, "It's going to be alright." He seems to think she's scared of me.

His hand dips into the back of his jacket. Here it comes. He pulls out a silver crucifix and flashes it at me. I let go of Tenten and start to cringe away, hissing and clawing at him. But seriously, that crap doesn't work. Like, at all.

He starts to shout at me in Latin, walking forward, thinking he's winning. He grabs Tenten's arm and pulls her behind him. He hovers over me and presses the crucifix to my face, stopping his speech when nothing happens. I stand up and stare at him with a cocky smirk, "Surprised?" I ask.

Hyuuga stares at me wide-eyed, "Amateur." I scoff and grab him by the throat. "H-How…?" He chokes out, "You've been watching too many movies." I throw him against the sliding glass door just hard enough to knock him out.

Tenten is staring at his crumpled form, "Are you ok?" I ask, she nods wordlessly.

She turns to me, her chocolate eyes wide, "I-Is he…?" I shake my head, "No, not yet, at least." She looks from him to me, something still plaguing her mind. I smirk at her, "Do you want him dead?" I saunter over to Hyuuga and sit him up. I place a claw over his jugular, "I can make that happen."

She looks as if she's going to say yes, but then shakes her head. "Fine," I shrug indifferently. "Ino-san?" She says as I stand up, "What did you mean by 'She's mine now and forever'?"

I smirk, "I mean exactly what I said, you…are…mine." I walk up to her and place a hand on the back of her neck, "And I intend to make good on that." Her eyes widen and stare up and me, "Wh-what?"

I caress her cheek, "I want to make you mine, forever. I've lived without you for so long," I trace her lips, "And I can't anymore. I need you. I want you. I…" I don't finish. I bring her lips to mine, and press against them with as much passion as I can muster. She starts to wriggle out of my grasp, and eventually succeeds.

"You mean…you're…going to…" her hand goes to her throat, "That's right." I say, "But don't worry, it only hurts for a moment." I place my hand on her cheek again, "No…" I tilt her head and start to lean in, "No…" My breath tickles her skin, "No!" she shoves me off and dashes out the door.

I recover quickly, and it takes me a moment to realize what just happened. My fist clenches. How dare she! After what we shared, after what I gave her, offered her, she has the nerve to refuse me?

I go out to the balcony and look down to the street. I see her running as fast as she can. I jump across to the other building and go after her, she's my prey now.


I knew it! I knew she was going to make me her love toy! And she wants to make me like her so it can last forever. I don't want to die.

There's no safe place for me to go, she's going to kill me.

My breath is coming in ragged heaves, and the uneven pavement hurts my bare feet. I duck into an alley to catch my breath. Tears are forming in my eyes, and fear sits heavy in my gut.

I can't run anymore, my calves feel as if they're going to burst out of my skin. A sob escapes my mouth. I know it's odd how I wasn't afraid of her last night, but she wasn't trying to kill me then.

"Why are you running?"

I hear her voice speak. I look around for her, but don't see her.

"I'm offering you such a wonderful gift; My eternal love."

I slide down the wall into a sitting position, the voice is coming from inside my head!

"I'm going to give you eternal life, Tenten. You'll never grow old, and you'll never be alone. Isn't that what you want?"

"No! I shout into the blackness, "Just leave me alone! I don't want it!" The tears are streaming down my face. "I just can't do that, baby." My eyes open and I look up, Ino's standing over me. She kneels down and I move to start running again, but Ino grabs my shoulders and shoves me back against the wall.

"You see," She says, "I want to be with you, forever. You were taken from me in a past life, and I intend to make sure that never happens again."

She tries to lock eyes with me, "Look into my eyes, Tenten." I clamp my eyes shut and shake my head, "I…I refuse to be your slave!" I continue to struggle and kick against her. She starts to chuckle, "But dearest, you aren't going to be my slave." Her voice is sweet, and caring, but I still don't open my eyes, "You're going to be my bride. We are going to share eternity together."

I open my eyes in shock, but they don't meet hers, as hers are downcast, and her fingers stroke the pendant she gave me, "And I'm not going to lose you again." Her hand comes up and cups my cheek, and her eyes lock with mine, but…they're not hypnotic, like they were in the alley.

"I-I don't want to die." I can tell that fear is present on my face. "Don't worry, it only hurts for a moment." She starts to lean in, but then stops. "Not here." She says quietly, before picking me up bridal-style and taking me back to the old hotel.

We go up to the room we were in last night, and she lays me down on the bed, before shutting the door behind us. "I-Ino-san." I say, sitting up, "Please, I don't…" she glides back over and places a finger on my lips, "Shh," she says, "Don't say anymore. It'll only hurt for a moment."

I fall into a trance as our eyes meet. Her eyes are so bright, so beautiful. She leans down and kisses me. Her lips are so soft. She kisses down my jaw to my neck, and I crane my neck to give her better access. What am I doing here again?

She pulls the straps of my tank top down just enough so then they're off my shoulders, but still covering my breasts. Ino kisses my collarbone, and then my shoulder. I feel something sharp rake across it. It sends a tingling sensation throughout my body.

I pull the elastic out of her pony-tail as she comes back up to me. "I-Ino-chan, I want you." I breathe out. My voice doesn't sound like my own. She kisses me again, and says something I can't make out.

She licks along my neck, and bites down. I let out a pained groan. The sensation sending both pleasure and pain throughout me. My arms shoot up and wrap around her, my fingers lacing through her golden hair. I can feel myself moisten, and also start to numb.

I lose the feeling in my arms and they loosen their grip on her hair. My breathing is coming in rapid bursts. She pulls away after a moment as my vision starts to fade, her "I love you" is the last thing I…


Her head slumps as the last sparks of life leave her. I lean down and lick up the last bits of blood on her pale skin. I'll need to get her a coffin. I climb off the bed and wipe my mouth off. I go back downstairs in time to see the door swing open, with Haruno coming in with an extravagant coffin on her back.

She looks up and sees me, "Mistress, good news, she's awake!" I cock an eyebrow as I walk down the stairs, "Who?" No sooner did I say that, Hinata Hyuuga steps in front of her.

I'm slightly surprised, I didn't think I had changed her. Oh well. She comes up and presses herself against me, "I'm all yours, my mistress." I don't pay her any mind.

"Shall I put her coffin with yours?"

"No, I'll do that." I say, "I have a job for you."

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