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They were not looking at the little boy in the playpen. All the grown ups did was scream at each other. All the screaming made him become scared and he started to cry. His mother noticing him walked over to him and picked him up. His mother shot some of the other people in the room an angry look. She took him upstairs to her to her room and sat him on her bed.

She looked at him lovingly and kissed him tenderly and said "I love you so much; mommy loves you so much. And someday you and me are going to leave this place just the two of us!"

He didn't understand what she meant only that she loved him; he loved her to. "Mommy" That was the last word he ever said.

It was late afternoon and Leila knew she should already be at home relieving the babysitter of her duties of watching Noah. However her friend Sky was in charge of setting up for the upcoming homecoming dance and needed her help. She decided being a little later wouldn't hurt so she decided to take a long way home. She decided to go through an old abandoned park that hadn't been used in fifteen years. The only reason no one had it tore down was because it was considered a landmark of the town. Some of the great patriarchs had many fond memories of the ol'swing set. The park however was being used by a handsome young man.

He wasn't from this town of that she was certain he looked Asian. But what stood out most to her was the tears running down his face. She didn't know why but she felt she hated those tears. She wanted to know what his face looked like when he smiled. If he looked this beautiful when he was crying imagine the beauty when he smiled?

She walked over to where he cried and sat beside him. She wasn't sure what she should do so she put her arms around him. She felt him stiffen then relax as he to wrapped his arms around her. He continued to cry though not as hard as he had been and she continued to sooth him.

She noticed the sun was setting and she let go of him. He looked at her startled that she was leaving but the look on her face told him she would return. And Leila walked away leaving the young man alone.

"My name is Li Seung-hyun what's your name?" He asked his English she noted was good but the accent was very apparent.

"My name is Leila Brandon." She replied as she walked away

Seung-hyun watched her as she walked away repeating her name over and over again. Determined not to forget the name of the girl who had walked up to a perfect stranger and tried to stop his tears.

He wanted to see her again.

Leila walked through her front door and found the sixty five year old babysitter trying to calm down Noah her ten month old little brother. When Ms. Carol saw her she let out a let out a sigh of relief.

"Your brother here hasn't stopped crying sense you didn't walk through the door when you usually do! He may not tell time but he knows what the clock looks like when you get home! And when you didn't walk through the door the poor boy burst out in tears." Carol informed her

"I know but some things came up. Has Noah talked yet?" Leila asked her

"No he hasn't two months the poor boy hasn't so much as babbled a word of nonsense. It's because those parents of your's are always gone on some business trip. Gone months at a time coming home maybe twice a year. Leaving you to raise the baby as if he was your own. And your older brother River is away at collage in England no is there to help you raise this child. Except for me and I only watch him while you are at school." Carol was a wonderful old woman who watched Noah for a small pay check on the weeks days except for the weekends and day's when she didn't have school.

Carol grabbed her coat and walked out the door. Leaving Leila once again alone with a baby who wouldn't speak and an empty home. She turned on the TV and the radio anything to get rid of the silence she so desperately hated.