His Loneliness

Everyday he waited for her; how could he tell her? That he ran away from his fame in Korea because of a stupid fight? That he impulsively went and got some money from his bank account. Then went and bought a plane ticket and found his way here? That he randomly found his way to this park? That when he sat down and realized the position he was in. In a foreign with no money and to stubborn to ask Ji Yong Hyung for money for a ticket back to Korea. So he wept bitterly; what was he going to do?

Then she came; Leila Brandon. He hadn't noticed her until she wrapped her arms around him.

He wouldn't lie and say he fell in love with her. But when he was with he felt calm, peaceful, excited, safe, anxious, and passionate. She made him wonder how did he live with out her? And when he left to go back to Korea to his fame and money; back to the stage could he possibly forget her?

Everyday he waited for her in the park. After spending all day around town playing guitar and singing and doing R&B dances making just enough chump change to buy hast food and cheap hotels to sleep in. But everyday he made sure he was sitting there waiting for her in the park. For the longest time she would show up and neither one of them would talk. Until the day they finally did speak. He was happy to learn she had told him about her life.

But one day he would have to leave her. And just that thought alone made him feel more lonely then he has ever felt before. Even now with her sitting beside him he found himself missing her more and more.

Her Loneliness

The house was always so fucking quite. The stillness of the quite was so thick she thought she would suffocate. River was away at college and her parents were God knows where for a business trip. Noah hasn't spoken a word sense that fight. She hated the silence she needed noise and chaos. That is one of the reasons she loved to model so much. People yelling every where yelling for some celebrities outfit for some Ad campaign. But at home she didn't have that luxury. It was so quiet she couldn't think straight; she had to have every TV on and radio on just to think.

But when she met Seung Ri she didn't need to noise to think. The silence of his company was oddly comforting to her. She didn't love him she was sure of that. Love was painful and heartbreaking but being with him was calming. No she would never fall in love again love hurt to damn much. Maybe one day she would tell him what happened in her last relationship to make it go bad. If they did become a couple then he should know right?

She would tell Seung Ri the truth about Jared.

But what would Seung Ri do if she told him the whole truth? Would he grow to hate her? What would she do when he left to go back to Korea? She would feel incredibly lonely. Even the thought of him made her feel lonely and she felt her self begin to miss him. Even though he was sitting beside her in silence. In deep thoughts of his own.

Both of them feeling lonely at the thought of being left or leaving someone they where not ever sure they loved.

Her Brother's Loneliness

He laid on his bed in his dorm room just thinking. His little sister was almost completely alone. He was barely fourteen months older then she was so they had always been each others best friends. Then he thought about Logan. WhatJared did to Leila; their parents hadn't believed her but he did. Their parents where not around enough to actually get to know then. Leila didn't lie she knew the truth would be reveled so why lie?

He had tried desperately to keep her safe and tell their parents what they were doing was foolish. But their parents moved the family to London and while he was there he started going to Oxford. When they moved back to the United States he decided he would stay and finish his degree. Now he regretted his choice. His sister was alone taking care of a ten month old.

River had considered transferring to a local state college where he could commute from school back home. But to be honest he would much rather Leila and Noah moved to England. He didn't like the thought of his family living in that toxic place. That house seemed to breed parents who abandoned their children emotionally as well as physically. At least that is how it seemed to River. And Noah didn't deserve that.

Then River thought about what Leila had said about meeting someone. That he was kind and that he seemed to like her. What would he do when he learned the truth about his sister? Would this young man leave her or would he accept the truth?

He didn't know his sister's Korean. But he prayed that whoever he was he could love Leila and Noah both.

Noah's Loneliness

Mommy is never at home. Does he even have a daddy? Carol is nice she lets him watch TV with her. But all he really wants is Mommy and Daddy.

Carol's Loneliness

She had no real loneliness but her heart aches. It aches for the oldest seventeen year old girl she has ever seen. Life to some people truly was never fair.