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Chapter 12 – Deal or No Deal

(Mitchie's POV)

'Mitchie, let's go out.' Shane suddenly declared, grabbing his wallet. We were hanging out at his room, since there were no activities for Connect 3 today.

'Why?' I asked back, feeling a little lazy to want to go out today.

'Well, if you haven't notice, it's Jason birthday in two days, and apparently, we haven't even gotten him a gift yet' Shane explained.

I looked at him in horror, mentally slapping myself. How could I have forgotten about Jason's birthday? So much for being their personal assistant! I hastily got off Shane's bed, and headed to my room to get my bag.

'I always thought it was girls who are good at remembering dates' Shane teased, following me into my room. I smacked his arm for him to shut up, and quickly grabbed my bag.

'Caitlyn, we're going out!' I screamed from outside Nate's door, and got a muffled response in return. God knows what they were doing inside. Jason and Stephanie were at the birdhouse club, so it made shopping for his gift easier a lot easier. After all, we could hide his gift even before he came home.

'So, what should we buy for him?' Shane asked, adjusting his disguises. He was wearing a cap, over-sized sunglasses, and fake moustache. I kept laughing at his moustache, but I knew that we couldn't risk him getting recognized again.

'Another guitar, with his name and the album name engraved on the surface. This way, he can play the guitar while playing for the new album.' I replied cheerfully, putting on my own set of sunglasses and hat.

'That's a really good idea' Shane smiled, kissing me on the lips gently.

'Thanks, I like the reward I got' I replied.

'You are such a cheeky girl' Shane teased, pinching my nose lightly, before pointing to one of the glamorous guitar shops.

'Let's go there' Shane said, holding my hands.

There were hundreds of guitar inside, and I was utterly lost in the selection process. I don't how Shane managed to choose one guitar with so many choices, but he did, and as we waited for the guitar to get engraved, we went to other shops to get new outfits for him to wear during the album promotional period.

It was a whole hour later when we got back to the guitar shop, and when I saw the finished product, I was pretty sure Jason will love this new guitar. We left the shop in a happy mood, and headed to Macdonald on the first level to have our lunch.

'Hey, isn't that Shane from Connect 3?' a girl suddenly asked from behind us, and I froze.

'It is! Let's go get his autograph!' another girl exclaimed. I immediately let go of Shane's hand and turned away, ready to run away, but he grabbed onto me, pulling me back. He looked at me through his sunglasses and I got his meaning: We could announce our relationship openly now if you wanted, we could defy Dylan.

I looked at our intertwined hands, and then at him, thinking about Dylan words. Before I could regret my decision, I swing my hand free from Shane's hold and walked quickly to the mall's entrance without turning back.

This was what we were trained to do when we were mobbed by fans; we walk away and pretended that we were not together with the Connect 3, while the Connect 3 stayed behind to signed autographs like they were alone all along. The reason why we did not do that the other time was because Stephanie was there, and she did not attend the trainings to know this was what we were supposed to do.

I made my way down the right street, since the street on the left led towards the mall's parking lot and I couldn't take Shane's car in case the fan girls were still chasing after him. Tears were threatening to fall, and I quicken my pace, warning myself not to cry in the middle of the streets. I was about to pass a café, when somebody pulled on my arm.

'Mitchie' I looked up, and was shocked to see the last person I was expecting it will be.

'Dylan?' He smirked, looking at me weirdly.

'I was waiting for you for a long time already. Let's go in and talk' he said, pointing into the café. He walked in before I could reply, and I reluctantly followed him, wiping away the un-fallen tears from my eyes.


(No one's POV)

'What do you mean when you said you were waiting for me?' Mitchie asked curiously, taking a seat. Dylan had chosen a table at the back of the café, and it was quiet and private.

'It's nothing .I was just waiting for you to walk down this street… after you get chased off by a crowd of fans. You really are so predictable, Mitchie.' Mitchie suddenly froze.

'What…? How do you know about that?' Mitchie asked, before realization flashed past her eyes. 'Wait, you asked that crowd of girls to approach us on purpose, isn't it? Why Dylan?' Dylan smiled smugly.

'Just letting you see how reality works, Mitchie. Today is just a group of ladies that I have specially arranged from our company, but next time, it could be a real group of fans. Are you going to keep running away?' Mitchie shook her head slightly, hands curling into a fist.

'Why do you keep making things difficult for me?'

'I am not against you, Mitchie. At least, not personally. I just need you to leave Shane, leave the Connect 3.'

'All because I am an ordinary girl?' Mitchie asked coldly.

'Yes' replied Dylan, emotionless.

No, I won't leave Shane for a stupid reason like this. No way.' Dylan laughed lightly, shaking his head.

'Who said you had a choice here Mitchie? I remember telling you before that you were going to lose him. I am just keeping to my word now' (A/N: refer to chapter 8) Mitchie stared at him in disbelief.

'I will not leave him, nor will I lose him'

'Don't test my patience, Mitchie. You are no match for me.' Dylan threatened dangerously.

'Why won't you believe in me? I can be the girl for Shane!' Mitchie sighed in frustration.
Dylan looked at her pointedly.

'Do you really think you are suitable for Shane? Your status is so different from him that it probably seems like you two came from two different worlds. Shane is everything while you are nothing. Do you really think you two are meant to be together?' Those worlds shocked Mitchie, and she had to take in a deep breath before being able to continue.

'What exactly do you want from me?' Mitchie asked softly, knowing that Dylan had to have a motive for asking her to be here. A smirk crept its way onto Dylan's face, as if he could finally talk about the thing he wanted to from the start.

'I am here today to pose you a deal. If you leave Shane, I will not approach Caitlyn or Stephanie to ask them to leave' Mitchie's eyes widened when Stephanie was mentioned, and Dylan looked at her darkly.

'Yes, you think I didn't know about Jason dating Stephanie? I just chose to keep quiet, Mitchie, but I have many connections outside. All your movements are being watched carefully.' Mitchie shivered at the words 'being watched'.

'Why me? Why Shane?'

'Because Shane is the leader of the group and if he were to date a star, he will boost the group's popularity and reduce the damage of his other two teammates dating normal girls if they are accidentally discovered. So, I am planning to match him and Bella together, since they are such a perfect couple.' Dylan replied coldly.

'Bella… Lovato?'

'Yes. She will be working with the Connect 3 soon on a new song and on an episode of Connect 3. It will be a perfect opportunity for them to become a couple, especially if they were to go on We Got Married (A/N: this is a reality series, look below for description) together' Dylan stated as a matter-of-factly.

Mitchie looked at Dylan, completely speechless. She opened her mouth to try and say something, but no words managed to come out.

'I will give you time to consider this deal, but not too long, Mitchie. Especially if you don't want to see your friends get hurt.' Dylan said coldly, before standing up to leave.
Mitchie hastily stood up and blocked his way.

'No, please don't do this to us. You can't just pull us apart like that. You can't, please.' Mitchie pleaded, tears filling up her eyes again.

'I am sorry Mitchie, for letting this mistake carry on for so long. But this time, I won't give way again. The last incident was a wake-up call, to see how wrong my decision was to let you all date. It is time to make amendments, and I will be cruel and heartless this time if there is a need to be. I await your reply Mitchie.' Dylan looked at her, his expression completely blank.

Mitchie stared at him silently for three seconds, before she ran off, out of the café.


(Mitchie's POV)

It hurt; all those words pained me deeply. Why did it have to be so hard to love someone? I wanted to have a simple love, a sweet yet passionate one, but why does mine keep getting more complicated?

I couldn't think straight anymore, and I just ran with all my might, until I had to stop. My asthma was acting up, and I leaned onto a wall of a back alley, taking out my inhaler and inhaling the medicine.

I squatted down, tears bursting out. My breathing was getting difficult because of the crying, but yet, my tears won't stop. I leaned against the wall, looking up to the sky while I just cried out loud, ignoring any stares from a passer-by.

'I said before that you are going to lose Shane, I am just keeping to my word'

'Do you really think you are suitable for Shane?'

'I am planning to match Bella and Shane together; they are such a perfect couple'

'If you agree to the deal... your friends won't get hurt'

Dylan's words rang painfully in my head, echoing nonstop.I shook my head, trying to get rid of the voice of my head. Please, stop it; I do not want to have to choose again, not again, I pleaded, tears welling up in my eyes.I crumpled to the ground, feeling as if my heart was being stabbed over and over again.

'Mitchie? Why are you crying?' Someone suddenly asked from the side, and I gasped.


*We Got Married is a Korean reality series, where two celebrity stars are selected to go through the life of a married couple and experience marriage first-hand. Different challenges and tasks (related to marriage) will be given to them, and they have to complete it together as a couple. [If you would like to find out more, just go Wikipedia and search it] :)

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