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NoDrogs created the twins in A Small Possibility.

Like a Circle in a Spiral

"Red Fox to Kermit, do you have a confirmed visual?"

"Will you knock-off the spy talk, Kim? They haven't left Laser City yet."

"Kermit, you are not treating this situation with the appropriate degree of seriousness. And the party was supposed to be over five minutes ago."

"Cut the kids some slack. It takes them a couple minutes to turn in their gear. And I thought you were supposed to be here to take your turn."

"There was an accident on tenth-"

"And you stopped and asked if you could help? You're Global Justice, not a traffic cop."

"I didn't stop and ask to help, but traffic was all tied up."

"Well, you need to get here and- They're leaving."

"Do you have the MightyEar™?"

"Yeah, but someone is yakking too much for me to hear anything?"

"Kasy or someone else?"

"Someone else, you."

Kim hung up. When she finally arrived at Laser City Shego and the party-goers were all gone. She waited impatiently for a call and answered the cell phone on its first ring. "Where are you?"

"Most of the kids went home. Five of them went to the The Roasterie for coffee and tea."

"Who was in the group?"

"There were two guys from our synagogue, and a boy and a girl from another synagogue."

"Can you be more specific?"

"I don't know the names of the other two. It was the Swartz boy and Sam Honig."

"Sam is too old for her, he's got to be almost eighteen."

"Like that matters to hormones." Shego thought.

"The Swartz boy… Is he the one who…"

"Is gay, yes. Nice kid. He'll make some lucky man a wonderful wife one day."

"The other boy, the one you didn't know the name of, his body language towards Kasy?"

"I couldn't tell. He had his tongue in the other girl's ear." Shego gave Kim directions, and two minutes later Kim traded places with Shego to take her turn on surveillance duty. It was still early in the evening and Shego found a drugstore for things forgotten in the last shopping trip.

Shego had made her purchases and was looking at products promising to cover the first gray hairs when the phone rang. "They've left The Roasterie, Sam volunteered to walk her home. He suggested they take the long route back through the park."

"Don't like the sound of that. Walking through the park would be fine. But she didn't get those bruises on her throat two weeks ago from walking."

"She said no. Tomorrow is a school day and she said she needed to get home and finish some homework."

"She told us she'd finished her homework! We wouldn't have let her go to the synagogue's teen party if we knew that."

"You never lied to your parents?" Kim asked.

"Nope. I was going to ask if you ever lied to yours - but I remember a certain Halloween."

"Drop it, and we need to be careful tailing her home so we aren't too obvious. They're walking down Oak."

"I'll relieve you in a minute. Let me make sure Jane is all right."

Sheki answered her phone on the third ring.

"How's the job going?" Shego asked.

"Someone is getting tired."

"Jane wearing you out?"

"Eemah! Jane is tired. I'm glad you called - let me put her on."

"Eemah?" came a child's voice.

"How you doing, Squiddo?"

"I love you!"

"Love you too. You being good for Sheki?"


"Great. See you in the morning."

Kim and Shego shadowed Kasy and Sam all the way to the front of Casa Possible. There was no passionate kiss. There was no kiss at all. She gave him a quick hug and ran in. The Mighty Ear™ had revealed no intimate conversation on the way home, they had talked about biology class - and even that was in terms of dissection and not reproduction.

Kim parked her car, and went out to join Shego in hers.

"I feel ashamed to be doing this," Shego admitted.

"So do I. Our parents would have never done it to us. Even if they should have followed you."

"I was a very good kid, utterly dull. And our parents never had calls from other parents, concerned because they heard their daughter was running wild. At least no one ever accused me of running wild."

"Probably a stupid rumor, some kid jealous of the fact Kasy is popular."

"Maybe, but trust and verify."

"Well, with Kasy in the house doing homework, Sheki watching Jane, and Jane in bed - what should we do?

"Coffee sounds good to me. Columbia to Kenya?" Kim nodded and Shego put the car in gear.

Kasy picked the phone up on the second ring.

"The Crimson Dynamo and Green Tornado are on their way for coffee," Sheki told her.

"You sure?"

"Heard them talking with my MightyEar™. I'm going in, the Littlest Ninja needs to go to bed."

"So I'll see you on my way out?"

"Probably. You owe me!"

"I know, I know."

"And you'd better be home by midnight."

"I will; just leave the back window unlocked so I can get in."

Kasy wondered if she should tell Sam she had snuck out of the house to see him, but decided against it - he might become curious about what she had actually done and ask someone. But she should definitely tell Jason to keep it quiet. She would never be able to get Sheki to cooperate if the dark haired girl knew she was sneaking out to see Jason.

-The End-