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It was a sunny day in Konohagakure. The birds were singing, the sun was shining… until a dark cloud covered it and it started to rain ice. 16-year-old Haruno Sakura sighed as she stared at the hail storm with a silent 16-year-old Uchiha Sasuke beside her.

"Great. Why must there be a hail storm when I didn't bring my umbrella?" Sakura grumbled.


Sakura twitched at the grunt coming from her companion. Sure, they've been friends since before she could remember. But his grunts are just so annoying sometimes. Sakura sighed knowing he wouldn't change.

"Hey, Sasuke-kun?"


"Don't you ever say anything other than hn?"

"What are you talking about, Sakura?"

"Ah.. so you do know how to speak"

"What does that mean?"

"Nothing. I was actually beginning to think you were gay…"



"You said I was gay."

"Well, who doesn't? You only respond with some other word than hn to Naruto."

"Im responding to you with words other than hn right now aren't I?"

"Well, then why don't you say something other than hn to me when I first talk to you?"

Sasuke just stared hard at Sakura. Why had he said hn to her and not Naruto? Was he… gay?!

'Urgh! No way!'

"Tch, you're annoying." Sasuke dismissed the subject.

"Ah… so you are gay…"

Sasuke turned his head to her. She smiled so sweetly at him while she walked down the stairs. Sasuke gaped at her as she continued down. He trailed after her, wondering if it was worth it to just push her off the stairs. Just when he was about to push her, she slipped on the melted ice. Sasuke managed to grab her hand and shoulder, preventing her fall. They stared at each other shocked.

Then realizing their position, Sasuke dropped her causing her to fall on her but with a small squeak. Sakura rubbed behind and glared darkly at Sasuke. Sasuke looked down at her before lending her his hand. Sakura took it and Sasuke pulled her up carelessly causing her to bump into his chest. Sakura blushed prettily before pushing herself off him. Sakura looked the other way before walking on. She stopped for a while.

"Thanks"She said before walking on, smiling.

Sasuke smirked before he fell into step beside her.

"I still think you're gay though…"

Uh oh…. Sharingan activated. Mission: Make Haruno Sakura believe he isn't gay.


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