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Dinner was silent and slightly awkward after the comment on their relationship. Kate brought the glass of wine up to her lips and took a small sip glancing quickly at Mike as he suddenly cleared his throat.

"Kate, about what I said before I didn-"

"Mike its fine seriously. I know exactly what you meant." She picked up her fork and started to move her food around her plate.

"No what I wanted to say Kate was that I know it was against regulations but those months with you were some of the best of my life." Mike smiled shyly quickly breaking eye contact with her to look at his plate. Kate smiled.

"Me too Mike."

She blushed slightly then touched her ankle to his slowly tangling their feet together. The dinner carried on with more talking and laughing then before as the sun started to set slowly.

A chill blew through the wind blowing over Kate's shoulders making her shiver.

"Are you warm enough?" Concern over took Mike's face. "We can go to the couch or do you want a jumper?"

Kate cringed slightly. We can "go to the couch". It sounded like a bad pick up line and just brought up more memories of the old relationship. A small part of her wished it to be true, that he did still like her more than a colleague and friend but was quickly squashed by the reasonable part of her. No Kate, don't even go there don't even think about it you'll just hurt yourself again. Her mind was already off though. What was it that broke their relationship? Was it just because of the rules? If they had been in any other situation would they still be together? Maybe even married? Hang on what!? Did she just imagine herself married to Mike Flynn? Her responsible part started again. Kate seriously stop now…..

"Kate?" Mike's voice snapped her out of her dream.


"The jumper would you like one?" He asked again eyes darting over her face.

"Uhh…Yes please that would be nice." She could feel her face growing warmer so quickly stood up and walked over to the couch.

Mike returned soon later with a thick brown jacket that looked old and comfortable.

"I hope this is okay. It's the only clean one I could find."

"No it's great, thank you." Kate replied as she reached out to take the jacket from him.

She pushed her arm through the first sleeve smelling the jacket. It smelt exactly like him, the ocean and some thing else that was exactly him, warm and gentle. Pushing her other arm through and pulling the jacket over her shoulders she closed her eyes and leant against the couch. She felt the couch move as Mike sat down on the other side of the couch.

She could also feel the affects of the wine kicking in after a day with only a small meal. Leaning her back against the arm of the couch and pulling her knees up to her chest she opened her eyes and looked at Mike who was opposite her. She studied the face she knew so well. His eyes, his nose, every line in his face and his mouth. Every part she loved and knew so well but wanted to know better.

Before she knew what had happened she had rocked forward on her knees now right up close to Mike sitting on her heels. The wine that she had drunk to take up time of talking lifted her hands to his lips tracing them slowly. She became aware of Mike closing his eyes under her touch. This pleased her letting the spark of hope she had ignite.

Becoming more confident she ran her fingers up his cheeks to his eyes gently brush her fingers over them. During this time she felt herself leaning closer to him. She could feel his breath on her lips and cheek. Then taking a giant leap she leant in locking her lips in a passionate kiss. His response was immediate. Kissing back letting out all the emotion that had been building up over the years. She pulled back to take a breath and was startled by his reaction not stopping, kissing along her jaw line down her neck pushing back his jacket to get access to her collarbone and shoulder. The wine she blamed it on but she knew that the wine had only been that push she had needed that this was her need that ran this. She pushed her leg over him pinning him to the couch. She felt his lips reach hers again and his fingers push under her shirt moving over her stomach and across her back.

This was going to be some night she thought.