Okay, now I know you probably all hate me because I haven't posted in awhile (HUGE understatement).... I'm sorry! Really. I'm currently writing a chapter thanks to Pertiwi for a review boost that has given me a kick. Just a hint I won't be trying to follow the episodes considering they've been finished for a long time.

I am super excited about season 4!!!! I can't wait and hopefully it will come soon (I'm hoping about tonight but know that it won't happen). I wanted to show you an awesomely awesome clip from youtube that I hope will make it a bit better... Some of you have probably already seen it but for those who haven't it's a advert for channel 9 (the channel sea patrol is on in Aus) with a heaps of little clips from different shows for 2010. When you open it you can watch the whole thing or just skip to about 45 seconds in and just watch! It only goes for like 2 seconds but watch!! Hopefully it will make you smile like it did to me and make you a little less mad at me for not updating in yonks (ages). Thank you!!