The Past of Isabella: The Immortal Child

The Rules of being a Vampire

1. No Human Can Find Out About Vampires.

2. Don't Turn A Child Under 10 In To A Vampire Or They Will Be Killed.

3. The Volturi

I was 5 years old. The house up the road hasn't been used in a while so, Lucy and I went to see what was in it ever room had dust in it. Nothing had been move in years in all the rooms but one. We were on the first floor the room near the back of the house. The was nothing in the room but chains and a table with a white cloth over it. On the table were papers I only got to read a bit of it.

Subject: Marcus. Vampie.

That was all I got to when footsteps were heard Lucy ran shutting the door behind her. I placed the papers back the way they were before I picked them up, and hid under the table. I knew I couldn't run so I had to hide. The footsteps came closer. I now could make out four sets as well as something being dragged. The chains were being move then.

"Now Vampire. Will you tell us what it is we want to know? Or are you not going to have any blood because you're going to stay silent?" asked a man.

There was no answer other than a growl. The man and the other three people left the room I waited till I was sure they was gone before I came out of my hiding place. I looked at the man on the chain to the floor. He was beautiful, with pale skin and black hair. His eyes were black too as he watched me. He was looking at me looking bored, hunger, and interested all at the same time.

"My name is Bella. You're Marcus right? And a Vampire? Who needs blood right now?"

He nodded at me.

"I'll be back tomorrow with something you can drink." Then I left.

For the next 12 week I came back to the house to Marcus with a rabbit or someother small animal I would findd in the forest. We talked a lot about our lives. I cared a lot about Marcus and I wanted to free him. When I had been getting him the rabbits and other small animals for 2 weeks he gave me a locket he had. He said the locket had the Volturi crest on it and that he wanted me to have it. Then my world changed one Friday.

I opened the door. "Marcus I got you a big rabbit this time. I hope you like it." I said. That's when I saw the four men over the side of the room. I dropped the rabbit box looked at Marcus who had something in his mouth looking at me with horror filled eyes. I turned to run but someone was in front of me. He grabbed me by the hair to which Marcus growled at. Because of the look of pain on my face the man turn me to look at Marcus.

"Now we want to talk to you Isabella. You see your friend Marcus here won't talk to us but maybe he will talk to you why don't you ask him how he became a vampire?" he said as one of the man took the thing out of Marcus mouth. He was still growling at the man holding my hair.

"Let go of her now!" Marcus growled but the men just tighten his hold on my hair.

"Now Marcus if you want to help your little friend here tell us how." the man said.

I tried to get out of his hold my crawling at his hand. All he did was throw me in to a wall. Marcus growled louder pulling on his chains.

"Tell us or she will get hurt more" the man said stand over me.

"No Marcus don't tell them because of me." I said "I'll be fine." And that was when the man started to beat me. I didn't once scream or show my pain in any way. Marcus continued to growl and pull on his chains. He was getting a bit loose and I was bleeding a lot. Then the man did something want gave the Marcus the strength to break free. He stabbed me in the stomach. Marcus broke free and killed everyone. But I was dying.

"Bella you know the immortal children I told you about I have to turn you into one to save you. I'll look after you so don't worry. I'm sorry for doing this." He whispered in my ear before biting me at the base of my neck.