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Z is for Zagerwad


"Ron if you touch my book I will place you in a headlock," warned Bill sternly as his youngest brother reached one of his grubby and candy coated hands towards his new school book. Ron simply stared at him and slowly inched his hand closer to the book that lay on the kitchen table.

Bill could not believe how daring, and stupid, his brother was acting as he walked in closer to the kitchen. With his eyes narrowed he stated, "I dare you…" Usually this one statement would have Ron backing away before bursting in to tears, but instead Ron slapped his hand upon the picture of Bathilda Bangshot.

As Ron removed his hand, and perfect imprint of a chocolate handprint upon it, Bill seized him by the arm and delivered his promise he warned earlier.

"Gerroff me!" cried Ron with tears running down his red face. He tried to slap Bill away, but all that did was anger his brother for now there was chocolate on his new shirt.

"I won't until you say sorry you brainless prat!"

"Mum says not to call me names," whined Ron feebly.

Bill realized he struck a nerve so he continued on, "Mum is not here you whiny soft troll."

"Stop it!"

"Why you big baby?" Bill knew he was crossing the line, but Ron had him so angry that he could care less.

"You are a… a… Zagerwad!"

Bill dropped Ron and the boy fell to the floor. "What?" Instead of answering him, Ron kicked his brother in the leg and ran out the room as their mum entered to start dinner.

"What is going on here?" she asked as Bill rubbed the sore spot on his leg; for a young boy, Ron had a nice kick. Blushing, Bill explained the entire situation and earned himself a stay in his room for what happened. While he was supposed to sit in his room and think about what he did, Bill could only phantom the meaning of Zagerwad.


"Mornin' Bill," greeted the twins and Charlie as their brother entered the room. Four of the Weasley children were happily eating a breakfast of porridge, with any fixing, when Bill walked in.

"Hello Billy," cried Ginny as though Bill had been gone for years. He patted his sister's head and enjoyed the fact of waking up to loving greetings from his siblings.

Bill took a seat next to Ron and started to pour honey on his meal when Ron greeted, "Hello zagerwad."

The honey clattered to the table so Charlie quickly picked it up while Bill inquired, "What did you call me?"

"Zagerwad," replied Ron and before Bill could question him further, the boy ran out the room with a smile on his face. Ginny quickly followed after him leaving Charlie and the twins staring at him.

"Char, do you know what it means?"

"Nope, maybe it is a dirty word…"

"Maybe…" shrugged Bill before abandoning his porridge to seek out Ron and find out the meaning of the word.

"Hey Ron," called Bill as he entered his brother's room. Bill only had to take one step before falling to the ground thanks to being tripped by a pile of clothing.

Ron walked over to him and sat down next to Bill with an apprehensive smile on his face. "Hi zagerwad."

Bill ignored the name and sat back up before asking, "So I was wondering if you wanted to play?"

"No one usually wants to play with me…"

That comment actually hurt and stung his heart; no brother wanted to hear that. "Well I will after you tell me what zagerwad means."


Bill did not want to admit that Ron was very clever for he was angry that his plan had already failed. "Ugh! Fine what do you want to do?"

Ron just grinned before grabbing his hand, and leading Bill out of his room.


This is so embarrassing, thought Bill as he fixed his leaf crown before handing King Ron a mud pie. He tried to hand him the pie, but Ron made him bow before excepting it.

His first task in being nice to Ron resulted him having to build Ron a mud castle and round up gnomes to be the peasants; the gnomes were angry at this, so much that two bit him, but obeyed when Bill threatened to sick the twins on them.

"This is fun, right?" exclaimed Bill in mock happiness. Ron grabbed the pie and smoothed it before taking an imaginary bite. Several gnomes were now playing in the mud while others danced around their "king".

"Yes it is Zagerwad," replied Ron.

The leaf crown slipped down Bill's head so he quickly fixed it before asking once more, "So what does that mean?"

"No telling yet!" shouted Ron in a sing song voice before splattering the pie on top of Ron's head.

After washing his hair and hands, Bill was forced into making Ron a deluxe sandwich with topping ranging from peanut butter to onions and ham.

"Here you go." Bill watched Ron study the sandwich before deciding on a perfect spot to take a bite. A bit of peanut butter landed on his cheek so Bill wiped it away. "Now tell me?"

Daintily, Ron placed the sandwich back down before exclaiming, "Nope!"

Flecks of mud fell from Bill's clothes as he slammed a fist down on the table. "You little…"

Luckily Molly walked in and intervened before she would have to separate another fight. "Ron why don't you wash up?" Her son obeyed, grabbed his sandwich, and left the room before Bill could get even angrier at him.

Bill ruffled his hair to remove and leftover mud flecks and cried, "Mum this is useless, I will never find out what zagerwad means."

"Just be patient with him. All kids make up silly words… your word was brabley."

"What did that mean?"

Molly sat a plate of cookies in front of him and sat down next to her son. "I think you told me I meant baby Charlie." She stood back up to quickly stir a bubbling stew on the stove. "I realized you calling him this instead of baby or brother and it took me weeks to figure out what it meant."

"I don't have weeks though," cried Bill in frustration. He slammed his head to the table and muttered, "I go back to school in five days."

Molly patted her son's head in comfort. With a huge sigh, the oldest sibling sat up and turned the cookie in front of him. He desperately needed to know what zagerwad meant before returning back to school- it was tearing him apart to not know what it meant.

"Well you better get busy and find out…"

"Zagerwad!" shouted Ron from the floor above.

Bill cringed at this while his mother laughed and said, "Have fun…"

Bill spent the rest of the day playing tea party with Rona and Ginny, giving the youngest Weasley horse rides on his back, and finally ended when Ron made him tuck him in after Bill had to feed him his dinner.

"Today was fun huh zagerwad," stated Ron as more of a question.

This time Bill did not bite down the urge to smother his brother, for he was very tired and actually glad that Ron enjoyed himself; even thought it meant he had to wear a dress for two hours while sipping "tea"- warm tap water. "Yes it was. You know, you are a great brother."

"And so are you zagerwad," whispered Ron, still relishing in the fact that only he knew the meaning of the word "zagerwad". "Zagerwad, can I ask question?"

Bill was surprised by this, but answered. "Sure."

"When you are at school do you think of me?"

It was such a childish question that Bill almost laughed, but the expression on Ron's face was very serious. With a sigh, Bill moved a teddy bear off Ron's bed and sat down. "Yes, because I always miss my brothers." The statement was mostly true for sometimes he did find himself homesick and thinking of the fun his family was having while he studied hard.

"I miss you when you are at school zagerwad," admitted Ron.

Bill smiled at the admission, "Well soon I will be back in Summer for fun!"

"Okay," belched out Ron while yawning. He snuggled more in his bed and reached out for the teddy bear which Bill quickly handed over.

Bill stood up once he realized Ron's eyelids were slowly falling to a close. He fixed the covers again before whispering, "So Ron, what does zagerwad mean?"

With a sleepy smile, Ron replied, "brother."

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