Author's Notes: *sigh* Two chapters and I still haven't made a plot. I've got a few scenes I know I want to use, but I have no idea how to get to them! Well, enjoy, R&R, give me a peanut, all that jazz. So, err, is there a name for the room where they change from their street shoes to their school shoes? Ahh, I know so little about the Japanese culture u.u


Little Brother

Chapter Two: Homeroom

Chiaki pushed open the glass doors, stepping across the threshold and into the shoe changing room. She walked easily to her locker. Easily, because there was no one to brush past, no idiots to annoy her, no laughing pals to envy. The room was empty, just the way she liked it. On top of her and Haruka steadily waking up earlier, even with her not keeping up with Haruka's times, the school also started later than most. Some magic by the school gods, she supposed. Minami placed her new shoes into her locker, wondering what was the point of buying shoes according to the school year starting if you never even wore them in school, and slid her feet into the dark green school ones. She kicked the toe of each against the tiled floor a few times, then set walked beyond the room, just as a small group of friends entered.

The hazel eyed girl walked into the main hall and to the bulletin board, where at was posted the class assignments. The group at the shoe locker's conversation echoes throughout the nearly empty hall, giving Chiaki more of their conversation than she wanted to hear. Of course, any of it was more than she wanted to hear. As she searched for her name, she learned that none of them had arrived at this time, they were doing it to see what it was like, it was kind of spooky, and that she had a nice ass.

Finally her eyes landed on hers. Last year she had spotted Uchida and Yoshino's names in their class before being pushed out of the way by the hordes of taller students she detested. Now that she actually had the time to, she didn't bother. There was no point anyway. She turned and headed for the stairwell, noting as she ascended that they should skip the last period to go to that new noodle shop, and that she had a nice rack as well.

She found her class with ease, and felt like a veteran of war coming back to the battlefield as she shut the door. She decided the classroom was…class roomy. Bland, windows stretching along the wall opposite her, desks placed in neat rows despite the teacher knowing full well they would be knocked out of place before the day was half over. She sat in her usual seat of choice, second from the back in the aisle by the window. One thing she did like about this school, the thought idly, was that they didn't have to sit in alphabetical order. She then corrected herself, it was probably like that at all junior highs.

She drummed her fingernails on the desk, looking out the window to see her view for the year. She didn't spend much time window gazing, unlike her lazy sister, as she actually came to school to learn. But, that didn't change there being time before school and between classes and with nothing to fill it. Last year she'd been given a view of the courtyard. Now she was on the opposite side of the U-shaped school, and she got a view of things beyond the school grounds. The junior high was placed on a grassy hill, if you could call it that, with the slope so gentle, with two rings of trees spaced evenly on it.

Beyond the end of the property was, surprise, surprise, the street. This view gave her the chance to admire another one of those few good things about the school. The slope was gradual, yes, but it also kept going. A large part of town was on one massive hill, just a hill with a very moderate slope. This fact gave way to a great view, her third-floor vision being able to stretch very far with the town laid out in such a way. She'd have more than enough to look at, she decided, between classes. Watching people go about their business had always been a good way to pass the time. She'd discovered this past time years ago, back when Kana could get away with locking her out, from staring out over the railing of their highly-placed apartment.

She sighed and turned back to the empty classroom. She seemed to be early even for her usual arrival time, as there was usually already a few students when she got here. Or some would come in shortly after her. Chiaki thought over her day so far, trying to see if she could gauge the mood for the day by how her morning had gone. After this, she wondered when her thoughts had become so depressing and spiteful. With a curt nod to no one, she decided she would keep her thoughts in check. It was about this time the door slid open and someone entered. It was a boy, a stocky little thing with short yet messy brown hair and comically large glasses. He looked at her, than hurriedly took the first seat of the center row. Once seated he continued to fidget, repositioning himself and his bag, or pulling things out, or putting them back in.

A few minutes later the door opened again, this time the student was strangely tall, and skinny, a pale girl with vibrant red braided pigtails that reached her shoulders, she wore glasses as well. She faintly blushed at Minami's gaze, then took a seat on the opposite side of the room, one seat forward from Chiaki. She pulled out a book, a text book, and began to read. Minami thought to herself that if she had a different hair color, and were shorter, she would quite resemble Maiko-chan. The hazel eyed girl would usually be doing something of the same in the morning, studying, or at least reading a novel. But this being the first day of school, she wanted to get a look at her classmates. First impressions, she knew, could give you the knowledge of how the person would act throughout the year, as well as the time they arrived. This information would be useful, as she would be prepared, knowing who the idiots were and who were the ones she might try and talk to.

Chiaki put her elbow on the desk, leaned forward, and placed her chin in her hand. Once comfortable, her bored-looking eyes fixed themselves on the door, and awaited the flow of students to begin. Once it did, she began getting her impression on the students of the class. Some were already in lively conversations, old time friends she supposed, while others sat silently, or tried starting a more diffident talk with the person who had taken the seat beside them. A few students, the moody looking ones, appeared to be just that, ignoring anyone who approached them and in no way doing it subtly. Then she straightened a little, her head coming a few inches out of its rest and her eyes widening a bit from their usual half-shut appearance.

In the door walked two girls, neither ugly nor amazing looking, talking gently and giggling. It wasn't their actions or appearance that caught her attention though, it was their faces. She knew them. Chiaki couldn't believe it, she actually had a class with not one, but two of her friends.

"Oi, Uchida, Yoshino!" She called, loud enough for it to carry across the classroom. The looked up from their conversation, having gotten so into it they had stopped a few steps into the door, and their faces brightened. They headed over, Uchida taking the seat across from Chiaki and Yoshino sitting in front of Yuka.

"Chiaki! We haven't had class with you since primary school!" Uchida said brightly. Minami nodded in acknowledgement. On the outside it didn't show, but inwardly she was a bit taken aback. She had feared that they wouldn't be as close, having seen each other much less often, sometimes even not once in a whole week. But it seemed the time had had no effect, and the three easily slid into conversation. As the classroom filled they talked about how their summer had been, if they knew what high school they wanted to go to, how Kana and Haruka was, if they should set up a meeting this Sunday, and if Chiaki were going to give nicknames to the class.

"Hey, Minami, over here!" Yoshino suddenly called. The sand colored head turned to the darker haired girl, but she was looking elsewhere. Minami followed her gaze to the door, where at her eyes widened for a second time. There stood a student, tall, standing maybe three inches above the majority of the class, and slim, no, not slim, she corrected herself, there was a slight athletic build. The skin had just the slightest of tans, the type of people who were outdoors a lot but didn't tan easily. The face held masculine features, and deep dark eyes. The hair, of the same blue-black color, had a bit of an unkempt look to it, the bangs reaching eye level and the at the back, the longest parts reached the nape of the collar. The collar being properly folded so it raised up to lower-mid neck. And of course the rest of the uniform was properly done, the only problem being with the dark green pants, which weren't cuffed once at the bottom. It was rather dashing, Chiaki thought, it suited him. Her little brother.

Touma's eyes met Chiaki's gaze, and she had the faintest of blushes as she walked over to join the three. As the girl in the boy's uniform sat down in front of Chiaki, the sand-haired girl wondered vaguely what the blush had been about.

"Oh, Touma, the uniform is so fitting on you!" Uchida squealed, receiving an agreement from Yoshino.

"Of course it does." Chiaki stated bluntly.

"Eh, its not special or anything." Touma answered, looking down at the shirt and tie, the men not wearing vests.

"It looks great." Yoshino assured him. "You can't exactly pass of as a guy now though." She added, staring at her chest.

"Yeah, well, its not like I was planning on it." Touma replied, looking away and blushing. Her breasts had grown enough to be noticeable, though not American like Haruka or Chiaki were, or even Uchida's Hawaii status. She and Yoshino were in it with Kana, Japanese through and through. The four engaged in conversation, Touma being added into the weekend plans, though there wasn't much 'plan' to it, all they had established was that they would all do something. Rapid footsteps alerted them, well, three of them anyway, Uchida wasn't the most observant of girls, that someone was approaching. They turned to look at the front of the aisle in time to see a new arrival charging them. He had a slim figure, a feminine one if you asked Chiaki, and messy burnt ochre hair. His face was attractive, if not the epitome of manliness.

"Uchida! Touma! Yoshino! Princess!" His energetic greeting ended quickly as a foot connected with his chin.

"Don't call me that, bakayarou!" Chiaki scolded as he hit the floor. He sat up, complaining, and then spotted Shuichi by the door. He stood and went to join him.

"Plain yogurt! Yo!" He called happily.

"Eeeh? Your still calling me that?" Shuichi sulked. Just as the girls were resuming their conversation, the bell rang, signifying the beginning of school.


Author's Rambling: And the cast is set! Mwa ha ha ha ha! Also, the American/Hawaii/Japanese part isn't meant to be racist, it's a reference. Though I think it anyone reading this would know it, thought I should at least say it.