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Author's notes (the terms will make sense when you get to the interface scene): In car terms, a cylinder is 1) the piston chamber of an engine or 2) a chamber in a pump from which the piston expels the fluids.


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Prowl and Jazz

The music was loud and jamming. Jazz's hips, legs and arms, moved in perfect rhythm of the beat. His optics kept careful watch on the large LCD TV mounted on the wall while his feet tapped out the beat on the dance pad – specially made for mech's like him, Bumblebee and the twins who loved video games in their down time.

The saboteur usually only played them when Prowl was away on a mission or had an overnight shift in the command center since the SIC never got into playing the video games. With his sparkmake currently away on a mission, Jazz was making the most of his time since he had to beat Sunny's record. No way in pit was Jazz, the master of rhythm and beat, gonna let that slagger beat him at his best game!

"Hey Prowler!" he cheered during one maneuver where he spun around, catching a brief glimpse of his sparkmate. "You're back early. Give me a minute to wrap this up."

"Street Dance?" Prowl asked, accusingly, optics focusing in on the video game. "What do you need a video game for? Don't you dance enough as it is?"

"Ah, come on, you know you love watching my hips in action," Jazz smirked, purposely over exaggerating his hip gyration so his aft stuck out a little more towards Prowl.

"Jazz, please," Prowl said in that 'I'm not in the mood for fun and games' tone which of course meant something was wrong. Prowl didn't care to play the video games but he always enjoyed watching Jazz dance.

Jazz could feel his sparkmate was…irritated over their bond so he quickly stopped and turned the game off. When he turned around the smell that hit him was nothing to the look of his bonded sparkmate's armor. Prowl's normally white gleaming immaculate armor was smeared with Primus knows what!

Pfft, no wonder he wasn't in the mood!

"You look like slag run over twice. What the frag happened?"

"You don't want to know," Prowl groaned, his doorwings twitching agitatedly. "Just help me get this egg yolk off my door wings please. They feel sticky and very unpleasant."

"How about we hose you down first to get rid of the stink?" Jazz smirked.

"Do I really smell that bad?" Prowl asked worriedly.

Jazz nodded and then asked, "What's in your hand?"

"Oh…a remedy I picked up from Wheeljack for cleaning off dried, crusty egg yolk. I hope," Prowl shuddered. "Knowing Wheeljack it might make me explode."

"No way man. The only way you're going to explode is from me giving your systems one processor blowing overload!"

"I'm not really in the mood for that Jazz. I just want to get cleaned up and feel normal again, please."

"Alright, I can take a hint," Jazz smiled, raising his hands up in defeat. He wasn't about to give up just yet. Frankly, the smell couldn't even deter Jazz right now as the idea of bathing his bondmate was far too tempting of a turn on to ignore. "Let's get into the wash rack and get you cleaned up."

"Thanks," Prowl replied in relief. Finally! After an hour on the road sucking on Prime's exhaust fumes all the way back to the base he was going to get rid of this filth!

When Prowl turned to head for the wash room, Jazz broke down laughing.

"I fail to see the humor in this, Jazz!" Prowl snapped, turning on him.

"Sorry," Jazz giggled, reaching around and yanked the note that was stuck on Prowl's back. "Looks like Sunny got to you."

Prowl snatched the note right up.

"'Lost! Please direct to nearest carwash for wax and lub job,'" he read a loud then growled crumbling up the note. It was sent flying across the room.

"Come on lover, let's get you cleaned up," Jazz insisted, gently trying to coerce his bondmate to continue while at the same time being careful to not touch Prowl just yet. "Then we'll play a game of chess or something for you to unwind."

"Thanks Jazz that does sound very appealing."

Jazz smiled, watching Prowl walk as they headed into the washroom. Dirty or not, he loved the way his mech moved…always with purpose, with careful thought…graceful, flawless, no waste of energy. Oh yeah, Jazz was definitely going to get his sparkmate in the mood, no way was he passing up this opportunity.

"Jazz, grab a couple of wash towels," Prowl said, setting the concoction from Wheeljack down while turning the solvent and hot water on. "It will be more efficient if we work together to get this stink off. Then you can work on my doorwings."

"Why not more? Then I could use two hands on ya!" Jazz smirked but Prowl didn't hear him.

The black and white mech had already immersed himself in the incredible warmth of the shower, greatly enjoying the feel of the solvent and hot water washing over his armor and in between the gaps to the underlying protoform. His optic covers closed slowly. A long sigh escaped him as he bowed his head, allowing the jetting fluid to massage the back of his neck.

Even his doorwings were beginning to feel better. Still sticky, but better. Prowl leaned forward, placing his hands on the wall and extending his wings back so the hot, soapy fluid hit them more directly. The left upper wing flapped lazily to and fro allowing to solvent to thicken. Then he repeated the same simple action with the right wing.

Again he sighed, relaxing even more, ever so slowly flexing and retracting his doorwings as the hot liquid caressed them. His anger and irritation from earlier was all but gone now allowing him to feel the jovial, deviant behavior of his mate filter through their intimate spark bond.

A soft moan escaped his vocal processor. This was just too good. He was quite content to continue standing there until he heard a crash followed by Jazz cursing softly. When Prowl straightened up and turned his head he saw Jazz sprawled out, face down on the floor with the majority of the wash towels and drying towels from the closet piled on him.

Prowl couldn't help but chuckle at the comical display and look of exasperation on his bonded's faceplates. To accentuate the moment, one more towel fell and landed on the silver mech's rising head, catching on one of his horns. Then it was promptly yanked off with a huff.

"Are you trying to tease me to death, Prowler? I nearly overloaded on the spot!"

"I'm just attempting to get cleaned up," Prowl smirked, purposely fluttering one of his doorwings.

"And there you go again!" Jazz exclaimed pushing himself up to his feet. "Ya know how much of a turn on those doorwings are for me!"

"I know," Prowl simply said but was giggling over their bond.

A wash towel hit him in the face a split astrosecond later making him laugh heartily.

"Well two can play at that game," Jazz harrumphed, snatching up a towel.

As the silver mech headed towards the shower he initiated the transformation sequence and all his battle armor slowly started to retract. Shifting. Sliding. Effortlessly breaking down to reveal the smaller mech's protoformed self. Short slender but powerful legs that gave him speed and agility. A somewhat broad chest framed with thick shoulders, biceps and forearms that were strong for scaling the sides of many buildings the saboteur had to infiltrate back on Cybertron. And small hands that knew just where and how to caress, poke, prod, feel…evoke…

Prowl felt his spark quicken and his interface systems heated up instantly. He opened his mouth to say something when he was startled by a high priority text message from Optimus that beeped loudly through his comlink system.

"Slag! What a mood killer!" Jazz growled.

"You got the message too?"

"Yeah," Jazz sighed, heading over. "Guess he and Elita will be busy for a while. She's the only reason why he'd not want to be disturbed if the world was exploding around us."

"Agreed. It is highly probable since Optimus was as filthy as me after the…incident," Prowl sighed, deciding to make good use of the wash towel by starting to clean his arms. He actually felt disappointed that the mood was broken.

"You haven't told me what happened yet," Jazz spoke softly, cleaning Prowl's legs and making sure to get in between the gaps. He knew how thorough his love was about hygiene.

"This mess on me is his fault. I swear this planet has turned him into a youngling at times! He blatantly disregarded my plan of action for dealing with the Decepticons and arrogantly ordered me to drop back saying that he could handle them."

"You didn't back off, did ya?"

"I'm second in command! It's my duty is to protect my Prime, even from himself at times. I sped up to cover his flank when he did this insane stunt I would have expected from Sunstreaker or Bumblebee! In the process smashed into my front bumper…which aches by the way…causing him to lose control. He was going over 100 miles an hour and was out of control fishtailing back and forth on the road."

"Chickens went flying. Eggs went flying…I got splattered with the majority of the egg slag. Then! To make matters worse, the fragging 'Cons start shooting at me! I reacted accordingly and shot back. You know I rarely miss, Jazz. But of all times to miss it had to be today. And in doing so, I destroyed a garbage truck that explode and sent garbage everywhere…well, mostly on Optimus. Then to top it all off, I got kicked from behind by a 'Con and landed face first in the garbage and laughed at by the fragger."

"The fragger being…?" Jazz inquired.

"The 'Con! I swear Jazz, I don't think I've ever been so humiliated and pissed off at the same time before. And with all the garbage and egg yolk crusted on me I feel like shit!"

Jazz arched his optic ridges in surprise of his bondmate's use of Earth profanity. He was really ticked off! Even his beautiful doorwings were trembling from his re-agitated state. Jazz quickly formulated a plan and acted…accordingly.

"Relax Prowler, let me ease that tension right out of ya," he purred, rising up. Prowl made a move to turn but Jazz put a hand on his hip suggesting he be still. "Shh, babe, relax. Don't move one nut or bolt. I'll take care of everything."

"Jazz, I…"

"Trust me," he whispered into his lover's audio receptor.

Prowl nodded. An astrosecond later he felt the gently rhythmic magnetic pulses slowly travel up his spinal column relays. The soothing pulses crept up to the base of his wing joints, teasing them into wanting more when Jazz moved his hand back down Prowl's spine. When the saboteur did the same thing again, Prowl let his sparkmate know exactly how he felt about his wings being teased over their bond.

"Sorry love," Jazz chuckled softly complying with his lovers demand.

The effect of the mag pulses was almost immediate. A loud moan sounded as the doorwings and shoulders of the black and white mech noticeably relaxed. A wave of contentment and pure affection flowed over their bond making Jazz smile, reciprocating the love and adoration he felt for Prowl.

Now with his lover in a compliant and relaxed state, Jazz gently maneuvered them under the hot liquid and began the ritual of bathing he rarely got a chance to do to his lover. Prowl was never one for long bathing sessions…not efficient with the work load he had to shoulder on a regular basis.

"Close your optics," he requested. "And let me do all the work."

Prowl complied then half smiled when he felt two wash towels gently kneading his helm. There was no rush, no sense of urgency in Jazz's hand movements as he worked his head, face and sensitive red chevron. Although Prowl could feel a subtle twinge of anxiousness from the silver mech over their bond.

The magnetic pulses started up again as Jazz working on Prowl's neck and shoulders. Again he moaned, feeling those knowing fingers of his love sliding beneath his shoulder armor. Prowl felt himself relaxing even more, even leaning into Jazz's touch.

Primus, it'd bee far too long since Prowl was this relaxed. He made a mental note to make sure he asks Jazz to do this at least once a month. Well…maybe twice a month.

A soft whimper sounded from Prowl's vocal process when Jazz moved on to washing his arms. The mech couldn't help it. The sound kind of formed on its own. As compensate, his spark was instantly caressed and soothed affectionately.

Prowl opened his optic covers to see a look of concentration on Jazz's face plates as he meticulously cleaned Prowl's forearm armor. His optics roved over the sleek protoform of his mate, making him sigh. It was times like this when he truly appreciated how blessed and lucky he was to have Jazz in his life. More so since his arrival on Earth shortly after the battle at Mission City where his bonded was killed. Prowl wasn't one to believe in miracles but when Ratchet was able to rebuild Jazz and bring him back, he believe anything was possible.

"So handsome…so beautiful," he whispered, the back of his fingers tenderly caressing Jazz's cheek.

The silver mech smiled, leaning into Prowl's affections, "You pretty good lookin yourself there lover. But I thought I told you to not move one nut or bolt."

"Oh…sorry," Prowl smirked, returning his hand to his side as Jazz started cleaning his chest armor.

"That grin there makes you look sexy. You should flash it more often," Jazz smiled, making Prowl laugh and blush.

"I'll make note of that," he replied then suddenly hissed and snatched Jazz by the wrist, pulling his one hand away.

"Slag, sorry babe!" Jazz said, quickly using his other hand directing a comforting mag pulses into the damaged armor. Prowl let go and started to relax again much to Jazz's relief. "Sorry, you did say it still hurt. Better now?"

"Much…thank you," Prowl sighed.

Jazz went back to bathing Prowl, being extra careful about the scrape on his chest armor. One thing Jazz couldn't stand was his mech in pain. Even a little pain. This was just a little pain but Jazz felt incredibly guilty for accidentally hurting Prowl. He loved the mech far too much.

"Shh, I'm fine Jazz," Prowl cooed, caressing Jazz's face again, staring at him with such warmth and affection.

Jazz nodded then smiled, "Let's clean that slag off your doorwings now."

Prowl turned around and presented his doorwings accordingly to Jazz. The silver mech loved this new appendages compared to the ones Prowl had back on Cybertron. This had more style and flare. And many times really showed the emotion of the black and white mech.

Still, they were sensitive and Jazz took great care whenever he dealt with them.

First he cleaned them both gently with the wash towels. Then he rinsed them off before applying Wheeljack's concoction. Whatever was in it definitely made Jazz's job easier as he was able to wipe away the sticky yolk residue with ease. However, the liquids ingredients wreaked! But Jazz wasn't about to complain since it meant he got to clean those beautiful wings again.

This time he gave Prowl a treat and was rewarded for his efforts.

Prowl's engine started to rumble softly while Jazz made delicate circular motions over the left doorwing with the wash towel, sending rippling mag pulses at the same time. The sound was somewhat akin to the satiated purr of a kitten which seemed to jump start Jazz's interface systems.

By the time he moved to the right doorwing, his process felt foggy yet he'd become acutely attune to the feel of the hot liquid spraying over them. The way the fluid flowed over and trickled down Prowl's wings and back armor. Then there were intermittent soft, gently touches from his lovers fingers the felt on his arm…his hand…his hip.

In his befuddled stated he didn't notice that Prowl had turned around and turned the solvent off. It was the sound of Prowl's transformations that lulled Jazz out of the haze some what to realize that his sparkmate had shed all his armor. Jazz was staring into the handsome face that only he was privileged to see. Before he could react, long slender strong arms pulled Jazz into an embrace.

"Thank you for the cleaning, Jazz," Prowl said, his tone dropping lower than usual, making Jazz go weak in the knees. "Now let me do something for you."

Jazz felt his spark whirl around in its chamber excitedly when their lips met briefly.

Prowl chuckled softly sensing his sparkmates excitement. While Jazz was bathing him he realized that the silver mech was always doing things for him. Little things, processor blowing things. Prowl was never one to be as spontaneous as Jazz but since arriving on Earth and researching the many ways humans tend to spice up their love life, he new now would be as good as time as any to try something new.

"What?" Jazz smirked as Prowl turned the water off.

"What do you mean what?" Prowl asked, feigning innocence.

"You're up to something."

"I just want to make love to my spark mate," Prowl countered, leading them out of the wash room.

"And…" Jazz said while his spark was probing at Prowl, trying to get him to confess what he was hiding!

Knowing he'd break any moment, Prowl kissed Jazz, forcing his tongue into his lover's mouth. Honestly, it was the only way to shut up Jazz and keep from talking at the same time. And it worked too for Jazz decided to drop it.

The two kissed each other passionately, caressing, stroking, fondling each other. Together they toppled onto the bed. Jazz thought he had the advantage when he pinned Prowl down. He thought wrong!

Prowl clutched Jazz by the aft roughly with one hand, even squeezed it making the silver mech cry out in ecstasy. Then used his other arm to roll them over, firmly pinned Jazz to the berth. His hips thrust aggressively at the smaller mech's over and over, repeatedly forcing their interface panels to grind against each other, doing anything to keep Jazz more compliant. He had to as Jazz was a rather aggressive berth partner, always the one to initiate, always the one give first before taking. It didn't matter if he was on top or bottom either.

"Oh…ok…" Jazz panted, between hot and heavy kisses. He was greatly aroused by such a show of dominance from Prowl. Normally they took turns being on top. It was Jazz's turn but Prowl was being rather insistent. "I can take a hint, Prowler."

"Good," Prowl grinned during one last kiss. "Now don't move. Allow me to do this for you."

Jazz raised an optic ridge at him, curious about what his sparkmate was doing. But he did as he was told wanting to find out because whatever it was got Prowl all excited!

"So…I'll just lay here?" Jazz questioned when Prowl leapt off the bed.

"Don't move!" he shouted over his shoulder.

"What a view!" Jazz whistled, seeing that hot aft disappear from their bedroom.

"PERVERT!" came the shout from another room.


Prowl's laughter filtered through their bond as Jazz lay there. While waiting he deactivated his comlink. He didn't bother telling anyone since he was off duty. They could leave him a message and he'd retrieve it later. He wasn't going to risk being interrupted with Prowl in such a good mood!

Thankfully, Jazz didn't have to wait long!

"Close your optics," Prowl said, leaning against the door jam with one arm behind his back.

"What you got behind your back, Prowler?"

"Close your optics Jazz," Prowl repeated slowly, dropping his voice.

Jazz trembled with excitement and quickly complied, anxiously waiting.

"Don't move," Prowl whispered suddenly so close to Jazz. "And no peeking."

The mech's spark fluttered wildly! He didn't even hear Prowl move across the room! And now his strong hands were on him, maneuvering him on the bed to whatever position Prowl had in mind.

"You're so beautiful…Jazz," he whispered, trailing his fingers enticingly up Jazz's chest.

"So ya are going to tease me to death," Jazz gasped, moving into Prowl's touch.

"I'm not the tease that you are. You know that," he countered, quietly attaching the maximum security restraint to the railing on the headboard of their berth.

Once that was done he left the other cuff open and grabbed the other restraints he brought and did the same thing with them. Then he gently straddled Jazz.

"Mmm, you're interface panel's hot, love. Let me do something about that," Jazz remarked, sending a heated passionate love surge over their bond while caressing Prowl's thighs, hoping to break his mate.

"Tempting but I have something else in mind for us today," Prowl shuddered, forcing himself to not give in. It was so tempting! Jazz had a way with those hands that almost made Prowl want to forget about his plan. Almost. "Give me your hands."

Jazz had that slag eating smirk on his face when he felt Prowl grab his wrists. Little did he realize that his sparkmate was about to perform one move he was most well known for. The double clicking sound and feel of metal around his wrists at the same time made Jazz open his optics in a flash.

"What the...?!" Jazz started, his processor still trying to comprehend just what the frag happened! He looked up to see maximum security restraints on his wrists and jiggled them thinking he was imaging things.

"Oh, you won't be able to get out of those," Prowl smirked, pinning his mate to the berth with all his weight, press his chest against Jazz's. "You helped me design those, to make them inescapable. Remember?"

Jazz's optics widened in surprise. Oh slag!

"Don't worry love," Prowl purred, kissing and nuzzling against Jazz's audio receptor. "I promise I won't bite…hard."

Prowl didn't give him a chance to think about it! He was all over him, bombarding all his mate's most sensual hot zones. Grabbing his small, tight aft. Nibbling on his sensitive neck. Slow, calculated pelvic thrusts designed to stimulate their already overheated extra sensitive interface systems even more.

The saboteur couldn't believe it! He was outdone! Not that he'd ever complain about Prowl as an interface partner. Primus, the mech was a very attentive and affectionate lover. It was always Jazz who suggested new ways of doing it. But this…this with the restraints never crossed his processor because he never believed that his Prowl would go for such a…kinky move.

And Jazz was enjoying every astrosecond of it. Kissing Prowl's face or head, whatever he could reach with his lips since he couldn't use his hands. His body writhed as much as it could and hips lunged up beneath is mate's.

Frag! Those restraints were too much of a turn on! Jazz could feel he was going to overload soon. Way too soon as Prowl was just getting warmed up!

"Prowl…babe…" he panted heavily, trying to hold of his impending overload.

"Yes, Jazz," he drawled out, nibbling affectionately on the silver mech's jaw, grinding his hips against his lover.

"You've…oh slag…Prowl…I'm about to overload here real soon. Like…any moment. And I don't want to yet. Not without you."

"Overload! Already?" Prowl asked in surprise, lifting his face up to see the strain on his sparkmate's face. Judging by how fast Jazz was panting he was indeed close to overloading.

"Oh yeah…you've done a superb job love and I thought I was going to give one processor blowing overload today," Jazz chuckled.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to over do it," Prowl frowned, stopping everything he was doing.

"No, no, no! Don't misunderstand me!" Jazz quickly said. "What ya did was...well ya totally threw me for a loop! I wasn't expecting it and it was great! I mean, everything you've been doing is truly wonderful and I've enjoyed it immensely. I would even love for us to continue and even do it again this way."

"But I haven't even finished."

Oh slag. Jazz realized he should have just kept his mouth shut! He was in serious danger of bruising Prowl's mechhood here!

"Jazz, I love you. I know I have…limitations. And…"

"Prowl, if those limitations were a hindrance in anyway I wouldn't have bonded with ya!" Jazz said seriously. "I love ya babe. I love that ya went out of your way to come up with this. And when it comes to our relationship, intimate or other, ya have never left me wanting more than what I've got right here in my arms…or more accurately draped over my hot body."

Prowl snorted, nuzzling his nose against Jazz's, shuttering his optics.

"Sorry, if I killed the moment there," Jazz sighed, more out of relief than anything. That was close! He almost blew it!

"You didn't kill it. I still want you," Prowl said bashfully, even blushing slightly.

"I'm all yours to do with as you please. You can even take the restraints off. And I promise next time to keep my stupid mouth shut."

"Deal," he sighed, reaching up and undoing the restraints, not taking his optics of Jazz. Ever the attentive lover, he pulled each wrist to his lips and massaged them gently. "They weren't too tight were they?"

"Nah. Next time maybe just use one set and loop it around before ya cuff me."

"Ok," Prowl chuckled. "So, where was I?"

"Doesn't matter…just frag me now!" he exclaimed pulling his lover's face closer for a deep kiss.

Their waned passion was quick to rekindle. Prowl picked up where he left off. Except this time, he could feel Jazz's hands caressing his back or even grabbing his aft every so often. Only once Jazz seemed stimulated up enough, did Prowl slowly move down the smaller mech's chest to the reminder and main reason for his actions in the berth today.

Warm lips ever so tenderly pressed against the start of the scar that stretched across Jazz's abdomen. Jazz flinched putting a hand on Prowl's head. This time Prowl sent a reassuring sense of love and affection over their bond as his lips trailed slowly along terrible scar that, to Prowl, took nothing away from the beauty of his mech.

"Every day since you were brought back to me is a blessing Jazz," he sighed when he looked up, resting his chin on his hand that lay flat on Jazz's stomach. "I've changed because of it. I swear the love I have for you now…it's too much…there are times I can't contain it."

"No Prowl, you haven't changed," Jazz smiled fondly, caressing Prowl's gorgeous face. "You're still the same mech I fell in love with. Here on Earth you have just let others see the mech I saw every day back on Cybertron behind closed doors."

"You mean I'm not as uptight?"

"No, you're still that," Jazz chuckled. "You're just more open with your affections towards me."

"Oh…like that kiss in the rec room?" he asked, resuming his affectionate kisses.

"And the way you grabbed my aft when we walked out of Optimus' off."

Prowl giggled, "I surprised you with that one. I thought you were going to jump through the ceiling."

"Hmm…that's the spot," Jazz suddenly moaned.

"Here?" Prowl smirked, sliding his finger around the panel covering Jazz's cylinder chamber just above his interface panel.

Jazz moved restlessly under Prowl's light touch, thrusting upwards, wanting more. A mech's cylinder chamber wasn't any where near as sensitive as a femme's interface port...unless damaged then it could cause pain to a mech's interface rod that rested just beneath it. Yet, it could be sensitive enough to bring a mech to overload if his interface systems were activated.

From experience…Jazz had one of the most sensitive cylinder chambers Prowl ever encountered, almost as sensitive as a femme's port.

"Stop teasing me," Jazz moaned, retracting the panel.

"Holy frag, Jazz!" Prowl laughed, when thick, warm lubricant crested at the rim of the cylinder chamber.

"I told ya I was close to overloading! Now…ahh…you fragger!"

Jazz moaned and squirmed as Prowl inserted two fingers into the chamber, making sure to slowly slide them firmly along the chamber's wall. The smell of lubricant and the sound of Jazz's pleasurable moans were enticing and the black and white mech felt his interface panel eagerly retract.

"Prowler…please," Jazz pleaded, one hand cupping the back of Prowl's head.

"My beautiful Jazz," he murmured, placing soft affectionate kiss on his stomach, another one on his chest until he was now hovering over his lover. "Anything for you."

Not wanting to make his lover wait much longer, Prowl reached between them and positioned his interface rod at the rim of Jazz's cylinder chamber then slowly started to slip inside.

"Ah…Prowler…" Jazz gasped.

Prowl moaned into the side of Jazz's neck, driving his hips, plunging his interface rod in deeper and deeper until he was in completely. The chamber was already so lubricated that Prowl's effortlessly glided in and out, slowly over and over. Everything else fell away from his senses and the only thing that existed for him was the mech beneath him and the sensual feelings coursing through his body.

Hot lips crushed against each other with a hungry passion. Desperate hands caressed, stroked, grabbed, and squeezed anything and everything they could touch. The soft metal skin of rising hips banged against the soft metal skin of downward thrusting hips over and over, quicker and quicker, hard and harder.

The saboteur loved this dance with is sparkmate. Whether in their protoforms or in their battle armor, they were always in perfect rhythm, always in perfect tune. Prowl's moans, gasps and cries were always such sweet music to Jazz's ears because he knew such sounds was only for his audio receptors and no others.

"Prowl…" he voice quivered, his overload was imminent. The sweet burning sensation of his interface systems was so close to peaking.

"I'm almost there Jazz," Prowl panted, thrusting harder…faster…grunting almost growling each time he pinned Jazz down roughly with each powerful jerk of his hips.

"I…frag…I can't hold back…"

Jazz suddenly let out a cry of pure ecstasy, arching his body hard into Prowl's chest.

"OH JAZZ!" Prowl cried out, collapsing onto his sparkmate as his overload ripped through this form right after Jazz's own overload occurred.

Affectionate lips somehow found each other during this moment of rapture and pure bliss. Arms and legs flexed then curled around the other's forms. The only sounds reverberating off the walls were their heavy breathing, moist kisses, and soft murmurs of love and adoration each held for the other.

"Wow," Jazz finally exhaled after they stopped panting.

"Wow indeed," Prowl agreed, planting small kissing on Jazz's shoulder, enjoying the feel of his mate's overheated body pinned beneath him.

"Ya blew my processor…and then some!"

Prowl laughed lifting his head up to look into Jazz's optics. He didn't need to see the happy face on his sparkmate for he felt it through their bond. But he liked looking just the same. It was like a reward for his efforts…a moment he treasured and savored after each interface or bonding session.

Jazz caressed the relaxed face of his love, his Prowler. The mech looked most beautiful after an overload for he wasn't bothered with his duty as second in command. At the moment he was just a mech in love and the only thing that mattered at the moment was the two of them.

"If you're going to lay on me all day I hope you have enough energy to do that again," Jazz smirked, playfully bucking his hips.

"Sorry," Prowl dopily grinned then slowly withdrew his interface rod from Jazz's cylinder chamber. Once all the way out, he flopped onto his back beside Jazz and glanced down at his interface rod. "Frag Jazz…I'm going to need another shower! I've got your lubricant all over me."

"I'm in the same predicament man!"

Prowl raised his head up enough to glance over and see the slick lubricant smear over Jazz's lower abdomen.

"Did you have to produce so much of it?" Prowl asked, laying back down.

"It's your fault for turning me on like that!" Jazz exclaimed, playfully slapping his mate's chest.

With Prowl's quick reflexes he grabbed Jazz's hand and pulled him onto his chest, then wrapped his arm around him, holding him close.

"And I'd do it again," he smiled affectionate, trailing a finger slowly down the contour's of Jazz's face.


"Anything for you, Jazz."