Freedom. The one thing I craved yet couldn't have. I envied the humans below, yes they were weak and idiotic but they had the one thing that I couldn't. They could decide their own destinies choose who they wanted to fall in love with, who they wanted to be friends with, heck they could even choose what they wanted to eat. I however didn't have that luck. I was forced into this existence, I can live forever but what do I live for. Not every vampire in existence is this unhappy however I've even heard of some vampires with families, people to care for them. I don't have that luxury I have a master who forces me to be with him. He has a hold over me something I can not explain, we didn't care for each other, he merely wanted my body and sadly I had no choice in weather I gave that to him or not.

"Isabella where are you? I have a present." My master called.

Its Bella how many times. I quickly got up out of my chair and ran to his room, whatever present he had would not be good. I stopped at the door listening, I could hear a heartbeat and a muffled whimpering. He brought a human. I opened the door and stepped forward. This was not going to be good.

"There you are Isabella do you like it."

No I hate it, and I won't kill him.

"Yes I love it, thank you master."

"Feed from it then and enjoy,"

The boy looked into my eyes, the fear was evident. Slowly I began to step toward him my mind had no control over my actions. I tilted his head towards mine as if I was going to kiss him, and then I bit onto his my neck, my teeth sank into his flesh. I could feel his warm delicious blood trickling down my throat quenching my thirst but I couldn't enjoy it. I tried to whisper comforting words in his last few minutes but my mouth wouldn't obey. I'm sorry I'm so sorry. His parents would never find the body never know how he had died at the hands of a hideous monster. And that monster was me. His body fell limply against mine; I gently laid him to the floor and then closed his eyes for one final time. My soul may be dammed to hell, but I still had a conscience I hated to see innocent people suffer but what I hated more was my master he made me do these things.

"Shall we," he gestured towards the bed. Vampires don't need to sleep so there was only one thing the bed was needed for, and I hated that more than killing innocent people.

He finally let me go when the sun went down. I went to the library to pursue my favourite pastime. I loved books more than anything else; they offered me the freedom I craved. I could be whoever I wanted to when I was reading. But today even books couldn't ease the guilt I felt, every time I closed my eyes the boys eyes were there judging me, but not just his the eyes of everyone I had ever killed were there. I needed to get out for a few hours. Of course I needed permission of my master first, that shouldn't be too hard I had satisfied him enough last night hadn't I? As if sensing my thoughts he walked into the library with a smile on his face. Perfect that meant he was in a good mood, I didn't want to dwell on what had put him in such a good mood.

"May I leave the house for a few hours master?"

"Of course have fun my darling,"

He passionately kissed me on the lips and then let me go. Well that was easy; almost too easy he would make me thank him for that later. I didn't care though I was free for a short time. I ran out of the house at vampire speed only slowing when I came to the edges of the city. Here amongst the humans, I felt normal I belonged here. The smell of so many humans blood didn't bother me I have never felt the urge to kill any of them, I've often wondered how long I could go without feeding. Obviously he wouldn't let that happen though. I could hear the joyous chants of football fans coming from the pub. They were happy why couldn't I be happy? Across the street a couple were kissing, the love coming of them was obvious. Why couldn't anyone love me like that? The wind started blowing carrying with it a beautiful scent. Another vampire, I had to meet him. I followed the scent and it led me to a large white house on the edge of the forest. It was idyllic there was a river running past the side of it. Ivy grew along the sides of the house, making it secluded. Why couldn't I live somewhere like this, my house was something straight out of a vampire novel, moats and all. The front door opened and I caught the scent again. Wow this vampire was beautiful. He literally was Adonis in human or vampire form. Every part of his body was beautifully crafted. He had messy bronzed hair, and his smile was wow. But his eyes were the most interesting a deep topaz colour, I could get lost in them but how were they that colour was there something wrong with him?

"Hello" he called out

If I had a heart beat it would be jumping out of my chest at the sound of his melodic wind chime voice.

"I'm Edward, you are?"

Even his name was beautiful, was every part of him this perfect. Wait no keep talking I need to hear your voice again. Then I released he was waiting for an answer, great now he thinks I'm stupid.

"Bella, Why are you eyes different,"

Well that was rude; I hated to admit it but with so many years locked up with my master some of his abruptness must have rubbed of. However he merely chuckled at this and replied.

"I live off the blood of animals."

"What…… you can do that."

"Of course we can."

I can't believe this he said there was another way, not that I had much of choice in the matter. It would have been nice to know I had options open though.

"So is there any particular animals you like to eat, I mean I can't really picture you chasing squirrels up trees."
"I can explain my lifestyle to you if you would like, if you would care to come inside," What he's inviting me in he actually wants to talk to me. I've never met anyone like him before.

"I'd love to."

He led me towards the house and offered me a seat in the living room. Along the back of the house was a large glass window. There was a jumble of large comfy looking sofas, facing a massive flat screen TV in the next room I could see a kitchen, I took a sniff of there air enjoying Edwards scent mixed in with that of the other vampires in his coven.

"Your … so light."

What's wrong with me I can hardly form a coherent sentence. Well that's to be excepted it probably happens all the time to Edward his eyes do dazzle me.

"It's the one place my family and I don't have to hide; we can truly be ourselves here."

Family, he said family not coven; they must have a good relationship.
"I wish I could do that, my house is so dark in comparison to yours, we truly go down the path of conventional vampires, and we even have a dungeon."

His face fell into a grimace. What did I say to upset him? Before I could ask my phone started to vibrate. Come home now. Even in a text he managed to get that tone of a direct order I couldn't refuse.

"Problem?" he asked.

"Ermm yeah I have to go sorry, my master calls."

He chuckled at that, he thought it was a joke. I wish it was.

"Will you come back?"

"Love to thanks, I didn't get that chance to learn about your lifestyle, bye Edward."

I took one last glance at his eyes and then quickly got up and ran towards the front door; only on my way out I was knocked over by another vampire that resembled a bear.

"Hi I'm Emm…"

"Sorry can't stop," I cut him off as I dashed out the door.

"What was that all about?" The bear asked Edward.

"No idea."

I couldn't help but notice the amusement in his voice as I sped out the drive. I found myself smiling because of it.