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"Alice seriously this is like the twentieth store,"

"Bella what have I said about trusting the psychic, the perfect dress is in the next store I promise,"

"Don't worry Bella you've had it easy I've had to put up with over fifty years of this," Rosalie giggled.

"Oh Bella this is it," Alice squealed holding up a scary looking blue dress.

"Alice not the biggest fan of dresses,"

"Please Bella I promise you, good things will happen in this dress,"

"Well I guess it couldn't hurt, but I draw the line at those heals Rosalie is looking at,"

"Relax Bella," she said "These are mine,"

"So are you going to tell me what this is about," I asked Alice when she had finally finished curling my hair. We were sat in her gigantic bathroom. After many tantrums and threats I had finally realised that was no point in arguing with Alice and Rosalie when there was clothes involved.

"Perfect," Alice said.

Finally she had finished.

"Now what?" I asked

"Go wait in the kitchen you will receive your next instructions in there,"

"I feel like a secret agent," I mumbled to myself as I made my way down to the kitchen. I noticed a note was pinned to the unused fridge.

Bella meet me at the river

Love Edward xx

What was all this about, was this Edwards way of trying to be romantic, because if it was this whole romantic thing was really turning me on. I had re-read that note over and over again and here I was waiting by the river for the love of my life to appear. I noticed a dear walking on the opposite side of the bank a dear with a bow on its head. Strange dears don't wear bows. Edward? I quickly jumped across the river and was at the dear in half a second, attached to the bow was another note.

Come to the meadow love, don't be too long I miss you

I could hear Alice's laughter at my confused expression coming from the house. Curious I took of towards the meadow, the hideously expensive dress Alice had put me in wasn't really designed for fast running vampires, apparently I looked cute in it though. As I arrived at the meadow I was met with the sight of Edward looking indecently handsome in a black tux. The black complemented his ice cold skin perfectly. I waved at him and he pulled out a bunch of freesias from behind his back and then placed one in my hair.

"You look amazing Bella; Alice did a good job,"

I wasn't so sure of that it had taken a few hours of torture for Alice to get me into this dress but if it put a smile on Edward's face it was worth it.

Edward gently put his hand on my cheek rubbing soothing circles on my face.

"Bella you are my life, you are the reason I exist I feel almost human with you. Before you came into my life I endured an endless night, but now it's an endless day because when you are in my life you light up everything, even the darkest of situations can seem bright and hopeful with you next to me."

"Edward," I said taking his hand, "I feel exactly the same,"

Those words coming form anyone else would look incredibly cheesy, but coming from Edwards sweet velvet voice they were romantic and alluring.

Edward slowly got down on one knee and pulled out a red velvet box from his pocket opening it I could see a diamond ring with red stones set in the centre, the ring matched Edward's personality perfectly. No he couldn't was he about to propose to me?

"Bella I know that for vampires marriage doesn't mean the same thing as it does for humans, but I want to tie myself to you in every single way possible. I want everyone to know that we belong together so Isabella Marie Swan will you do me the great honour of marrying me and becoming Isabella Marie Cullen my wife."

I was speechless, I new what Edward felt for me but this just confirmed it, Edward really wanted to be with me forever and I wanted it to. Edward was the love of my life my soul mate and to repeat his words I wanted to tie myself to him in any way possible.

"Yes," I wanted to say something really soppy and romantic but I knew that I would probably embarrass myself if I tired. He grinned my favourite crooked grin before pulling me into a hug and kissing my forehead, he began trailing kisses down toward my lips, he rested there for a few seconds before he moved down to my jawbone. When he kissed me in this loving manner, I completely lost any rational train of thoughts. If this is what his kisses were like I can't wait until we do the deed.

"I love you," he mumbled into my neck.

"I love you more,"

"Really, shall I show you just how much I love you Bella." Edward said teasing me with his lips against my jaw bone. I don't know how long I could wait until we were fully together, I wanted Edward in every part of me.

"Bella love," Edward said reluctantly pulling away from me, "You know what we have to do when we get back."

I was worried now because something worse than William was waiting for us at home. And that something worse came in an annoying pixie shape.

"Alice," I said

"What do you wan to do about her,"

"It would just be easier if we let her have her fun wouldn't it,"
"Bella don't let her bully you if you don't want something tell her,"

"Edward its fine really as long as our family is with us I don't care."

I pulled Edward back towards me enjoying this small bit of peace before we had to go home and face the others.

This was it give me bloodthirsty vampires any day. I room full of vampires watching me and an extremely girly wedding dress was officially my worst nightmare. Alice had forced me and Edward into going the whole shebang. The wedding was to be held downstairs in the living room because since I had no family there weren't going to many guests. That didn't stop Alice going into full pixie mode, she had planned the whole wedding and the way she was going on it sounded like some hideous celebrity wedding. I silent knock on the door pulled me from my thoughts.

"Come in," I called.

Carlisle and Esme walked through the door, Esme looked stunning in a long golden dress, and Carlisle wore a suit and tie to match it.

"How are you feeling?" Esme asked.


"Bella," Carlisle chuckled "of all the things to be nervous about."

"We wanted to give you this," Esme said handing me a small package.

Inside the package was a beautiful necklace, hanging on the delicate silver chain was the ornate Cullen crest. Alice must have seen this because she had given me jewellery to match.

"Here let me help," Carlisle said taking the necklace from me and fastening it around my neck.

"Thank you," I whispered.

"No thank you Bella," Carlisle said "You have made our family complete, the changes in Edward this past year have been amazing,"

Carlisle pulled me into a hug giving me a gentle squeeze on the shoulders.

"You'll be fine," Esme said.

They both walked towards the door as Alice came in holding a bouquet of flowers.

"Carlisle," I called before he went downstairs

"I wanted to ask, well I don't really have any family here today and well you you're like my adopted father. So I was wondering if well you would give me away."

"Bella I would be honoured, thank you," Carlisle said pulling me into another hug.

"Here," Alice said handing me the flowers, "You better not ruin your dress between now and walking to the altar."

"Jesus Alice," I laughed "Any one would think you're getting married,"

"Shall we?" Carlisle asked as he took me hand and we followed Alice out of the door.

Downstairs I could hear Rosalie playing my lullaby on the harp. Around me I could see the faces of the smiling Cullen family and the Denali's whom I had met yesterday. I could smell Freesia and other flowers which decorated the side of the chairs; the aisle itself was covered in white rose petals. Alice truly was amazing. I refused to look up at Edward because I knew I would be incapable of walking or speaking for that matter when I saw his face. As we neared the Altar Alice took the flowers from me and Carlisle placed my hand on top of Edward's. I still get that jolt of electricity running through my body as he touched me, it was a feeling I hoped would never leave me. My eyes slowly trailed up from the floor past his Italian shoes, up to his beautifully sculpted torso, and up to his deep topaz eyes, I swear I could feel my heart beating again as I looked into his eyes.

"You...Beautiful," I said unable to string a proper sentence together again.

The ceremony had started but I wasn't listening to any of it I was too busy getting lost in his deep eyes.

"Bella your up," Alice whispered.

"Sorry can you repeat that," I asked the vicar as silent chuckles broke out form the audience.

"The vows," he said slightly amused.

I started to recite the vows that I had wrote myself, we though that the normal vows just weren't right for the level of our commitment.

"I Isabella Marie Swan, take you Edward Anthony Mason Cullen to be my husband my partner and my one true love for the rest of eternity. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward in this life and the next; I will be by your side eternally." I said as I place the ring on Edward's finger

"Edward," the Vicar said.

Isabella Marie Swan from the moment I first saw you, I knew you were the one with whom I wanted to share my life. Your beauty, heart, and silent mind inspire me to be the best person I can be. I promise to love you for eternity, respecting you, honouring you, being faithful to you, and sharing my life with you. Words like I love you can not begin to describe the emotions I feel for you. So I Edward Anthony Mason Cullen give you my heart for the rest of eternity in this life and the next," Edward said placing the ring on my finger.

Before waiting for an invitation Edward leant in to kiss me.

"You may now kiss the bride," the vicar sighed "No that you needed it.

"Hey love birds haven't we got a party to go to, preferably before I barf,"

"Emmet how long has Edward had to put up with you and Rose now shut up I'm kissing my husband." I said before leaning back to kiss Edward. My husband.

"Shall we Mrs Cullen," said Edward taking my hand and leading me back down the aisle.

One day later me and Edward were completely alone on a private Island just north of Brazil. After the best night in my existence, I was sat on our bed gently running my hands through his hair. I was content to just sit here in my angels arms. The future looked perfect. In September I would be accompanying the rest of the Cullen Kids to high school, I was looking forward to learning more about the world I had been kept hidden from for almost all of my life. And the best thing was I had so many new experiences to live and even better was that Edward would be by my side for all of them.

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