*All characters and original storyline are (C) Fruits Basket author, Natsuki Takaya*

Chapter 1: Together

"Have you got everything?"

Tohru looked up to see Kyo's concerned face. She looked over to the house and stared thoughtfully at it for a few seconds.

"Yes. Everything is in the van," she replied slowly. Her throat felt thick.

"Alright then." Kyo took her hand and led her to the van. "I guess this is goodbye…," he said, as they sat and stared at the empty house. Tohru's heart felt very heavy all of a sudden.

They sat quietly for a while, overwhelmed by the memories that took them. Faces of everyone - the faces of people she loved flashed through Tohru's mind…Shigure, Kagura, Akito, Momiji, Yuki…the faces of her family.

"I can't believe we're going. It's…it's so sad." Tohru buried her face in Kyo's neck.

"Me, too." He wrapped an arm around her, and reached over with the other to shut the door. "But I'm glad we're together."

As the tears left Tohru's eyes, she felt a great happiness burst inside her. Together. We're together. And for an instant, the pain of leaving, the lonely feeling in her heart was softened as the van lurched away into their new world of together.