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The next morning, a mutant turtle named Leonardo awoke in an alley behind an office building. He was a bit disorientated, but otherwise alright. To his left was another mutant turtle, this one going by the name Raphael. The two seemed fine, if a bit dizzy and of course confused. Hearing their names, the two looked up to see two more mutants coming from the back door to the building.

"What happened?" asked Raph.

"I'm not sure," Donnie replied. "Mikey and I woke up a few minutes ago and found you here. The Battle Shell's over there –" he pointed to their right. "Completely out of sight, just like we decided to go camping or something in a doctor's office."

"Where is everyone?" Leo asked.

"Gone," Mikey said, shrugging. "It's like a complete ghost town in there. Like there was no one in the building for years."

"She left?" asked Raph. "What about…?"

"I used the truck's onboard computer to look it up," Donnie said. "City workers are probably there, mowing the whole place down."

Raph wasn't sure he understood any of this. Slowly, he turned to Leo, hoping the leader had some thought. Leo just looked back at him, more confused than anything else…

"And that's what happened?" asked April. The group had made their way from the kitchen to the living to set up for their movie. In the process, the guys began telling the red-head about the adventure that had gotten them grounded.

"Well," Donnie replied. "I can't confirm or deny anything that the others experienced while I wasn't there…"

"Nor can we confirm or deny anything that happened with Donnie outside of our involvement," Leo added.

"I wouldn't know," Mikey replied. "I was drugged."

"But that's…essentially…exactly what happened," Raph finished.

"Especially about Karai's ass."