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It was very familiar, Gibbs decided, gazing over to the front of the room from his seat in the middle. The nervous group of probies were stood at the sides, waiting to be issued their teams and certificates.

It was with record timing that Tony joined NCIS. Most recruits spent about two years getting ready before applying; he managed it in one. He was stood over towards the front, twisting his hands together as he glanced towards the podium that the director was about to speak at. He forced himself to look away, and instead looked towards Gibbs, and grinned.

Gibbs smiled back and felt a hand entwine his. He looked over to his wife and smiled. Jenny had stepped down from being the director of NCIS last year, and had been his wife for the past three. Tony had been best man at the wedding, making an inappropriate speech and shoving his new step-mother's hand so Gibbs got cake all over his face. It had no doubt been one of the best weddings he'd had.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy to say that today, we recruit some fine agents, in the hopes that they…."

Gibbs tuned out of the speech made by the new Director, Vance, as he'd heard it thousands of times before. There were only three times he cared to remember what happened at these things. The time he joined, the first time Tony joined, and this time. Except now, Jenny was recording it on a camera, so he could focus on his son rather than the proceedings.

He remembered the first time fondly. He'd found this cop at a crime scene being chased around by his superior for taking pictures of the witness (Who had been extraordinarily pretty). The potential he'd seen had been too good to waste, and as soon as their joint case was finished, Gibbs offered him a job.

That time the ceremony had only been slightly different. Gibbs had been resting at the back, his arms folded, feeling a grim satisfaction at seeing a new probie make it. There had been pride, but mainly with himself for making such a good choice. Now though, he felt so full of pride he wasn't sure what to do.

He was about to start fidgeting when he felt a gentle hand on his arm.

"It's about to start." Jenny whispered, knowing her husband wouldn't be listening to the 'unimportant' bits.

He smiled and looked towards the podium, where the first of the probies were going to receive their certificates and their team leader.

Tony stepped up, and Gibbs felt even more pride than he thought was possible. As Tony shook the Director's hand, he looked at his parents and beamed, breaking the trend of the others, which was to leave the stage as soon as possible before everyone started watching.

But no, Gibbs chuckled; Tony had to do things his way. He watched as his son went down and met his team leader. After begging to not get McGee he was given Johnny. Although he failed in being professional by grinning and ruffling Tony's hair, Gibbs knew how good an agent he now was.

The ceremony soon ended and Gibbs and Jenny finally stood up - camera now safely in Jen's bag – and made their way over to where Tony was stood.

He accepted a hug from Jenny, squeezing her slightly in his happiness. Gibbs had been worried for months before and after asking her to marry him, in case Tony reacted badly. He needn't have worried, as Tony had grinned as brightly as Jen when asked and gasped "Finally!" and was excitedly planning the bachelor party.

Tony now looked over to Gibbs and beamed, "Bet you didn't think I'd make it."

Gibbs chuckled, "It was a close run, kid, I'll tell you that."

Tony smiled at him, and wasn't at all surprised when he was pulled into a hug by his father.

"Well done, kiddo," he whispered in his son's ear. "I'm so proud of you."

Tony pulled out of the hug and grinned at him, "Thanks, Dad," he was about to say something else when Johnny walked over to them.

"You had better take good care of him, Johnny," Gibbs said, deadly seriously. "If you break him, you should run."

"He'll find you even out of the country as well, Agent Tyler," Jenny added helpfully. "So maybe it's best if you make sure nothing happens to Tony."

Johnny laughed, "Do you know this kid?" he asked. "Even if we lock him up in cell he'll still find trouble somehow."

Gibbs nodded, knowing it to be exactly true, and glanced over to where his son was talking with a group of other new agents. It looked like he was organising a movie to be screened in MTAC when the Director was away at a conference coming up, as he had 'connections'.

And after all these years and multiple times, he hadn't really grown up at all.

And Gibbs wouldn't have it any other way.

The End

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