This is a random one shot I wrote out at college during our horrible presentations!! So my only warning is, is that there's mostly dialogue…and I did try to find a way of putting in some narrative with killing my story. Please believe that. Perfect Pair, and Fuji's whims.

I only wrote these two fics because a plot bunny attacked me, and we just finished our final major project at college, so i was going mad with joy and couldn't defend my self! Thus, my two PP fics were born...darn.

Disclaimer: If I owned PoT…the GP would NOT be split Q-Q

Morning practice and as usual Fuji Syuusuke was stirring something up. This time it just happed to involve a certain stoic buchou, who was currently watching the practice matches being held. With a small change in that everlasting smile, Fuji came to stand beside him.

Several minutes past, and Tezuka's eye began to get that irritated twitch.



"Stop that,"

"Stop what, Tezuka?"

Tezuka suppressed the urge to roll his eyes, and glare at the tensai; eye twitching, again.

"Thirty laps around the court."

"Saa…Mitsu's mad," smiled Fuji, innocent as ever.


Lunch came around and once again Fuji was not finished with his mind games, purposely seeking out the bespectacled boy where all the regulars had gone to eat lunch outside. He smiled brilliantly and plopped himself next to him, legs crossed on the grass.


"Hn," was Tezuka's irritated reply, irked at the way he was addressed.

"I love you."

"…" The sound of the regulars freezing, and the twitch in their buchou's eye as his patience wore down, echoed across their area.

"Saa, is something wrong?"



"Thirty laps around the building."


This time Tezuka was expecting it. What ever the tensai said next he was ready for, completely, but it didn't stop the never ending twitch of annoyance that plagued the brunette. Possibly it was because of the close proximity of said tensai, standing too close to him.

"Saa, Tezuka?"

"Fuji." He acknowledged.



"Ne Mitsu, let's go on a date!"

The twitch of annoyance resurfaced, fully gaining its revenge as Tezuka mentally scolded himself, now completely distracted from afternoon practice.


"Fifty laps Fuji."

"Hai, Mitsu."


Finally the end of the day had come. Every one was leaving the school, happy to be going home to play their latest game, or sulking form the amount of homework they had received. In one person's case he was happy to have done his plot of the day, successfully irking his favourite buchou. So pleased in his thoughts, the honey haired boy didn't notice the person coming up beside him.


"Hm…Ah, what is it Mitsu?"

"…" Tezuka seemed to be thinking.


Tezuka sighed, and stared at the boy, debating internally.

"Ne, Mits- mmph!"

So now here stood Fuji, completely shocked with his back pressed up against the wall, the older boys lips claiming his.



"Hm…so it's like that."


"Mm, Mitsu's a good kisser."

Tezuka wanted to complain at the evil twitch continuously haunting him, or maybe it was just the smirking blue eyes in front of him that caused his nerves to be tested,

"Twenty laps Fuji."

"Of course Mitsu."

Read and Review…or flame if you feel necessary. It was a spur of the moment thing…and believe me, it was much shorter than this originally! Thank you for Reading this failure of a fic XD Ah what has my writing become...i blame my lack of writing for my ability to tell a story vanishing. Damn.