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The brunette inwardly sighed and put down the article he had been reading. "Fuji?"

The shorter boy stood by the table, smiling as per usual, but looking exceedingly awkward as he shifted about. He frowned deeply before turning and walking away, leaving Tezuka alone in the kitchen.

The older male shrugged it off, pinning it down as one of Fuji's odd days and picking the article back up. He was all set to start reading again, when the sound of fast footsteps re-entered the room and a still frowning tensai sped in, giving of a flustered aura.

Tezuka sighed, usually he would ignore the childish vents that the younger boy would have, but in this case he knew he had no choice but to ask.

"Fuji, what's wrong?" He asked, mentally steeling himself for what ever might come.

"I can't find it," was Fuji's simple declaration.

Tezuka didn't really want to know what it was, but he felt the only way to solve this problem, was to know what it was. "What is it, Fuji?"

"...Hm? is... Hm," Fuji broke off, searching around the room taking up his concentration.


"Hm? Ah oh right,' Fuji spoke, suddenly remembering his dorm mate had asked him a question. "It was somewhere around here...I know I had it a few moments ago."

Tezuka's nerves began to twitch as the blue eyed boy before him still disregarded his question. He watched as Fuji made his way back into the kitchen, looking in the sink and in the cupboards, opening draws and even looking under the table where he sat.

Suppressing a groan, Tezuka was about to open his mouth again to get some form of explanation from the hazel haired boy, but when he looked up to do so, he found himself staring into a pair of very cerulean eyes.

"Ne, Tezuka you stole it," Fuji said, flat out accusing him.

Tezuka blinked, not quite sure what to make of the accusation. Heck, he didn't even know what it was!

"You stole it all along Tezuka," Fuji declared, frowning and leaning in closer to the confused male.

"Stole what Fuji?" Tezuka managed to ask, barely suppressing the need to kill the boy.

With a quick smirk Fuji leaned forward and pressed his lips briefly onto his stoic friend. "Why, my first kiss of course. Te-zu-ka."

Tezuka blinked at those victorious eyes and stood up, his stoic features showing no emotion or thoughts as he stepped towards the tensai.

"I'm not the thief here," he spoke, before leaning down and returning the favour.

Without another word Tezuka left the room to get ready for college that morning, leaving a flustered and shocked Fuji standing in the kitchen, grinning like a cat.

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