Author's Note: Hello, sorry it's been so long, i've been doing exams and art coursework but here is a short but sweet chapter :)

Chapter 15 Katie

Once inside, tears stained my cheeks, my jaw wavered to stop me bawling and my heart- strings were taught as I fell against her for support. I just wanted to stay away from everyone apart from Alex and I wanted to love her without fear or judgement from others. I think she knew what I wanted as she stroked my hair, curling it between her fingers. I felt like a baby as she steered me into the kitchen took out a bucket of ice cream and fed me a couple of spoonfuls, before putting it back again, hoisting me into her arms, and she carried me up the stairs in silence with my legs dangling over her left arm and her right supported my head. She didn't need to say anything because she knew as she tucked me into bed and slid in from the other side, wrapped herself around me to keep me warm and let me cry it out.