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There had never been a time when I don't remember being at King's Cross Station on September first. I suppose the tradition began when we all came to bid Teddy farewell before he departed for Hogwarts, Victoire the next year, Dominique the next, and so on and so forth. Every year the Weasley's and Potter's would all meet up at Platform 9 and ¾ to say goodbye to the growing amount of children that would board the train for Hogwarts. Every year I watched with a bit of jealousy as my cousins left to spend ten months at Hogwarts. The wonderful place where all of our parents had had the time of their lives, where my parents and Uncle Harry had met, and where my parents had fallen in love.

But soon enough it was my turn. That summer-along with Albus-I received my letter. Mum and Aunt Ginny had taken both of us shopping in Diagon Alley. All of it seemed surreal to me at the time. Because finally, finally it was my turn to step aboard the Hogwarts Express and journey to the place of so many wonderful stories. After all these years of daydreaming I was going to create memories and stories of my own.

I still remember the feeling of rightness when I gripped my wand for the first time (10 ½' dragon heartstring). Or when I picked out my cat-then a kitten-Dobby. But the thing I remember the most vividly was when Mum and I walked into Flourish and Blotts and bought my very own set of school books. Because it was then that I first laid on eyes on him.

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