Just a short little thing; Jacob and Leah. :)
no. no i really don't.

Where were you
when everything was falling apart?
All my days
were spent by the telephone
that never rang
and all I needed was a call
it never came.

I lay, curled up in the middle of this damn forest, once again. I wondered why he was even here with me. Why should he waste his time with a bitter, evil bitch like me? He had everything; a home, friends and her. He wasn't alone like me.

'Jacob Black, why are you still here?! You were never here for me before; why now?!' I hissed.

He sighed, and his eyes fluttered.

'Go back to freakin' Renes-tard; you don't need to be here.'

'I know. But I want to be here.'

I sat up in surprise; not because of the fact I had gotten a half-way decent answer out of him, but because of what he had said.


He chuckled.

'You really don't know, do you Lee?'

'Know what?'

His voice dropped to a barely audible whisper.

'I didn't ask for this. Any of it.'

'Looking after me?' I joked.

'The imprint.'

His eyes were sad, his voice harsh. I felt my heart tremble as I looked at him. He wasn't Jacob. He was a broken remain of what used to be.

'It's forced. This bond- it's unbreakable. You can't imagine how hard this is. You're actually lucky, Leah.'

I barked out a harsh laugh, and stopped abruptly, seeing his pained expression.

'It's all false.' He said, softly.

'This moment?'

'My love for her.'

And our lips collided.

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