Word Count: 200

Prompt Word: Dry

Extra: sorry this is so late just I have about a million exams at the moment! Especially sorry to PA Davis, it's late but a present nevertheless :D

January was cold and bitter, a thick frost blanketing the landscape and their breath turning to white mist as they exhaled.

"Hey Sam, check it out," Dean grinned, peering through a gap in the trees.

Sam sighed but grudgingly followed his brother; wanting just to head back to–


"Exactly," his brother's smile widened in triumph, staring out at the iced-over lake in front of them that glistened like white crystal. "I knew Geekboy would like it."

"Think it'll hold–"



Dean shivered spasmodically in a cocoon of duvets and jumpers, his lips blue and skin frozen. Covering him with another blanket, Sam began towel-drying his brother's soaking hair, frightened by his silent compliance and wide-eyed, far-gone stare.

"S-S-S-S'mmy," Dean stuttered through chattering teeth, body jerking violently like a puppet on a string, "'S cold," he murmured.

"I know," Sam replied, wrapping his arms around his brother from behind, holding his convulsing body firmly against his. He needed Dean to warm up, dammit.

Dean turned his head to look at Sam, surprise and disappointment gracing his features and his green eyes darkening softly.

"W-When-n d'you get... s-s-so big?" He grumbled, looking up, "Little b-b-brothers' 'meant t-t-to be little, S-S-Sammy..."