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The full moon shone through a window to illuminate the small room in a silver light. The white walls made it even brighter. Little dogs and cats painted along the edges of the walls ran and played. Stuff toys were neatly placed to one side of the room next to the toy box. Two small child size book cases sat under the window with a light oak rocking chair beside it. Everything to raise a child was neatly organized on the opposite side and in the very middle of the room where the moon light was the strongest stood a dark wooden crib. A little mobile hung over the head piece.

A small child with baby soft dark black hair was nestled in the warm cotton blue sheets of the crib. Its little head turned to the side, chubby cheeks went into red puckered lips. Little hands curled up into little fist rested on either side of its head. Its skin glowed an ethereal cream from the light. Dark thick lashes lay against the rounded cheeks.

In all his entire life he could not compare anything to this moment. This was truly his best birthday present he had ever received. Not only because he was a father but now, he had someone to share this day with. Gently picking up the baby so as not to wake him Itachi held his son in his arms. He quietly went over to the rocking chair and sat down. He marveled at the feel and joy he got just from holding his boy. This innocent child he created. This sweet child that his beloved wife brought into this world was his gift.

Hana weakly made her way to the nursery for she knew that was where her husband would be. Everything had happen so quickly that morning that she didn't realize it was almost over when she woke up. She had everything planned to give Itachi the best birthday. They would have a wonderful family dinner, presents, and then they would go for walk through the park like they use to when they first started out but all that changed when her water broke; not giving her much time to lay down on their bed before the contractions started. They were so great she thought she would die and Itachi being Itachi didn't dare move her.

He had immediately called his sister-in-law over and many tiring hours later she had given birth to a son in their moderate size home. Knowing Sakura her sister-in-law she thought it safe to leave the mother and child at home for now but would come by to check in the next day. The next day that wasn't too far way but the looks of it.

Hana smiled as she looked into the nursery to see her husband in the rocking chair holding the baby. A ghost of a smile on his lips, his dark eyes lifted up to her as soon as he felt her presence. He smoothly stood up and gently placed the child down in its crib again. He glided over to her, his arms instantly wrapping around her waist, he helped her over to the crib so they both could gaze down at the life they created. She wrapped her arms around him as well and tiredly rubbed her cheek against his chest. "Happy Birthday my beloveds," she whispered softly. Itachi responded with a slightly squeeze. "Don't forget to make a wish," Itachi smiled down at the woman in his arms and kissed the top of her head before resting his own on hers.

If I had just one wish

Only one demand

I hope he's not like me

I hope he understands

That he can take this life

And hold it by the hand

That he can greet the world

With arms wide open

With arms wide open (c) Creed

Naruto(c) Kishimoto

Being one of Itachi-kun's biggest fan-girls I couldn't not give him a gift fic^^

This actually came to me this morning when I was driving on my way to class when this song started playing on the radio. I love this song and the band so I thought this would make a good ItaHana fic.