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The young woman carefully circled her opponent. Just because he was the ten year old prince of the land, it did not mean that he could be underestimated. He definitely took after his father when it came to fighting. Watching carefully she watched the young man's two daggers for any sign that they were coming at her. Smiling she decided to make the first strike.

Raising her sword she brought it down with an over head strike attempting to surprise him, but he swiftly side stepped her attack and countered with one of his won, swinging with one dagger and kept the other resting on her sword. Ducking under his slash she spun around and tried to slash back at him. Even though the young man was only ten years old he definitely held powers that belong to a seasoned war veteran.

"Iris, that is enough my daughter."

Turning Iris saw her mother, General Beatrix come out into the practice yard. "You do not want to actually harm the young prince do you?"

"Aww no worries there Beatrix," Asher said before she could open her mouth, "my dad would not spar with me today, so I asked Iris here to give me a little practice, plus she did not even manage to land a hit on me. And we have been fight for at least half an hour now."

Beatrix turned to her daughter. "Is that true Iris, you have not even managed to land a hit on the Prince?"

Iris lowered her head. Somehow she always felt inferior whenever he mother was in the vicinity. "I am afraid that it is as he said mother. I have not touched him yet. Although I have been holding back some to prevent the Prince from sustaining any injuries."

Asher looked at her shocked. "What do you mean, you have been holding back on me Iris, come on, how the hell am I suppose to get better if you keep on holding back on me."

Iris put her sword away and bowed to the young prince. "If you will excuse me your Highness, but I must continue onto my studies with my mother." And with that she turned and left, leaving a stunned young man behind her.

"Oh come now Asher, pick your jaw up off the floor. Your mother and father would like to see you. There are matters of state that are accruing and you should be present to learn." The general explained to the young prince.

Asher let out a groan. "Oh come on, do I have too. It is all boring."

"I know it is your highness, but you will one day rule this land, as amazing as it sounds, and you will need to learn how to rule."

Placing his daggers back he started to walk towards the assembly hall, only to be halted by the general once again. "I do hope that you do not plan on wearing that to the assembly do you, your highness?"

Asher looked down at his cloths. They were dirty and torn in a few places because of the practice. He let out another groan, he knew what he had to wear, but the nice cloths that he had were extremely uncomfortable. He deeply missed the times when he and his father would leave the city and go exploring out in the forest or surrounding area. But now that he was older he was expected to attend certain civil events as they were called.

Once he reached his room he changed into something nice and entered the assembly hall. Hopefully today would not be as boring as most of the other meetings he had gone too.

On another world two other ten year olds were practicing their own fighting. Rain and Shanna Lionheart were practicing their own fighting styles in a secluded area of the training center. Rain had taken after his father and was using a gun blade. Many people said that he took after his father to an extreme degree and had the capability to become one of the best SeeD's ever, perhaps even better than his father was.

Shanna however was a different story. She took after her mother, perhaps a little too much. Her secret that was kept from all students at the garden expect for her friends and their parents, was that she was a sorceress. While her powers were still developing, she was incredibly strong. The two siblings always practiced out of the way of everyone else to prevent her secret from getting out.

"Hey Rain, Shanna you two in here?"

Both stopped what they were doing when they heard their father call from somewhere in the Training center. "Yes father," Rain yelled out, "we are both down here."

Soon enough their father, the commander of the Garden, Squall Lionheart. "How many times do I have to tell you two, do not go into the Training Center unless you have supervision. What would happen to you two if you ran into a T-Rex huh? Your mother would kill me if she knew you two where down here."

Shana lowered her head. "Sorry dad. But we do not have anywhere else to practice. I do not want anyone else finding out about me."

Squall walked up to his daughter and knelt in front of her. Placing his hands on her shoulders he looked her square in the eye. "There is nothing wrong with you Shana, and you have no reason to be ashamed of what you are."

Shana shook her head. "But father, everyone says that sorceress are bad. I do not want to be bad."

"That is not true Shana. Your mother is a sorceress and she is not bad at all. All you need to do is be yourself and everything will be alright. Understand?"

The little girl nodded her head. "Yes father."

"Good, now both of you come on. We have a charity banquette to go to."

Rain moaned. "Oh dad, do we have to go. Those things are boring."

"Yes you two do have to go, but you do not have to stay the whole time. Now come on, it is time for us to go." Taking each of his kid's hands he led the two young kids out of the training center.

Asher wished that he had the power to just disappear. He absolutely hated this. Sitting in front of dozens of rich people watching them stuff themselves while complaining about how bad the lower classes were. He hated all of these stupid nobles. But the even worse part were all the stuck up little daughters of those rich folk who were trying to get his attention.

He swore, those hussies could have a strong breeze go in one ear and out the other. They had absolutely nothing resembling a brain in their heads.

His parents did not seem to recognize how much he hated this. They were both sitting off to the side chatting with Regent Cid. "Hello Prince Asher," another ditzy young lady said strutting up to him, "would you do me the honor of dancing with me this evening."

He slapped his hand on his forehead. Great another one. Let's see how well she takes it then. "I am sorry," he said, "but I am afraid that I hurt my ankle sparring today and I do not wish to dance." Hey that went pretty well; perhaps I should try that line more often.

The young woman however saw this as a gold opportunity. "My Prince, you must be more careful, there is no reason for you to take such risk like that. Would you like me to treat you wounds for you?"

Damn I should have known that this would have back fired on me. "I think I hear my father calling for me. It was nice meeting you." And before she could say another word he quickly walked off, trying to lip a little for effect.

Once he was safely away he leaned against a pillar. Damn that was too close. "You know, your ability to turn women down has a lot of people questioning if you even like women or not."

The voice of his best friend caused him to jump away from where he was leaning, and sure enough there was Iris wearing her polished armor. "Come on Iris, you know better than anyone that. I love women, it is just that those women out there are dumber than a bag of rocks and you know it."

The young warrior nodded her approval of his comment then turned to look out at the dancers still on the floor. "Do you ever get the feeling that something bad is about to happen?" She asked the prince.

Scratching the back of his head he looked at his best friend. "Sometimes I do. But those feelings usually warn me if some dumb lady wants to dance with me. Why what are you feeling?"

The warrior shook her head. "Sorry prince, I am not sure, but I cannot help the feeling that something bad is about to happen to us."

"I trust you Iris. Besides when the two of us team up, who can beat us? Now if you will excuse me, I think that young lady over there is looking for me so I gotta go and hide better. See ya."

And with that the young prince took off towards the window, using his tail to grab onto the railing he swung out onto the ledge above the window and gazed out at the twin moons. I do have a feeling of something bad going to happen. He thought. But it will not be tonight, or tomorrow. No, what I am feeling is still a few years off into the future.

Unbeknown to the young prince however, a man was standing up on the top of the castle looking down at him. "Good Asher. Never lose that instinct that you have. It will definitely help you in the future. But for now, grow up and enjoy your child hood. For a dark future awaits both you and another." Then the man jumped off the castle into the darkness of the night.

Shana hid in the corner of the room watching while others all around her danced with happiness. Even her brother was on the floor. But not her. No one would care to ask her to dance. She so badly wanted too, but no one approached her.

Looking out into the crowd she saw her mother and father on the floor. It was hard to imagine that her father use to be the cold hearted person everyone said he was. Whenever he was around mom or her and Rain he always had a smile on his face.

But looking at her parents gave her some hope. Her mother was a sorceress and had been for a long time. And not once had she ever gone even the slightest bit berserk with her powers. Her mother theorized that it had to do something with her having a knight. Her father was her mother's knight. If all it took to keep her powers under control was that she had to claim a knight, then she would grab the first person she saw and make him her knight.

However he mother said it did not work that way. You do not pick you knight out of a group of people. When the person who is suppoose to become your knight, you will know it right away. There is only one knight out there for her, and she had no idea who he was.

"Would you care to dance little one?"

If someone asked her to explain what this man looked like the next day, she would not have been able to tell anyone. She forgot what he looked like as soon as she saw him, and that is exactly what the man wanted. No one can know who he is.

Reaching up she took his hand and he led her to the center of the floor and started to do a dance that she had never even heard of or seen before, but somehow she could do it without problem. While the two were dancing the mysterious man started to talk to her. "I know what troubles you little one. You are scared of your powers aren't you?"

She pulled back from him and looked at him with surprise. No one knew she was a sorceress so how the hell could he? "You have nothing to fear from me little one. I am just a messenger on this one. I wanted to tell you not to worry. Eventually everything comes out the way that you want it too. One day you will meet your knight. And he will be one of the last people you will ever imagine. But to gain him the both of you are going to have to go thru many trials together. Do not fear. Put your trust in him, and allow him to trust you, and you two will make it out fine."

And with that the man started to walk away from her. But before he could get very far she reached out and grabbed his arm. "Wait, tell me who you are?"

The man looked at her. "I am sorry little one. But the time for you to learn that bit of information is far off in the future. Just know that I am not your enemy. I am here to help you. Now all you need to do is convince the others of this fact."

"What do you mean by that?"

Shaking his head the threw a 'Nothing' over his shoulder before he quite literally disappeared in front of her. Who the hell was that, and what the hell was going?

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