Hey everyone, in the fact that my muse for 'Binding the Broken' and 'Mirrors of Day' is missing in action, I write a small KisaHina Hurt/Comfort/Tragedy two-shot. Let's see if it helps get my other muses working.

The inspiration for this was from the songs I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie and the other depressing songs on my iPod. Plus, I've had a basic idea for this plot in my head for a while…

Disclaimer: Kisame and Hinata would have met in the canon if I owned Naruto.

Hinata rested her hand against the cool glass, her eyes glancing over the village from the view of her hospital window. Her hand lingered for a moment before she pulled it back, looking at the frosty imprint her hand had left on the glass in the chilly October weather.

Hinata hesitated for a moment before she opening the window, closed her eyes, and let the cold breeze flow through her hair and sting her skin. She inhaled softly and opened her eyes when one scent stood out among the rest. Lilacs. Hinata felt tears prick at her eyes as the smell unearthed a memory, making her ache for the man that the scent reminded her of. "Kisame…"

As a few silent tears slipped past her cheeks, Hinata reached up to close the window when someone stopped her, wrapping their arms around her waist while an unmistakable baritone voice whispered soothingly into her ear, "Don't cry on my behalf, angel."

Hinata swallowed her tears as Kisame pressed his nose to her hair and inhaled deeply before kissing the top of her head. His grip loosened and Hinata took the opportunity to turn and hug the blue haired man, who held her gently in response. One large, blue hand found its way to her face and cupped her chin while Kisame lovingly kissed her on the lips, only breaking away to wipe away one of Hinata's tears, "You know I'll always find you, where ever we end up."

Hinata could only bury her face into Kisame's chest, while gripping Kisame's shirt in tiny fists. Kisame lightly pulled her hands away from his shirt with his own and waited for her to look up at him, "Smile for me, 'K?"

Hinata cleared away the rest of her tears and managed a half-hearted smile, not necessarily a happy one, not necessarily a sad one. Kisame smiled softly in response before turning away making Hinata reach out for him…

Hinata woke up with her arm outstretched towards the ceiling, searching for a non-existent presence. In a second the memories came flooding back, reminding Hinata why she was in the lonely hospital room.

She and Kisame had been attacked by a group of Konoha shinobi; they acted under the façade that Hinata was Kisame's hostage and had a plan to escape by threatening her life.

Someone managed to attack from above and knock Hinata unconscious before the plan could follow through.

She woke up later in the deathly hospital room.

That had been a week ago.

Hinata refused to let her self cry and turned towards the window, her expression hardening only to break a few seconds later when Hinata caught sight of a small bouquet of flowers resting on the window sill.

Hinata slowly sat up and turned, the cold floor showing no welcome to her feet as she took a few shaky steps towards the window. Her hands carefully touched a blooming flower, tears welling up in her eyes. Lilacs. The tears began to flow freely and after a moment Hinata noticed the small sprig of blue flowers mixed within the lilacs, forget-me-nots.

Sinking to the ground, Hinata pulled the vase to her and embraced it, drops of cool water mixed with her tears as she found herself finding it harder to stay awake. Her eyes closed and a single sentence wavered in her thoughts as she let her hold on everything else fall away.

"Smile for me, 'K?"

Her breathing became shallow as she managed a small smile, her last breathe carrying the name of a criminal that held her heart, "Kisame..."

Sakura opened the door Hinata's room with one hand, the other occupied with holding a vase of roses. "Hey Hinata, I have news, they caught that Monster Kisame Hoshigaki and are interrogating him now, plus you got some roses from-"

Sakura froze and the vase slipped from her grasp; glass, water and flowers fell to the floor.

Her hands went up to cover her mouth before she turned and ran down the halls screaming for Tsunade.

Kisame swallowed drily, blood welling in his mouth. His breathing was ragged, each breath not taking in enough oxygen for his bleeding lungs. Konoha's interrogation team had been torturing him for 10 hours now and Kisame could feel himself getting closer to blacking out every moment.

Knowing his luck, he was finding it highly likely that he would die here.

In a dark room with two ANBU operatives who seemed content with causing him excruciating pain and an infamous interrogator.

Lucky him.

One of the ANBU stepped forward, preparing the shock Kisame again with a painful lightning-based jutsu when there was a solitary knock at the door. Another masked ANBU entered and handed Ibiki a small note before leaving again. Ibiki read the note quickly before glancing at Kisame, "Feel proud of yourself, Hoshigaki?"

Kisame's voice was hoarse, but it did stop him from managing his trademark grin "Why would I be proud of myself?"

"You're to blame for the death of an 18-year old girl." Kisame's halfhearted grin dropped completely.

"What-?" Kisame cut himself off when Ibiki spoke again, "Hinata Hyuuga died two hours ago."

Kisame was rapidly finding it harder to breathe, "She..died.."

His voice had gained a new tone and before Ibiki could only narrow his eyes at the reaction before Kisame collapsed against his restraints, welcoming every inch of unconsciousness.

He stopped breathing soon after.

And in an ironic sense, he was right about dying in that room.

Shizune frowned, looking over the test results while Tsunade examined the two corpses with a clouded expression. "It looks like Hoshigaki succumbed to his injuries… but the only conclusion I can think of for Hinata is that she stopped breathing while in a state of unconsciousness."

Tsunade nodded and spoke again, "It's ironic in a sick way."

Shizune remained silent as Tsunade covered both corpses with a sheet, who mumbled to herself as she did so, "Love can be a poison or a cure it seems."

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