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Soleil paused, brushing a strand of ivory hair out of her face before taking another sip of her mocha while she listened to her friend Esen chat away about her last class. Esen was the closest thing Soleil had to a best friend, though she was more like an older sister to the dark haired girl than a friend considering their families had been close since they were children and Soleil had grown up with Esen and her two brothers, Ender and Haluk.

"Anyway, you won't believe what we covered in class. Ninjas. It was sooooo interesting, there are all these myths about shinobi using human energy, like chi, to be able to do things that shouldn't be possible, it's crazy what people back then believed in huh?" Esen said smiling, her favorite subjects were history and physics, an odd combination, but it made it so every time she got to talk about both of them she was more social than her usual silent and serious impression would give off to other students, "Imagine being able to walk up walls and breathe fire because you could use chi as a energy source, it's such an interesting idea."

Soleil giggled, her laugh like soft bells, "Esen you should figure out how to make it possible, we could learn how to walk on water or something."

Esen smiled but it fell quickly, "Someone would have done it already if it was possible, if they really could do all that stuff then their secret was probably lost a long time ago."

Soleil got up, pushing her chair in at their small table at the café, "I'll go buy you something to cheer you up."

"Wait you don't have t-" Esen's sentence was cut off as she watched Soleil stubbornly walk away, she sighed at the girls stubbornness before gaining a half hearted grin at Soleil which quickly turned into laughter as she watched Soleil trip and fall into the guy before her in the line.


Soleil however wasn't finding the situation very funny.

She had been walking toward the line to order when right as she was about to stop behind a tall, dark haired man she tripped on what she deemed to be her own feet. As she was falling forward, knowing in dread what was about to happen her only thought could be summarized to:

"This is karma for my past life or something"

The next few seconds were confusing and happened very quickly, the man who felt only part of her weight hit him turned only to have her full weight collide into his chest. The man could only let out a surprised yelp before they both tumbled to the floor in a heap. The café's normal chatter died away for a couple of seconds as the other customers observed the scene in amusement before going back to their own worlds, leaving the sound of chatter and Esen's laughter to mix into comfortable background noise.

Soleil opened her eyes and tried to how exactly she ended up on the floor her disorientation turning to horror as she realized she was spread across the chest of the dark haired man, who was looking at her with a bemused expression. She looked up and regretted doing so immediately when she realized the man was looking at her, his confused expression changing not to annoyance as she expected but to amusement.

Soleil jumped up quickly, nearly falling down again as she did so, her face heating up to her unique beet-red blush her friends teased her about. "I'm s-so S-sorry"

The man just laughed, his smile turning into a sideways grin as he stood up again and brushed himself off, "It's no problem, you just surprised me a little."

Standing up, Soleil finally got a good look at who she had knocked over. The man was tall, standing at least a foot above her and probably just in his early 20's. Just from his arms being exposed by his short sleeve shirt she could tell his was toned and strong. His face wasn't beautiful but still extremely handsome with his strong, square jaw and straight nose. His eyes themselves were crystal blue and his hair was jet black, spiking up against gravity.

Soleil's face being even a darker shade of red, and she became aware of her pounding heartbeat.

"Though, I wouldn't have expected such a pretty girl to be a clutz."

She blacked out after hearing that.


Soleil regained consciousness to find herself laying on a worn couch in a cluttered pale brown room, the shelves surrounding the room covered with stacks of books and CDs with an occasional stray piece of paper lying on the bare wood floor.

"Looks like princess woke up."

Soleil turned to see the man and Esen sitting at table each with a cup of tea in front of them, the steam still floating lazily out of each mug. Confused she sat up, glancing around the room. "Where are we?"

Esen took a sip of her tea before setting down the mug, "You fainted in the café; your friend here was nice enough to allow you to stay on his couch a block away until you recovered."

Soleil's face heated up again and she stood up bowing quickly, "Thank you for your kindness. I'm feeling much better; we should leave as to not burden you more."

The man laughed again, his voice deep and friendly, "You're a very polite guest. It's not bother to me, quite the opposite actually. My day has gotten a lot more interesting thanks to you."

He then waved her over and pulled up another chair before standing himself, disappearing into the next room to reappear with another steaming mug of tea. He set it before Soleil and smiled. "May I know the name of such an interesting girl? Esen told me a little about you but failed to mention it."

"Soleil Han, and may I know yours?"

"Isaac Erős, it's a pleasure to meet you, Soleil."

"It's funny, I feel like I've met you before though."

Isaac chuckled, "Maybe we knew each other in a past life or something." His smile reached his eyes and said more than he was aware of.

'I missed you, angel'

Soleil smiled as well, "Possibly, in that case it's nice to see you again."

'I missed you too, but now we're together again.'

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