AN; In the next chapter you will find an explanation. For the love of everything holy and good READ THE AN FIRST!!

Elite; Selected as the best among others.

Since 1951, a secret subsection of the U.S. government has been doping soldiers with performance enhancers. These soldiers were selected due to their genetic background and abilities in the field. The government continued this process, using the soldiers for whatever the government needed and placing them in strategic areas in the U.S. army. It went well, but in 1979 they began to experiment with genetic manipulation.

In 1982 they perfected the formula and the first soldier was born into the world and he excelled at every task he was given. They began to make more, enough to build an enormous army, using surrogate human mothers. These soldiers were cloned at birth and the original was taken home with their parents. The clone was taken to the facility and trained, then when both were 6 they were switched, the original taken and molded into drone ready and willing to fight and die for their country, the clones taking their place, until they were 18 then they went back to the facility. Codename for this operation was The Elite Project. Codename for the drones was The Elite. But then they made a fatal mistake.

In 1990 they tweaked the formula again in one subject, made to surpass her peers she was supposed to be pure perfection, the ultimate Elite. But she wasn't, she wasn't beautiful and she had wings. She was considered a failure even though she surpassed every Elite by far in every task. She became too strong and too smart, she and her unit escaped in 2006.

They are still on the loose and regarded as traitors to the government. They are known as the rebel unit.

That's us all right. My sisters and I, personally I think Rogue unit sounds way cooler, but that's just me. Anyway, what you just read is pretty much true, my sisters and I running because we don't want to go back. It's our choice, our lives, our bodies and our minds. None of it belongs to the government nor will it ever. But they don't see it that way so this is our story. Enjoy