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All too soon it became time to go home and fix dinner for Charlie. It was easy enough, too easy. I'd never be the one to do this domestic crap. Too much animal in me, none of them built to be domestic.

I bade Charlie goodnight and climbed the stairs to my room. I was curious to see whether or not Edward would be dropping by again this evening or if it was just a one-time thing. I didn't particularly mind his presence, he was quiet.

Unfortunately the night passed in a haze of boredom. No Edward. I sighed regretfully as I pulled my clothes on, strapping on a gun.

Beast was in the driveway, faithfully awaiting me. I grinned and unlocked the glove compartment, and was happily greeted by the gun I had stashed away. Nothing seemed touched. Good for Seth.

I arrived at the school and was besieged by the ridiculous humans. Jessica was getting a kick out of the 'fainting spell'. I rolled my eyes, human minds, so easily amused. I longed to speak to someone with more than half a brain.

The puppy said nothing about Edward's involvement with the incident.

"So what did Edward Cullen want yesterday?" Jessica pestered in Trig.

"He never got to the point." I was tempted to say he professed his undying love for me just to see what would happen. I had a feeling her head would explode. As it was she flipped her hair over her shoulder and I could smell the envy rolling off her. I bit back a grin. Deal with it human.

As we entered the revolting smelling cafeteria I couldn't help but hope Edward was there by some miracle. No such luck, his brother Emmett was missing as well. The remaining Cullens sent me wary glances. I bit back another grin and pulled myself back towards the conversation going on around me.

It was filled with plans for the weekend to go to La Push. The puppy was placing his faith in the weatherman this weekend, he had promised sunny skies. I couldn't help but be skeptical.

The irritating blonde girl, Lauren seemed to make it her mission to see if she could glare me to death. Watch it girly, I've broken Elite faces for less than that.

"-Don't see why Bella-" My name was sneered as if it were dog shit "- doesn't just sit with the Cullens from now on." The puppy opened his mouth but I cut him off.

"Because then I would miss the chance to get a tan from the glare coming off your very shiny nose." She turned to look at me and for a moment I allowed a shadow to pass over my face to terrify her. It worked, the fear poured off her like a waterfall. I smirked and decided I no longer needed to remain. As I exited the room I caught the sound of choked off laughter coming from the Cullen table.

That night Charlie was supremely excited for my trip to La Push. He smelled like guilt, I guessed it was about leaving me alone so much. Didn't bother me that much I preferred to be alone anyway.

He knew all the kids going tomorrow, big shocker. I hate small towns. I wondered how he would feel about my plans with Edward, except he would never find out. Speaking of Edward.

"Dad, do you know anything about some place called Goat Rock, near Mount Rainier or something?" I put on an innocent expression.


"I heard some kids talking about going camping up there."

"Don't know why. Too many bears, most people go during hunting season." I shrugged and filed the information away for later use.

"Must've gotten the name wrong then."

As I ran through the silent forest that night I pondered what Charlie had said. Bears? A thought flickered through my head; maybe he eats them? It's a possibility, you never know.

I trained for a few more hours than meandered towards the cliff. I could smell the sun rising.

I settled down, dangling my legs over the edge and leaned back on my hands as the colors streaked across the sky, painting it a vivid red, then blue and pink. I'd started cherishing the sunrise when I had realized that any one might be the last one I would ever see.

I stayed until the sun was completely risen then ambled the 10 or so miles back to Charlie's place.

Newton's Olympic Outfitters was on the north edge of town. I'd seen it but never stopped there before, didn't seem important. The puppy's Suburban and Tyler's newly acquired Sentra were parked with people milling around them. I exited Beast and locked her tight, slightly uneasy about leaving my truck unattended.

Lauren and some girl I'd tripped over were shooting me dirty looks. Keep it coming girlies, I'm sure there's a cliff you can 'fall' off of.

The puppy was excited to see me. I resisted the urge to pat him on the head.

"You came." I could almost see the tail wagging.

"Said I would."

"We're just waiting on a couple people. Unless you invited someone." I invited the one of the few people in this town I like and he isn't here. What do you think puppy?

He looked like someone gave him a treat.

"Ride with me? It's that or Lee's mom's minivan." I nodded, biting back a bored sigh. Yay, a crowded car full of smelly humans, somebody pinch me, or kill me.

I heard the huff of the girl behind me. Jessica was not happy.

Fortunately for the puppy and Jessica numbers worked in my favor, I wedged her between the puppy and I and she was happy. Puppy looked like he'd been kicked. Boohoo.

The ride was short but I liked it well enough. Thick dense trees and a wide river coated my vision. It called to my instincts.

The beach was gorgeous; I had a very vague recollection of it. Something in me screamed at me to run into the waves and swim. I yearned to walk onto a cliff and dive off. I could suddenly feel my wings straining against the harness and my skin. I called my body back to order as the puppy chattered, picking up wood and tucking it into the teepee shape for the fire. He pulled out a cigarette lighter and I smirked as it refused to light. I was doing shit like that when I was 6.

The clicking noise was pissing me off so I grabbed a couple of rocks, shoved puppy out of the way and used the rocks to bring a spark to light expertly. I sat back and noted the awed expressions.

"Girl scouts." I lied and allowed my cheeks to flush. Jessica sat down next to the puppy and claimed his attention and I watched the blue and green flames rise towards the sky.

A little while later, some of the guys formed a pro hiking group to go see the tide pools. I wanted to see them so I waited until Tyler and Eric had volunteered to stay behind with the other girls who couldn't hack it. Wimps. I'd hiked miles of places like this in bare feet, get over it.

Keeping up appearances I picked my way through the forest carefully. After we emerged through the trees to the pools I settled down on a large flat rock, despite the fact that I could leap to any of the others with the guys. I was quietly entranced by the creatures in the natural aquarium below me. The ocean breeze whipped through me and I sniffed the salty air appreciatively.

Eventually the humans got hungry so I headed back with them and allowed myself a fall or two in the forest.

When we returned there were a bunch of people from the reservation there, teens coming to socialize. I sat down next to Angela as Eric introduced us all.

She was quiet and I respected that, no need for mindless chatter.

A little while later clouds occasionally blocked out the sun and I was left with Lauren and Tyler, who were quite busy and myself. I closed my eyes and inhaled the scents around me.

My nostrils flared as I picked up someone next to me.

"You gonna sit down or what?" I asked without opening my eyes.

"Thanks," A weight settled down next to me on the log.

"You're Isabella Swan right?" I opened my eyes to stare at the boy next to me.

He was young it was easy to see.


"I'm Jared Black." The name triggered a light memory that was like grasping at soap bubbles.

"Billy's kid?" I took a shot in the dark.

"Yeah. You bought my dad's old truck."

"I should probably remember you." Blame the government since I don't remember.

"Nah, it's okay, you would probably remember my sisters. Rachel and Rebecca." Names didn't even strike me.

"Yeah, hey thanks for the truck." He grinned.

"I should be thanking you, my dad wouldn't let me start building until the old one got sold."

"You know what they say about one man's trash." He laughed.

"So you like it? Even though it's slow?" I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, Slow is occasionally good, she's built sturdy.


"Yep." I glared at him as he opened his mouth again, then he thought better about it.

"You know Jared, Bella?" Lauren's tone was insolent and I turned my head to look at her. Obviously I hadn't scared her properly yesterday.

"We've known each other since I was born." No we haven't, that was a fake me.

"I was just saying to Tyler it was too bad the Cullens couldn't come."

Her pale, fishy eyes narrowed, giving me her nickname; henceforth she was fishface. I scanned the shoreline. There was a large cliff that was fairly close. If I pushed her off it wouldn't kill her. Paralyze her maybe, but not kill her.

"You mean Dr. Carlisle Cullen's family?" A tall guy spoke and he looked more like a man than boy.

"Yeah." My tone was wary.

"They don't come here." His voice was final, but there was an implication behind it. Like Edward and his finally weren't allowed. Curious, I cocked an eyebrow and took a deep whiff of air as I pulled his scent in my direction. Wolf, mixed with human. I ran my eyes over him quickly, no signs that he'd ever been in a lab or anything like me. So why did he smell like wolf?

"So has Forks driven you insane yet?" Jared's voice broke my reverie.

"You have no idea," I spoke the words with a grimace. Not like I wasn't already there.

Something in my brain clicked and I came up with a plan, all I had to do was turn on the charm. I wanted answers about the Cullens and something told me this guy had them. I took a deep breath pulled up every bit of animal magnetism I had.

"Wanna take a walk with me?" I almost purred the words, dropping my voice a few octaves. His eyes glazed over. The older boy turned to look at me and I refused to back down from his stare. I won't hurt him, I just need answers and this is how to get them. Seeming satisfied the older boy backed down, respecting the alpha predator in his midst.

"So, you're what 16?" I asked Jared as we walked.

"15," he confessed, sounding flattered.

"Thought you were older," it was true.

"I'm tall for my age."

"So you come to Forks often?" I purred the words and he shook his head regretfully. I was sorry I had to trick him but I need these answers, besides it was better than bashing his skull.

I'm not attractive physically unless I truly work for it. I have to pull out every bit of feline I've got and step into my animal mind just a little to make it work. So that's what I was doing now.

"I will once I get my license and my car fixed." He spoke the words bashfully.

"Who was that guy Lauren was talking to?" I asked.

"That's Sam, he's 19." I nodded; time to go for the kill.

"What did he mean when he said the Cullens didn't come here?" I put on a face that rivaled that of a kindergartner.

"They really can't come here." He confirmed.

"Why not?"

"Not suppose to say anything about it." He's hooked; time to reel him in.

"I won't tell anyone." I bit my lip and glanced up through my lashes. His eyes flickered; I'm in.

"Do you like scary stories?" I grinned. I doubt anything you've got could scare me.

"Love 'em." He led the way to a natural bench made out of driftwood. We situated ourselves and he began to speak.

"Do you know any of our old legends?" I shook my head.

"According to legends Quileutes are descendant of wolves. It's against tribal law to kill wolves." I nodded. Was it possible Sam was a werewolf? It definitely explained his scent.

No, my rational mind rejected, werewolves don't exist. But then again, I'm straight out of a science fiction novel, or a conspiracy theorist's head.

"Then there are the stories about the Cold One's." His voice dropped again. You have my attention.

"Yeah, you'd call them vampires. Some of the legends are as old as the wolf ones. According to one of them my great-grandfather made a treaty with the Cullens." He stopped. God, getting this out of you is like pulling teeth, except I've done that. Usually with a good right hook but all the same, get on with it.

"Your great-grandfather," I encouraged.

"Basically the idea is, the Cullens don't hunt on our lands or harm humans and we don't reveal what they are, to the palefaces." He gestured to me with his chin. I grinned back, now that I had what I wanted I was in a better mood.

"I just violated the treaty." He said with a smirk.

"I'll take the secret to my grave." I promised, which shouldn't be much of a wait.

"Seriously, don't say anything to Charlie, he'll say something to Billy, then I'll get into trouble."

"I won't say anything." I swore.

"So, do you think we're a bunch of superstitious natives?" I laughed and shook my head.

I detected people heading toward us and I turned my head, catching sight of the puppy and Jessica walking towards us.

"There you are Bella." The puppy waved an arm over his head.

"Is that your boyfriend?" Jared asked, I rolled my eyes as the jealousy stench came off of the puppy.

"Nope." The single word said it all. I winked at him and his heart rate shot up.

"So, when I get my license..." He hedged.

"Stop by and see me." I finished.

The puppy and Jessica had reached us by now, eying Jared the puppy seemed satisfied by his obvious youth.

"Where have you been?" I jerked my chin up at his tone. Watch your tone puppy, I may put you in the vet's office.

"Does it matter?" I asked coolly, arching a brow. The puppy backed off.

"Guess not, we're packing up and we're ready to go. It looks like it's going to rain." I nodded, I could smell it.

"It was nice to see you, again." Jared's voice was taunting. I smirked and waved as we walked away. I pulled up my hood as a few drops fell, making black spots on the rocks where they landed. We piled into the cars and I climbed into the back, saying I'd already had my turn at shotgun. As everyone chattered I sank quietly into a haze as I forced myself not to think.

I told Charlie I had homework to do then I was going to crash to assure he wouldn't bother me for the rest of the evening. I leapt out my window and towards my clearing. I moved as fast as I could for a few minutes, the trees rushing past me at a fast clip as I noted every detail of the leaves. I grabbed a tree branch and pulled a move that would've made an Olympic gymnast pea green with envy.

Finally I ended the wild run on the cliff, perched on the edge as I contemplated what Jared had said.

Vampires and werewolves, 2 of the fears that had invaded the human psyche for a long time. Were they real? Was it even possible? I rolled the word around in my mouth, vampire. Then I fit to the picture of Edward in my head, his bright golden eyes, and Elite beauty, something about him set my animal instincts on alert. A silly mental image came up; myself in some silly gauzy black dress lying on some couch as Edward, dressed in black, leaning over me, lifting me effortlessly, attaching his mouth my pulse and sucking. He drew away, my blood leaking from his lips. I found the image oddly pleasant; I have a warped mind.

For hours I sat, whirling the images and words around in my mind. I knew Edward wasn't human, but if he was a vampire, what then? I considered my own status.

I was a 17 year old ex-soldier/murderer on the run from the U.S. government who wanted nothing more than to brainwash me into killing more for them and do things no human should ever have to consider doing.

What right did I have to discriminate against him?

I settled on it, if Edward was a vampire, then he was a vampire.

So he was different, I couldn't help wondering if he was as good a fighter as he was handsome.

I couldn't wait to talk this over with him. Maybe that was the kinship I felt with him. He was a predator just like me, except I was made from science, he from nature.

I pulled out my cell phone, toyed with it. I could call Luc; tell him about my discovery. But then again, for some very strange reason, a small part of me insisted on keeping this big finding to myself.

So for now I would keep it quiet. With a regretful sigh I pulled away from the cliff and headed home, making it a very lazy jog.

When I arrived Charlie was already gone. Fine for me. I walked up stairs, flipping on my computer and loading up the Internet. Finally I pulled up a good search engine and spent the next couple hours researching vampires. They weren't all bad.

Hollywood seemed all wrong, vampires didn't sleep during the day and only come out at night. I'd seen Edward walk around during the day. Then again, people usually assumed the government wasn't doing genetic manipulation on unwilling subject and forcing minors to murder innocent people.

I heaved out a massive breath and flicked my computer off. Edward, my friend the vampire. Had a nice ring to it.

I spent the rest of the day working on a paper that was due Wednesday, and rereading my favorite books. Boy am I thankful for those super smart, genius genetics. Not.

Instead of climbing out the window and running around again I settled down in bed, content to soak up the warmth of my blankets and reread an old favorite. I listened to the sound of the crickets as I flipped through the old story of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy fighting off packs of zombies and declaring themselves.

A little after midnight my ears picked up sounds outside that didn't belong. I slowed my heartbeat down and took a deep breath, Edward. I moved quickly, laying my book face up on my bedside table and settling myself under the covers, facing the window.

Sure enough a few minutes later he was there, climbing in the window like he belonged. I made a snuffling noise and shifted. He crept closer to me. I could almost feel him touching me and I heard his head turn as he examined my palms, the faint scrapes were barely there and would have taken a few more hours for a human to heal from them.

"I missed you," his voice was soft, human ears wouldn't have picked it up. Hesitantly, oh so slowly, his cool hand brushed my hair back, then repeated the motion. I bit back a grin and could not resist pushing into his hand just the tiniest little bit. It felt so damn good, his stroke was light, as if he feared I would break from too strong a touch. If anyone else had touched me like this I would've destroyed them but I got where he was coming from now.

He was a vampire and as such he was far more use to being the stronger person in the room. He like everyone else here had no way of knowing that my bones were reinforced. He treated me like I was delicate, and I kind of liked it at that moment.

I heard him pick up my book and chuckle. Yeah, you'd think I'dve had enough carnage in my life but there was just something, so damn funny about prim and proper Elizabeth Bennett kickin' zombie ass and still having time to ignore Darcy.

It was a peaceful way to spend the rest of the night. I smelled the sun rising soon though and Edward sighed.

"I won't see you today." He muttered the words and I bit back a sigh myself. Damn, stupid me wanting an intelligent conversation. He disappeared out the window and I waited 10 minutes before climbing out of bed and getting ready for the day, but I couldn't stay mad for too long. The sun was out again, I was so tempted to ditch school. I wanted to spend the day laying in it and rolling around, maybe paw at some sunbeams. That would be my feline DNA coming out to play. I grinned and grabbed my jacket, as I walked out the door, slinging it over my arm instead of wearing it.

I wore a clingy black hoodie that was unzipped and I rolled the windows down as I drove down the road. I arrived at the parking lot early and opened the truck door, climbing out and walking to some benches, pulling out my book and sitting down. I delved back into the story. I heard Edward arrive near me and resisted the urge to turn around and wave at him. As it was I resumed reading and began to notice when people pulled into the parking lot but I ignored them. I pretended to be startled when the puppy walked up to me.

"Hey Bella." Hi, boy, were you a good boy yesterday, did you want a treat? Let's go get you a biscuit.

"Mike," I greeted the puppy with a nod.

"Great day isn't it?" I nodded.

"The best."

"I never noticed, your hair has red in it," his hand grabbed a loose strand and I couldn't hold the low snarl back. I heard the sound of a tree being ripped out of the ground. Let it go puppy or I will gnaw that paw off with my teeth.

"Only in the sun." He tucked it behind my ear and I almost snarled, again.

"What did you do yesterday?" Figured out that one of our classmates is a member of the undead.

"Finished the English assignment." He whacked his forehead with his hand, don't do that puppy, here let me do it with a rock it'll beat some sense into you.

"It's due Thursday right?"

"No, Wednesday."

"That's not good, what'd you write yours on?" He frowned.

"Whether Shakespeare's treatment of female characters was misogynistic."

"Oh, guess I'll have to work on that tonight, I was planning on asking you out." Never have I been more thankful for homework. I picked up a low growl coming from behind us and another loud snap. Christ Edward, obvious much? "We could go out and I could work on it later?" His smile was hopeful.

"Mike." I forced myself to have a gentle tone. "I don't see you like that, we're friends." His face fell. Suck it up puppy, you're alive, get over it.

"Besides, it would really hurt Jessica's feelings." The puppy was curious.


"Mike are you blind or deliberately oblivious?"

"Oh." He said and I nodded with wide eyes before taking advantage of the bell.

"That's the bell, can't be late again." Stupid puppy.

When I saw said girl in Trig later she was bubbling with excitement. She, Angela and Fishface were going shopping for dresses. They wanted me to come even though I didn't need, nor want one. I told her I would talk to Charlie about it. As the human babbled on I wouldn't lie and say I wasn't wishing Edward were there. But I could hear him outside if I focused. It was a dull day.

As soon as I walked in the door at Charlie's Jessica called. I did my best to project happiness as she wildly exclaimed at her dinner date with the puppy. But as I hung up I remembered that Ben had loved the sun as much as I do. Quietly I ambled up the stairs, heading for the floorboard that held my stash of weaponry and the photo. I knelt down and pulled it out, my fingers lingering gently over the photo that showed our first happiness in over a decade.

I stayed like that for an hour, quietly allowing myself to remember. Then I shoved the memories back, deciding to soak up some more sunlight. I grabbed a small collection of books and a large blanket, deciding to go sun myself on the grass, letting my feline enjoy a little.

I lay down, my back to the forest, and to Edward, who'd shown up again. Good thing stalker vampires don't really bug me that much. Lazily I flipped through Dracula, holding the book at a point to where Edward could see it. I'm so considerate. HEHE.

I loved the feeling of the sun on my back, and even Edward's eyes on me were soothing. After a bit of reading I sighed and rolled over on my back, letting the golden light slant all over my body. It felt so damn good; I sat up, pulling my sweatshirt off, revealing my black t-shirt. I settled back down on the blanket, closing my eyes and breathing deeply.

The shadows crept over me slowly, it wasn't so bad, my skin still retained the heat of the sun for a little while. The trees rustled after a little while and I heard Edward climb down from the tree. He crept up quietly next to me, picking up my abandoned novel.

I muttered a few words, just to keep him interested. He chuckled quietly.

"You are such a strange little human." I bit back a grin. He stayed for a little while then snuck back into the trees as Charlie pulled in the driveway.

"Sorry dinner isn't ready yet, I feel asleep out side." I said to Charlie. He shrugged.

"It's alright, I wanted to catch a score on a game anyway." I nodded. We had dinner and watched T.V. afterward. I pitched Charlie the Port Angeles idea, he seemed amiable to it, a little confused but amiable non the less.

I spent the night with Edward in my room; he was getting quite comfortable in there

I spent the next day in the same hazy, bored blur. Jessica followed me home in her old white Mercury and I darted indoors, I couldn't wait to get out of forks, I ran a quick weapons check, making sure I had enough magazines and I was ready to go.

We stopped off at Angela's house, picking her up and were on the way out of Forks.

It was all right, the songs were annoying, but I hadn't really hung out with any girls for a while and it was admittedly nice.

As we browsed for dresses, Jessica asked if I'd ever been to any Phoenix. Instantly my mind flashed backwards 5 months.

We'd been in a big city, the music pounding from the high school we were near. It was loud, but nice nonetheless.

"Let's go to that dance," Rose spoke the words quietly and I turned to look at her.

"Really?" I raised a brow, she shrugged.

"It could be fun."

"Totally," Alice bounced into view. I sighed.

"Let's go get the others."

We cleaned up quick and put on some nice clothes, we crept into the school and towards the music. It was loud and filled with people, sweat pouring off them but they were dressed in jeans and skirts, like us. People glanced at us but seemed to ignore us.

Rose grinned at me and pulled us all out onto the dance floor, the beat of the music pulling us along as we moved together. Soon we were laughing and smiling. When a slow song came on we backed off towards the edges of the floor. A few seconds later guys were approaching my sisters, asking if they wanted to dance. They accepted after a quick glance at me and I'd nodded.

"Wanna dance?" I looked at the guy who was asking me and shrugged.

"Why not?" I said and allowed him to lead me onto the dance floor.

"My name's Andy," he looked at me with a smile as his arms wound around my waist.

"Bella." We talked a little as we danced. I found out he was a junior and he liked cars.

Soon we all had to leave, the girls and I slipped out easily. But I carried that memory with me, just like all the others, of the first time I'd ever danced because I'd wanted to.

"No, never." I said quietly.

"But, didn't anybody ever ask you?" I shrugged.


"People ask you out here all the time and you turn them down." I shrugged again.

"Don't want to go."

"Except for Tyler." Angela said. I turned to look at her slowly, they say in the animal world when a predator locks onto you with both eyes, it means you've become dinner.

"What?" My voice was low and deadly.

"He's telling people he's taking you to prom." Oh he'll have a hard time doing that with his spinal cord ripped out of his body. I bit back a growl.

"He's not." I said it coolly.

"I told you it wasn't true." Angela murmured to Jessica.

"That's why Lauren doesn't like you." Jessica giggled. I snorted.

"She wants him, she can have him." I spoke the words furiously.

"If I ran him over do you think he would give up?" I asked idly, or shot him, stabbed, broke his neck and the multitude of other ways I have to kill people?

"Maybe, if that's why he's doing this." Jessica snickered.

We planned to go to an Italian restaurant for dinner. I told them I would meet them at the restaurant in an hour. I wanted to try and get to a bookstore.

The bookstore was easy to find, only it wasn't what I wanted. It was full of crystals and self-healing books. No, not gonna happen.

I wandered around a little more, looking for another bookstore. Finally I was wandering into what use to be a warehouse district when I heard them, two of them.

"Hey there," one of them yelled and I smelled the alcohol pouring off them and the lust. I eyed them, and then I matched his face to a wanted poster I'd seen. I decided I could use a little violence. I put my head down and walked right past them, letting them herd me gently where they wanted me.

I went down an alley, and saw two more of them. I'm shakin in my boots, that happen to have a Glock 9mil in them. Really, I'm quite terrified.

"There you are!" Some one yelled. Why is it when people get drunk they think they're invincible?

"Yeah, we just took a little detour." I smirked, idly feeling the glock cushioned against my left ankle. Come and get me boys.

"Stay away from me." I said in a bored tone.

"Oh, what are you gonna do about it?" I turned to look at him.

"It'll be the worst mistake of your life. And it'll probably be your last."

He opened his mouth to reply and that was as far as he got. Tires squealed around the corner and a silver Volvo fishtailed so the passenger door faced me.

"Get in!" A furious voice command me, I looked at it. I was so tempted to say no and beat these boys down for daring to try and fuck with me but I forced myself to enter the car, sliding in and buckling the seat belt.

Edward's face resembled a furious Greek god.

"Are you alright?" I asked him.

"No," he spat, his voice livid.

The car came to a sudden stop outside of town.

"Bella," his voice was controlled.


"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." I said, and I was. Really the thought of me in danger from guys like that was laughable, they could've been stone cold sober, black belts and I still could've taken them out.

"Distract me please." He ordered.


"Distract me so I don't go back there and kill those-" he struggled for words.

"I uh, I'm gonna run over Tyler tomorrow." I said with a grin.

"Why?" His voice was sharp.

"He's telling everyone we're going to prom together."

"I heard about that."

"Really." I spoke the word with venom. Tyler will need a bow tie, how about one made out of his spine?

"It's stupid idea, I hate dances."

Edward sighed, his head falling back and eyes opening.

"Better?" I questioned, knowing all too well how easy it was to get wrapped up in one's own rage.

"Not really." He said.

"What's wrong?" I asked him quietly.

"Sometimes I have problems with my temper Bella." He stared out the windshield and into the trees. I smiled sadly.

"I know the feeling." He chuckled.

"Jessica and Angela will be worried. I should probably get back." He nodded and started the car, driving us back to town.

"They weren't worth it you know." I spoke the words in a soft voice.

"I beg to differ, you didn't hear the vile things they were thinking."

"Vile or not they weren't worth killing." I sighed quietly.

"Maybe so," he pulled up at the restaurant. I would've been curious as to how hew knew we were meeting there but then again he was a vampire.

I opened my door and was out before he could get there. His eyes tightened a little.

I located the humans quickly, their voices were loud.

"Go stop Angela and Jessica, I don't feel I could restrain myself if I ran into your friends again." I turned to look at him.

"Like I said, they aren't worth it. Jessica! Angela!" I yelled, waving an arm over my head.

They turned and started hurrying toward us.

Jessica's eyes flicked over my shoulder.

"Where have you been?" About to beat the crap out of some would-be rapist.

"Got lost, ran into Edward." I waved a hand at him.

"Would it be alright if I joined you?" I turned to look at him. Please God yes.

"Uh. Sure" Interesting Jessica, you just ate.

"Actually Bella, we just ate." Angela's voice was apologetic and I shrugged, didn't bug me.

"It's fine, whatever."

"I think you should eat something." Edward's voice was full of quiet authority."Would you mind if I drove Bella home?" He addressed Jessica and Angela.

"Yeah sure no problem I guess." Jessica said and once more the jealousy rolled off her like water. I winked at her.

"Okay, see you tomorrow, Bella, Edward." Angela choked out and pulled Jessica along with her.

I kept an eye on them until I was sure that they were in the moving car.

"I'm not actually that hungry." I said to Edward. Lie, I'm always hungry.

"Humor me." He said and led the way into the restaurant.

When we stepped up to the podium I smelled the arousal rolling off the waitress. I was a little shocked as the predator in me reared up and snarled a warning to back off. I decided to ponder my territorialness later.

"Table for two?" Edward prompted and the hostess's eyes flicked over me dismissively. Watch it bitch. I held back from flashing the smirk I wanted to.

"Er, yes welcome La Bella Italia. Right this way."

She led us to a table that made me nervous, I do not like set ups in the middle of the room. I preferred a wall at my back, less chance of somebody shoving a knife in it.

Edward shook his head and slipped the waitress a bill.

"Something more private." He murmured the words and the humans' pulse skyrocketed. She led us to a backbooth and I happily claimed the seat facing the door to myself. And it was situated against a wall. Good seat.

"Prefect." Edward spoke the words and then he smiled at the idiot. It was actually more of a baring of his impressive teeth. If I was right that could be venom gleaming on them. The Elite bastards would kill to get their hands on that stuff.

The waitress wobbled away.

"You really shouldn't do that to people." I teased with a grin as he sat down.

"Do what?" He asked puzzled. I grinned.

"Dazzle them like that, it's just plain unfair."

I could distinctly hear the girl breathing into a paper bag.

"I dazzle people?" Edward's voice was curious.

"C'mon, you really thought it was the stoic, silent guy persona that got you your way?" I smiled at him.

"Do I dazzle you?" He asked. I inhaled and leaned forward, allowing my feline to shine through for a single moment. My arms folded under my chest, leaning on the table.

"If your lucky." I grinned wickedly and curved my head, exposing my pulse for a moment. His pupils dilated. Pleased, I sat back.

The waitress approached and I turned to glance at her, she smiled warmly at him. I rolled my eyes, this is why I find most humans pathetic, a glance at a member of the opposite sex that is perceived to be attractive and the the thoughts of danger were out the window.

Take any Elite for example, they're all designed to be beautiful, gorgeous, and that's a lure. Men are much less likely to suspect a delicate beauty, like my sister Alice, who incidentally can take down an Elite three times her size, to be lethal. Goes the same for women and Elite men. A pretty face is a great distraction, right before you pull out the gun and shoot them right between the eyes.

The waitress chattered about drinks and Edward kept looking at me.

"I'll have a coke." I said quickly. Edward ordered the same. The waitress walked away after glaring at me for a second.

I rolled my eyes and looked at Edward, he was still scrutinizing me.

"What?" I asked.

"How are you feeling?" He asked and I was taken aback. Why wouldn't I feel fi- oh right the humans.

"I'm fine." I've had run-ins a million times worse and I never lost a step, tonight was no different.

"You don't feel dizzy, sick, cold?" He listed the signs of shock. Need major blood loss for that honey, nothing shocks me anymore.

"No I'm not in shock." I grinned at his expression. "And I won't be going into it."

"It's normal." I interrupted him.

"I'm not normal." I spoke the words quietly and looked out the window. "Let's just say I'm good at repressing." Thousands of images flashed through my mind, fighting, blood, bullets.

"All the same, I'll feel better once you get some sugar in you." I rolled my eyes. Do I really look that fragile?

The waitress had returned by now with cokes and bread and was trying to get Edward's order. He indicated she should take my order and I flicked my eyes down to the menu, picking the first meat dish I could find.

She turned back to Edward eagerly. He didn't order anything and she huffed as she walked away. Humans.

Edward pushed the soda towards me.

"Drink please." He urged and I smiled, humoring him.

I drank the entire glass.

I felt the cold settle in my abdomen, I wasn't cold, but I felt the ice and allowed the small shudder to escape.

"Are you cold?" Edward asked quickly, he shed his jacket and handed it to me. No, but I will happily wear your jacket.

I took a discreet whiff and my mouth watered. The feline in me roared up, insisting that I rub against him. Predatory lure, my brain warned. And it was a damned good one.

"You look lovely in blue." Edward said and I looked down. A light blue scoop-neck t-shirt, softer than what I normally wore, paired with a sleek black sweatshirt that clung to me. I allowed my skin the flush it craved.

"Thanks." He pushed the bread basket towards me again.

"I'm not going into shock."

"You don't even look shaken." He said, shaking his head and I laughed bitterly.

"It would be the first time in a long time that something like that shakes me up." Edward just looked at me.

"You're very strange." I grinned.

"You have no idea."

"This has become much more complicated than I'd planned." He said quietly. I shrugged again, nibbling on a bread stick.

"What's life without a little complication?" He huffed and glared at me.

"Usually you're in a better mood when your eyes are light." I made the comment off hand.

"What?" He asked and I grinned.

"When your eyes are black your crabbier, I know to expect it then, I have a theory about that."

Dread appeared in his eyes. "More theories?"

I nodded, still nibbling on the bread stick. I really wanted to see his reaction.

"I hope you were more creative this time." The odor of the lie rose around him strong. "Or are you still stealing from comic books?"

I grinned. "Nope, this time I had help but it wasn't a comic book."

"And?" He spoke through his teeth. My grin widened. This was kinda fun.

The waitress appeared with my food and set it down in front of me. She turned around and I got a very unpleasant whiff of her arousal. Oh for God's sake, why don't you just fall backwards with your legs open? Christ I'm vicious. I wrinkled my nose as the waitress walked away.

"You were saying?" Edward urged and I looked at him.

"I'll tell you in the car." Then I remembered what I had wanted to ask. "If."

"There are conditions." He noted and I nodded as I speared a bite of food.

"I'm a curious girl."

"Of course," he looked like I did when I trained, hard, stiff, letting nothing show.

We'll start easy.

"Why are you in Port Angeles?" I asked, studying his expression. The eyes were a big clue but body language was a subtle indicator.

Confusion passed over him for a mere second then was wiped away.

"Next." Damn.

"That's the easiest one." I warned him.

"Next." I decided to screw slow and dive right on in.

"Alright, let's say, hypothetically of course, that this guy could read minds, with a few exceptions." I cocked a brow and looked at him. His shoulders relaxed the tiniest bit.

"Just one exception." He corrected. "Hypothetically."

One, I took a second to mull that over. Interesting, I doubt he'd ever met anyone telekinetic before then. My lips twitched.

"Alright, one exception, how's it work, what are the limits and how would this person know how to find someone else at exactly the right time?"

He cocked his head for a moment. "Hypothetically?"

I nodded.

"Well if that someone..."

"Let's call him Joe," I suggested with a grin.

"Joe then," Edward smiled. "If Joe had been paying more attention his timing wouldn't have needed to be so exact." He shuddered, "only you could find trouble in a town this small. You realize you've devastated their crime rate for the decade." I huffed.

I knew what I was doing, I woulda kicked their asses if you hadn't shown up.

"We're speaking hypothetically." I reminded him pissily. His eyes flickered down to my lips for the briefest moment and sadness flicked across his eyes.

"Very well, shall we call you Jane?" I ignored the small jibe and leaned across the table, my curiosity getting the best of me.

"How did you know?" I asked.

Longing flickered across his face and without thinking I reached out to touch him.

"You can tell me you know, if there's one thing I'm good at, it's keeping secrets." His hands pulled back.

"I don't know if I have a choice anymore. You are so much more observant than I have given you credit for."

I smiled gently.

"Thought you were always right?"

"I used to be." I know the feeling.

"I was wrong about one more thing as well." I cocked an eyebrow.

"You're not a magnet for accidents, that's not a broad enough classification. You're a magnet for trouble, if trouble is in a 10 mile radius it will find you." I couldn't help but grin.

It was kinda true, I was the one who got into the most unsanctioned fights, if all my scars were any indication.

"You put yourself in that category?" I had to know.


Not hardly.

I reached across the table again, ignoring when he moved his hands back and touched them. His hands were wintry and my own blood rushed to my fingertips, compensating for the heat I lost by touching him.

"Thank you, that's twice now."

"Let's not try for three okay?" He asked and pulled his hands out from under mine. I was oddly disappointed by the loss of them.

Self-hatred flashed across his face.

"I followed you to Port Angeles." His voice was hushed as the words spilled out quickly. "I've never tried to keep a specific person alive before and it's much more troublesome than I would have believed. But maybe it's just you. Normal people can go without a catastrophe every day." I smiled, never was one for normal.

"Your fighting fate." I said with a bitter smile.

"How so?" Well once they find me they'll take me and no matter how hard I fight it won't be enough.

"My number's up."

"Not if I can help it," He muttered. I shook my head lightly.

"Trust me you can't."

He shook his head, "I won't let it happen." I rolled my eyes.

"You can't stop it."

Well I hope you liked it, and I'm not sure when Wild Child will be updated next, I'm working on it.

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