Hello Everyone! It's finally here! The first chapter of Evan/Batista's Story - and warning you now it's bloody hot if I do say so myself ;)

I've plotted everything out and I must say this one is a little more serious than my others so it won't really have any guest appearances, or few of them anyway. It's mostly just Evan/Batista and a few others. I can always write more one-shots with moments of the others if you want me to once I'm finished this story, which will be the last in the series.

Thanks to Takerslady for the title once again. Love it!

Anyway enjoy. I'll try to update again tomorrow if I can.



It was a typical night out. Another gay nightclub, another potential lover grinding up against Evan on the dance floor.

Batista was watching with a building fury from a booth table in the corner as he nursed a beer that he had no intention of drinking. He watched as someone unbuttoned Evan's shirt as he continued to dance with the other guy and started doing shots off his chest in between stealing kisses. He couldn't keep doing this. Couldn't keep following Evan around and loving him from afar when it was obvious it was unrequited. He needed to fuck Evan out of his system and then move on. He laughed and shook his head as he sat there. Who would have thought that little sprite would get the better of him? All this time Evan had been teasing him and he thought he was strong enough to hold out and yet he was no better than those two men out there on the dance floor. He'd hoped… He'd held out the hope that someday Evan would get sick of all the sleeping around and would give him a chance. But if anything knowing he was watching seemed to add fuel to the fire and make Evan go out of his way to be extra slutty.

Well tonight he was going to be Dave's slut. Tonight he was going to finally purge this stupid obsession he had with Evan, even though it meant technically Evan won.

He stood up and walked out onto the dance floor, shoving the two men off Evan before kissing him hard on the mouth until he whimpered beneath him. "If you want me, meet me at my car" was all he growled before he headed for the door.

Evan stood there for a moment panting for breath. Of course he wanted what Dave was finally going to give him. But he couldn't help but hesitate a moment, wondering why after all this time he was getting what he wanted so suddenly.

Not wanting Dave to change his mind though, he hurried after Dave and got into the passenger side of Dave's car.
Dave didn't say anything he just started the car and drove towards the hotel. He didn't say a word the whole drive, the sexual tension between them filled the air, slowly building as they got ever closer to Dave's hotel room.

As they got into the elevator Dave pulled Evan into his arms and kissed him hungrily and Evan moaned and rubbed against him. He tasted so goddamn good that Dave pressed the stop button on the elevator for a moment, not wanting the kiss to end as their tongues met and rubbed against each other before Evan's retreated and then sucked Dave's tongue into his mouth. Dave pressed his jean-covered erection more firmly against Evan at the move before starting the elevator again. When they got out he hurried Evan down to his room and, as the door shut behind them he pressed Evan up against the back of the door, his nostrils flaring as he inhaled the intoxicating scent of his prey.

Evan, still struggling for every breath opened his mouth to say something and Dave stopped him. "Shut up and strip" He demanded.

Evan shivered, moving towards the bed and then removing his clothing slowly, trying to make it look as slutty as possible, watching the huge bulge in Dave's trousers grow as he slid his skin tight jeans down his thighs revealing the thong he'd been wearing to Dave. He could see Dave was pleased, saw the way Dave's eyes were roaming his body possessively and could barely contain himself knowing this was going to be the best sex of his life.

Eventually he was naked and told to get on the bed on all fours. Evan was so needy, panting and mewling as he awaited Dave's pleasure.

Dave told him not to turn around and keep his eye on the wall as he undressed slowly to build the anticipation. Once naked he climbed onto the bed, slapping Evan hard on the ass causing Evan to yelp at the sudden pain.

"That's for being such a fucking tease. For making me want you so badly that I had to give in!" Dave growled angrily.

Evan moaned and raised his ass higher in the air "Please… fuck me!" He moaned, wanting it so badly.

Dave spanked him again for being so demanding and then lining himself up with Evan's ass he slammed into his ass with no preparation, Evan crying out "Oh God! Yes! Yes! Yes!" as he was taken roughly, the sound of Dave's balls slapping against his ass as he was fucked filling the room along with Evan's cries of ecstasy.

"Shit…. So goddamn tight! How in the hell… can you still be so tight?" Batista grunted as he slid out slowly and then plunged back into Evan to the hilt, groaning at the way Evan's ass seemed to grip his cock, pulling it in. And he fit like a fucking glove.

"Fuck" Dave cursed knowing after this night he was going to want Evan more not less. There was no going back from this. He watched Evan as he pressed his face against the pillows trying to stifle his sobs of pleasure. He watched his dick sinking into that tight little ass and groaned knowing he was close. Damn close. He reached down to grip Evan's hard cock and started stroking in time to his thrusts. Evan had forgotten all about muffling his cries by now and was panting and moaning loud enough to wake the whole floor. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh god! Oh fuck! Dave I'm gonna cum!" He screamed, clawing at the sheets as stars danced before his eyes and he came all over Dave's hand.

Dave released an animalistic growl of satisfaction as his dick was squeezed tightly by Evan's ass and he flooded Evan with his hot cum, thrusting one more time just because it felt so fucking good he didn't want to stop before he collapsed on top of him.

Both of them lay there, their heavy breathing the only sound in the room. Evan wiped his sweaty brow knowing he had to leave or he was going find it hard to leave at all. He rolled off the bed but Dave grabbed him and pulled him back down. "Stay" He commanded, although he was still too weak to enforce it.

"I can't" Evan said as he grabbed up his clothes and started dressing quickly, Dave went to get up, planning to block the door before remembering that stupid saying: If you love something let it go and groaned, hating that he was going to give Evan what he wanted. "Fine. Go"

"I planned on it" Evan said smugly, feeling more confident now he was dressed and almost out the door. He'd gotten what he wanted from Dave with no strings attached. He'd won!

Dave couldn't stand the look on Evan's face and got up suddenly, grabbing Evan and kissing him senseless. Not stopping until Evan was clinging to him and moaning for more like the slut he was. "No more. That's all you're getting from me until you're prepared to give me what I want" Dave told him before opening the door and shoving him out.

"That's what you said before we went to bed Dave" Evan sang to himself and then giggled with delight. Oh what a night!