One Last Author's Note

Hey guys. Don't suppose you were expecting a notification for this fic to show up, but here it is. Although you've probably already guessed what this is about: I'm considering rewriting the fic entirely, which means all of my old chapters are going to have to go.

Looking back at this now, I'm so embarrassed to still have it up on the site. To be honest I wanted to delete this fanfic a long time ago but the fact that superstarultra and a few others have asked to borrow Mirai in places here and there, and it'd be weird if she just existed without people having any idea where she came from. That said, this fic is too damn awful for me to still have up on my account that I've come to the conclusion of rewriting it completely.

The characterisation was too sueish, I wrote it when I was eleven so there was a ton of typical otaku/weeaboo aspects in there, Yuki was… oh dear lord, Yuki was just so ooc it was terrifying, Kyon's POV was absolute shit and nothing like his light novel self, the plot points were lame and didn't make sense, the length of the chapters varied so much it was cringe-worthy, everything was rushed and many loose ends were left unexplained, totally wacko things happened, my writing was immature and just annoying in general.

God, I could go on and on about how many bad aspects of my fic there were. So I'm just going to stop here.

So, I'm going to retell Mirai's story. To be completely honest, ever since I was eleven and I first started the fic, I knew how it was going to end… and I plan to stick with that ending, even though it might be a bit disappointing, because I was really proud of it at the time and a part of me can't imagine the fic ending in any other way (and when I say that, I realise there's obviously a ton of other ways it could end, but it's only this one ending that feels right to me). If I ever get around to finishing this fanfic (and I sincerely hope I do) I hope I don't disappoint to much because it won't be the typical Hollywood ending where everybody is happy and nobody gets hurt. Quite the contrary actually, though I don't want to be giving anything away.

Long story short, this is the last post I'll ever make as "I am the Future, Mirai Nagato". Stay tuned for when her new story comes cause it'll suck less ass. And thank you to everybody who cares about Mirai and this gross fanfic, and everybody who has reviewed and favourited and alerted and supported me. Thank you everybody. *bows*

Exclusive preview!

Summary: When the Data Overmind wish to test the limits of Haruhi's powers, they choose Yuki Nagato, her closest alien contact, to act as a surrogate mother to a hybrid entity with mixed alien and human blood. And where else to find ordinary human DNA than the ordinary human himself, Kyon?

Tune in for the first chapter, coming soon!