Introduction – Lucy You Got Some 'Splainin To Do!

What follows are the random musings of one Jasper Whitlock Hale. These are little snip-its of the random things Jasper may be thinking at any time. They are never dated and probably will never reference any specific time. They may be rated anywhere from K to M depending upon Jasper's mood. Whatever Jasper feels like sharing with the class will be found here. Let's just call this Jasper's therapy. Whenever he needs an outlet for whatever is in his head and Alice isn't around for a nice M rated romp (to be detailed later in the retelling in "Learning to Love") he comes here and spills his adorable, lovable, tortured guts!

This is craziness concocted in Jo's head. I would hate for people to give me some kind of credit for this. Or to come after me in angry mobs if you hate it. - Jasper Cullen

This is the influence I have on my beloved little cousin Jo. - Emmett Cullen

Jo and I love Jasper so much and whenever I need a laugh she comes up with some random "Jasper Musing." I enjoy them so much I have encouraged her to share them here. After "Learning to Love" got so much love she decided to "let 'er rip" and post this as well. I hope you enjoy Jasper's Random Musings as much as I do. - Alice Cullen