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Therealteacher's interview with Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen

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Since you are the 'newest' and you aren't as comfortable around humans, are there any certain times that you feel because of others emotion you could just suck them dry and no one would care?

Jessica Stanley

How often do you fuck with Emmett and his emotions?


What is the best emotion altering shit you have ever pulled on Emmett? Alice? Carlisle? Esme?--the whole family?

Let's see. Emmett likes to wrestle, and he wins most of the time because he's the strongest. Now if he gets into it with Edward or my beautiful wife, he stands no chance become of their gifts. Once he got into it with Alice and accused her of cheating. He wouldn't let up on it and I started getting upset. I don't like for people to talk to my Alice that way, so I told him to stop. When he didn't I told him he would be sorry. He started getting into it with me so I told him for the next month, not a moment would pass that he wouldn't think of me. He laughed and went on his way. He went to have some marital time with Rose, so I made him start crying. She freaked. He was so upset he couldn't even bother to get me back. He apologized to me but I didn't accept because he refused to apologize for calling Alice a cheater. So every time he needed some marital time with Rose, I made him cry – for a month strait. When he sat in class and a teacher would get really upset at the class, I would make him burst out laughing. Any time he made a lewd comment at the lunch table, I would make him have an orgasm so powerful he couldn't help but scream, in front of the entire school. Anytime Carlisle addressed him I made him feel insecure and he ended up sucking his thumb and curling up in Esme's lap. Even I couldn't have guessed the impact of that one. Then when I got bored I made him fall in love with Edward. He actually sat with Edward at the piano one day and flirted with him for about 20 minutes before Edward pushed him to the floor. He went to Rose for his bruised ego and as usual it turned intimate, so he started crying. He was so randomly emotional that month. It was so strange. I asked him several times if he thought he might be pregnant. Once I even pulled him aside and told him that we would care for his little one and no one would have to know. Then I made him break down into tears again. By the end of the month, all I had to do was say his name, and he would do whatever I asked.

Alice is an easy one. The best thing I have ever done to her – and I continue to do it – is when she is upset, I use my powers to give her an orgasm, usually a really hard earth shattering one. When we get bored sitting in class, I take her hand so I can make sure to just concentrate it on her and I give her the softest of orgasms, just to entertain her and make sure she knows I love her in my own special way. Usually these are expressed by the softest of angelic sighs from my beautiful Alice. There are still teachers who think she is just absolutely touched by really bad poetry they've written or other random things. I like driving with Alice. When I drive, I feel free and I can just floor it and go. I want her to gain the same pleasure from my driving as I do. So as the speedometer moves to the right, as the car accelerates, her orgasm builds and builds. As the car reaches its top speed, well let's just say she usually doesn't remember much about the songs I like to drive to. With her I have actually perfected what I like to call the touch orgasm. Our family seems to think my touch still makes her tremble from the sheer power of our love for one another. While that is true, that sure as hell is NOT what they are seeing. I have gotten it down to a science. All I have to do is brush my fingers along her shoulder, or take her hand in mine, even when I lean in to kiss her I give her just the softest of orgasms in just that instant.

Carlisle, that's a hard one. I respect Carlisle. Hands down he is the man I respect most in this world. I respect the man that he is, the husband he is. The friend and lover he is to Esme, is simply inspiring. The way he leads and cares for this family is amazing. Because of these things I try NOT to mess with him emotions unless it's absolutely necessary. However, women being women, sometimes Esme is upset with him and he has no clue why. I can't begin tell him why. Alice knows but would never tell him. She would never tell me because she knows I would just tell him. So usually I just give him a little boost in the romance department. He usually has no problems saying just the right words to bring them back together, exactly where they should be.

My dear Mother Esme, I love and cherish her like I love the woman who gave birth to me. I find it hard to live with myself if I alter her emotions, so I don't. What I do give to Esme that alters her emotions isn't my power causing her emotional shift directly. Esme always wants to understand all of us, what makes us tick and what is going to make us all feel loved and part of the family. She has spent a considerable amount of time just playing with Emmett or shopping with Alice. She sits with Edward at the piano. She talks with Rose. Edward isn't much of a talker so most of his communication is through his music. I knew I could do one better than that. When Esme comes to spend time with me she plans that we are the only two at home. She knows it takes a lot out of me and that I don't do what I do lightly. She knows it's hard for me. Usually she just sits on the couch next to me, or if I'm spread out on the couch she'll sit with my feet or my head in her lap. What I do for Esme is almost the inverse of what I do to/for the others. I just open my emotions to her. She and Alice are the only two people who have experienced the full force of my true emotions, how I feel and not some mask of what I want others to feel. It's the easiest way for her to know every part of who I am. Talking is hard for me. Showing her, that's second nature to me.

Edward, well I make him love himself. He usually hates it – a lot. But he's a better guy for it in the end. One day I won't have to, but until then, I facilitate his self-love.

Bella has a similar problem to Edward. I agree with him that she does not see herself clearly. I usually use my powers to make her feel loved and accepted in our family. No matter how long she has been in our family, she still has her doubts at times, so I just give her little reminders.

Rose is a very fine line. You can have her full appreciation one minute and have her ire the next. So I tend not to mess with her. I choose to mess with her through Emmett.

How do you handle being around the Denali's?--Stupid whores!

My thoughts exactly. Tanya constantly makes passes at Edward, even with Bella around. And that is just one of them. I try NOT to handle them at all. I use my time in Alaska to play with my favorite snow bunny, Alice. I can usually find things to do in the wilds of Alaska that keep us pretty well sequestered.

What were the emotions you were feeling the very first time you saw Alice...yes we know you felt lost and unsure, but knew that you had to be there, but was it love at first sight, bewilderment, etc?

I felt a lot of things. The dominant emotions were a sense of being lost and fear. For a century I was never approached by another vampire for any reason than that vampire wanted to kill me. I was thirsty as hell and scared shitless. But at the same time I had this really odd feeling of wanting, no needing to protect the magnificent creature in front of me. As soon as her palm touched mine I was a goner. For the first time in my vampire existence I felt love. Of course I knew the feeling from my parents and sisters but emotions became so much more powerful after my change. I didn't even recognize it at first. I had the slightest shock of pain as I realized I didn't recognize the emotion of love. It's such an important emotion. I think that is why no matter how upset she may be at me for one reason or another, Alice always makes sure I feel love from her every day. In that first moment it was so powerful I nearly fell on my ass. Then she smiled at me and I got a whole new sensation, but it was one I had experienced in my vampire existence, but it was never linked with love or even pleasure so I didn't know how to comprehend it. I never felt this particular feeling as a human. I was never really attracted to anyone and I never had the opportunity to be touched. I understand it MUCH better now. When she smiled at me that first time, I nearly came in my pants. I think she knew it too because almost instantly her beautiful smile turned to an impish grin. She must have known more than that because she nearly scared the shit out of me when she mentioned the feeling I was struggling with and told me she wanted to show me something about it. An hour after I met her, she made me come kicking and screaming. I felt all of her love with it so I was so confused and truly scared. I didn't understand it. Being the first time that particular physical sensation was linked to something not only positive but loving, it felt - well I literally screamed.

How would you describe in color...the emotions of your love for Alice and vice versa, since you can feel her emotions.....what about your family's emotions for each other/ You know......in color meaning images and colors, descriptions other than words (nothing like breathtaking, or warm, special, etc.)

For Alice and I, well I guess it would be blue on both accounts. A deep, warm shade of blue that envelopes you and makes you feel calm. I think we share a color.

For Carlisle it's, oddly enough, brown. It's warm, and strong. Like him. It lets in most of the colors. It's like his color is effected by the fact that he has brought us all together. All of the couples' colors mix with his and turn it brown. It stays away from black because Esme's is the most prevalent color, and hears is a warm but bright, all encompassing golden color. It's impossible not to feel loved around Esme. She's just so loving.

Emmett's color changes, he's an odd one. It shifts between a bright red to a deep and passionate blue to a fiery red. Rose, well, oddly enough she has the perfect name. Most people expect that her color would be cold but it's not. Her color is the deep, passionate shade of a red rose. It's just hard to see the color sometimes, sometimes I feel her in black and white like an old movie.

Bella is a deep shade of green. Not an envy type of green but more of the color that comes to my mind when I hear Carlisle telling Bella about the color of Edward's eyes when he was human. Edward is really made for Bella. The second I saw them together I knew. She was this deep green that matched his eyes. He turned out to be a pale blue that almost matched her human complexion. On top of that it is usually mixed with a deep sultry, almost black navy blue that seems to reflect the way he is so passionate and deeply ingrained with Bella, down to his soul.

How good does it feel to sex others up using your powers?

It depends on the person.

If it's one of my brothers, it is total payback. I feel smug that they can't control something they often control quite readily with your wives.

If it's Alice, well it still depends. When we watch horror movies she cuddles into my side. I make sure that my hands are in plain view and then I make her come. Not hard, just enough that her breathing is too fast and she might let out a moan or two. That is my southern boy roots with the desire to get into a little mischief. When I do it because she is upset or hurting it's one way I feel useful. My arms hold her, so they make me feel useful. When her emotions stop getting better from that, my power becomes useful. If I am the reason she's hurting or upset it's a very effective way to apologize. She knows it turns me on to do, any time, because I have to focus on pleasuring her. She knows that I will willingly make her come several times without even thinking about touching myself to ease the pain in my dick. After that she can't help but forgive me and take the pain away herself. When we're in class, well it's just to pass the time and I LOVE to make her come. I love the way she looks and the way she smells. When she comes it's like her soul commands my attention. Nothing else exists, especially not the boredom. Sometimes I do it because I'm in trouble, well than its self preservation. I don't like to be in trouble, especially with her. It's my best bet to get out of the dog house and back into her good graces. When I use it because we are being intimate it makes me feel like the most powerful man on earth, which she commonly claims that to her I am. No matter what the reason I do it, it always makes me feel that if nothing else, I am doing this one thing right.

No matter whom I'm doing it to, in the end I can't help but be affected by it too. So there is always the underlying current of sexual desire and need. One way or another, Alice always makes sure that that desire and need gets fulfilled, at some point. She's learned how to manipulate my power, but it's a less exact method. Let's just say when it comes to her peaceful classroom orgasms, even though she enjoys them immensely, payback is a bitch!

To answer how GOOD it feels, well, with my brothers it's payback they can't control or stop so it feels awesome and strangely funny. With Alice it makes me feel like the center of her universe, which makes me feel loved and important.

Can you make me come with just your powers alone?

Come here…