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Chapter 1

I don't believe in God. It's a fact. Science is the answer to all, except in this case. Dr. Brennan looks like a zombie sitting next to Booth's bed. She's been sitting there since four days before he woke up, to now, a week after he's woken. The doctor's don't know why he can't remember us, and they say he may, or may not, ever remember us. I saw the look on her face. It was like they told her he had died. And I guess in a way, to her, he had.

Sure Booth is my friend, but to Dr. Brennan, he 's more than that. Much more. And to her, the one thing she loves the most, ( I think except Booth), has failed her in saving the one she loves. There's only one thing left for me to do. I tell Dr. Brennan that I have to go to the bathroom, and I escape through the door. I slowly walk down the hallway, and into the hospital chapel. I kneel as soon as I get to the pew. I close my eyes, and fold my hands. "Hi God, it's me. I don't know if you can hear me, or even if you exist. I'm asking you for something, and I've never asked anything before. I'm asking that you let Booth remember DR. Brennan. I'm not an awesome person, I admit, but this isn't about me. This is about my friends. Please God. You're our only hope." I open my eyes, let out a breath, and sit down. There's some sniffing from the back of the chapel, and I turn. It's Angela. Her face is red and puffy, and she's crying again.

"Hi Jack. I saw you weren't in the room, so I went looking for you. A nurse told me where to find you. I never expected to find you here."

"Yeah, I guess last resorts will make you do anything." I say. She nods, and fresh tears start rolling down her cheeks. I motion to the empty seat next to me, and she sits down beside me. She rests her head on my shoulder. I look up to the sky and think, "Alright God, the rest is up to you."

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