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Chapter 5

There's no way to know how it could have ended. I could still be in the hospital, not a clue who I am. But instead, here I am with my closest friends, and Sweets, enjoying life.

I've told Bones it's because of all the things they did that I got this great outcome. She rolled her eyes, but I think she thinks so too, down deep inside. Even she thought I wouldn't remember her, everyone thought so, even the doctors. But somehow, here I am. They told me the stories of things they did. Hodgins praying, Angela helping, Cam talking about the healing power of love, Sweets just being a friend. But I think Bones did a lot of the work. She was always by my side. Day and night. I don't think all the things my friends did would have worked out with her always there.

I guess God had bigger plans. And, As I'm sitting in the chapel, looking up at the sky, I'm thanking God for another chance. He knew I had other things to do. He knew I needed a kick in the butt, and He provided the people to help me get through it. Even though they don't believe in God, Bones and Hodgins are sitting in here too, because they believe in me.

As I look at my friends, and their smiles, I know I am loved, and appreciated. And that makes it all worth my while. I put my arm around Bones, and say, "I guess that last resort came through after all."

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