Hi, awesome followers. It's been a while!

Just updating to let you know that "First Contact" now has a prequel.

A long time ago, a few of you expressed interest in:

Seeing a mind meld between Kirk and Spock aboard the Narada, since that's the most logical way for Spock to tell Kirk where Captain Pike was being kept

Nero, who is from the future and seems to know a lot about both Kirk and Spock, must know something about their feelings toward each other—or, at least, Spock Prime's feelings for Kirk Prime (that locket!) Since he's hell-bent on seeing all incarnations of Spock suffer, what would happen if he captured them both and hurt Kirk to get a reaction out of Spock?

I combined the two. I've wanted to do a prequel for a long time, especially since First Contact started out as a oneshot—I wanted to have some more background.

So, have "Seeds."

www (dot) fanfiction (dot) net/s/5876287/1/