Simba's Curiosity

It was the party of the year. Bodies were packed together in every room with barely enough room to breathe, but everyone was either so happy or so drunk they didn't care. Music blared, beating heavily against everyone's eardrums, and most everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Except for Riku.

He sat by himself in a chair by the door to the kitchen from the living room, a red plastic cup held loosely in his hands. Across the room was Sora, playing tongue-tag with his boyfriend. Riku would want nothing more than to whip out his key blade and chop off the redhead's wandering hand. But he would never bring himself to do it, because Sora was happy.

He knew he'd messed up, badly. Sora had confessed to him, and he'd freaked the hell out. He was more shocked than disgusted, but there was no way he could sort out his own feelings while anywhere near Sora. So he'd shot him down and done a lot of thinking, foolishly assuming Sora would stay stuck on him until he could figure out if he felt the same. Then Sora had gone and found someone else. And he couldn't even be mad about it because it was his own stupid fault.

Riku was jolted out of his depressive thoughts by a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see Kairi frowning at him. He winced reflexively. She frowned reproachfully.

"I hope you don't plan to sit here and watch them make out all night. Come on, up. Dance with me." Being depressed apparently made Riku a bit of a pushover, because no less than three minutes of arguing later, Kairi had him on the "dance floor", which was really just the dining room with all the furniture pushed aside.

Riku wasn't a particularly good dancer, but Kairi led the way enough that he actually started to enjoy himself and get into it. Soon he wasn't paying attention to anything but the music, and it felt good to lose himself to the beat.

The doorbell rang, and Riku let Kairi leave to go answer it. It was then that he turned, and noticed Sora and boyfriend (Riku refused to acknowledge that he had a name) were coming down the stairs, looking noticeably ruffled and…flushed. It took a while for his drunk mind to figure it out, but when he did, he saw red.

People got out of his way damn fast as he stormed through the house and out into the backyard. The two potheads that sat on Kairi's old swing set took off when they saw him coming. He plopped down on the swing and channeled all his idiotic rage at himself into swinging as high as he could go.


Sora paused on the stairs as he took in the look on Kairi's face. She looked slightly panicked, not in the "oh god Sora's mom is here" kind of way, but the "oh god the cops are here" kind of way. Because the cops were certainly less frightening than Sora's mother.

Then he noticed the woman that stood in the doorway. She had tan hair cut pixie-short, with low-set ears and a wide, flat nose. And her eyes were amber brown, just like Simba's.

"Mom?" Simba asked, sounding bewildered. The woman thrust her chin up, exuding royalty. Oh yeah, this was definitely Simba's mom.

"Simba, we need to talk." Simba flinched at these words, then glanced at Sora and Kairi. They both shrugged, so Simba followed Sarabi out of the house and into the light of a streetlamp.

"Mom, what is it? Is everything okay?" Sarabi sighed heavily, tugging uncomfortably at her human clothes.

"No, son. Nala is pregnant, and the Outlanders are threatening to invade. They see your absence as a weakness, and they think they could overpower us." Simba visibly paled and leaned against Kairi's fence.

"God. Why did this have to happen now?" he wondered aloud, fisting a hand in his hair. Sarabi was silent as he took a steadying breath and stood back up.

"Okay. I'll go back. But when-"

"Now.." There was a long moment where mother and son stared intently at each other, a struggle of power dominating their eyes. Then Simba finally looked away, his expression pained.

"Fine. Just…just let me say goodbye." Sarabi relented at that, watching her son walk away down the sidewalk. Then he paused and turned around, his lip between his teeth.

"I won't be able to come back, will I?" She knew how much pain this was causing Simba. He wanted to stay with Sora. Sora would want to stay with him. It would be hard to let go, and yet they both had to. Sadly, she shook her head. Simba nodded sternly and went inside.


Sora smiled warily as Simba came back inside, staring at the floor. He wasn't sure what was going on, but-

"Sora, I have to go." Sora spent a minute processing that. When Sarabi showed back up at the door, hissing in hushed tones that they needed to go, Sora pasted on a smile and wished Simba the best of luck, carefully allowing him a hug that broke too soon. Then he quietly excused himself into the backyard.


Riku was scuffing his shoes in the dirt when he heard the back door open and looked up. Sora, of all people, was walking slowly across the yard in his direction. Riku almost called out something crass, but then he saw the slumped shoulders and the arms crossed tightly across Sora's stomach. He refused to meet Riku's eyes as he sat on the next swing and started to rock back and forth slowly.

"…Sora?" Riku heard a sniff, and then Sora asked in a small voice,

"Riku, can you take me home?" Any anger Riku felt towards Sora left him at that, and he stood up and offered Sora a hand. Sora took it, holding it too tight as he got to his feet and Riku led him down the street.


One year later:

"Kiara, where are you?" Kiara giggled as she heard her father's voice calling for her. She snuck further into the tall grass, carefully weaving around the stalks to prevent them from rustling. Her dad would never find her, the might huntress of the Pride Lands!

And with that thought, Kiara tripped over a rock, sprawling onto her face. She heard a guffaw not far away, and hurriedly scrambled to her feet, running up the hill so her father wouldn't find her.

Just as she was rounding the top of the hill, she looked back, seeing the red blur of her daddy's mane sticking out from the top of the grasses as he headed in her direction. She giggled again, turning forward-

-And nearly ran into a big brown lion. She nearly screeched in terror as the male turned to look at her, abnormal blue eyes widening as he saw her. Instead Kiara sank into a crouch, growling as she backed away. Brown lions meant Outlanders, and Outlanders meant trouble. Thankfully, her dad came up the hill then, stopping when he saw the brown lion.

"…Sora?" Not expecting that, Kiara looked up at her dad. He looked confused and astonished, like he'd just seen Pumba get up before midday.

"Daddy?" Simba glanced at her, then broke out in a wide smile. She relaxed minutely as he said,

"Kiara, could you give us a minute? I need to talk to Sora. He's an old friend of mine." She glanced at the older brown lion. He didn't have a full mane yet, and he wasn't fully grown, but he could certainly hunt for himself. What mane he did have was oddly spiky, and there was a shiny silver thing tangled around his neck. He grinned at her, and it was a nice grin, even if he was really weird. She smiled at her dad.

"Okay." Kiara pretended to wander away, but then quickly circled around the males to the other side of the small clearing they'd settled in. Simba settled on his haunches, grinning wildly.

"I can't believe you're here. It's been so long." Sora chuckled, sitting close to Simba.

"It hasn't been that long, you know. Only a year." Simba's face fell a little, and his eyes were thoughtful as he muttered,

"I've really missed you." The two lions shared a silent moment before Sora got closer, rubbing his head under Simba's chin. Kiara's eyes went wide as Simba hugged the other male back, looking oddly content. Then, behind her, she heard a quiet growling and whirled.

A white lion with an impressive mane was lounging on a rock nearby, glaring at her with aquamarine eyes. Kiara had seen white lions before, but this male was shiny, and he had the same air of weirdness that Sora did. Smirking, he beckoned to her with a paw. She nervously shimmied forward, ears back but head held high. She was a princess, after all.

"Little Kiara. I'm Riku." The male got to his feet, looming over her. She wanted desperately to take a step back, but refrained. Suddenly Simba broke through the grass behind her, and she thankfully disappeared behind his leg as the two, oldest males sized each other up.

"Riku," Simba acknowledged tensely. Sora trotted forward, glancing nervously between the other two before sitting next to Riku. Riku smirked at Simba.

"Hello, Simba. Your daughter's very pretty." Kiara peeked out from behind her dad's leg to stick her tongue at the white lion. He snickered.

"Anyways, I'm all done here. We should go, Riku," Sora said, antsy. Riku nodded, and he turned and started to walk away. Sora hesitated a moment, staring at Simba.

"Goodbye," he finally whispered, and then ran to catch up with the white lion. The two Pride Landers watched them walk away, until finally Kiara couldn't stand it anymore.

"Dad, who were they?" Simba smiled down at her, though it was an oddly sad smile.

"Just some old friends, Kiara. Maybe you'll get to go visit them some day." Kiara frowned.

"I don't think so. They were really weird." For some reason, that made her dad laugh.

AN: DONE! I was gonna write a smut scene for this, but I fell out of sync with the story and gave up. :D Now I dust my hands of this and move on, hurrah!