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Apology Magnet

They are awkward people. One was bright and shiny, or at least his teeth were. The other... well, tried hard to be as least noticed as possible. At no point did her teeth reflect this. One could gather a crowd before even entering a room. The other... again, not so much. If she was noticed more than likely she would attempt a move that would fix the matter. That is, if she didn't panic and pass out.

There is a theory a lot of crazy nuts like to use, especially homophobes, and that one is opposites attract. He, so positive. She, so negative.

Going by this theory, obviously these two would find themselves together, right? Right. It happens a lot more than the girl wished it did. She would be stalking a certain someone, as usual, before that green clad boy came bursting out of a nearby store. Slamming into her, causing ruckus and slight loss of surroundings.

Now, these people are incredibly polite. The boy may be loud and full of energy, but he was a gentleman at heart. The girl may be antisocial, but she didn't want to be a nuisance. She took the hand offered to her, and thanked the boy.

Shortly before apologizing.

He shrugged her apology off, saying in a matter of fact voice that it was he at fault, and there was no reason for her to be sorry.

She shakes her head, telling him that she is clumsy and did not move away in time. Clearly, it was her fault.

You can see where this is going. Bystanders stopped to watch the strangest argument they have ever seen. Instead of a barrage of insults, apologies flew. The magnets, now being both positive, start repelling each other.

"P-please let me apologize!"

"No no! Pardon me, fair maiden! Let me pay for the damages!"

"B-but I'm th-the one at fault!"

"Do not frown! Any damage I caused I will gladly repent!"

Needless to say, this went on for quite a while. The girl's friends wondering where their awkward flower had gone, backtracked to the square they last saw her. There, they saw the strange spectacle that had gathered a small crowd and reflected.

"Shino, why don't you treat me like that?" The toothy one frowned.

"Because it is always your fault."