AN: I had to, I had to, I HAD TO! Do not fear all my other stories are still going on.

Warnings: Magical Creatures, mentions abuse and rape, OCs, Weasley/Hermione/Dumbles Bashing. Etc, etc.


Draco Malfoy sat at the Slytherin table with his head on the table, hands clenched in his lap, left leg bouncing up and down impatiently. His mate had been here, not recently by the scent but she had been here! And where was his father? Lucius had said he'd be there in the morning. Oh, Draco thought It's not morning now is it? Get a grip, you a Malfoy and a Veela. You should have better control then this! Draco thought. But his mate! Where was she, or even he!

Draco lifted his head off the table and looked around, Who was missing, it was probably in his year, after all mates were normally close in ageā€¦

Potter! Potter was the only one missing, did that mean his mate was Potter? Blaise wasn't helping; the normally composed boy was fidgeting as well. Several other Slytherins were nervous at seeing their two main leaders so discontent. But a scent, his mate's scent along with another came wafting through the Hall heralded by a bang as the huge doors were slammed open. Several people screamed. Humph, idiots Draco thought.

In the doorway stood a pair of figures, one leaning heavily on the other, cloaked figure. The cloaked figure gently placed his companion down on the floor against the doorframe before turning and walking forward to the Head Table. A wicked wind whipped (YAY! Alliteration!) through the Hall as the teachers were submitted to the figure's hating, slit pupil, purple eyed, glare. Then the figure spoke in a slightly higher voice then anyone was expecting.

"How dare you! How dare you! Do you know what you almost did!? You could have possibly destroyed your world's existence! How. Dare. You?!" the figure, now identified as a male being, yelled in rage, cloak whirling around him amazingly his hood remained up.

Dumbledore stood up slowly, assessing the danger that the pair brought. "I'm afraid I don't understand what you are yelling about." He spoke placating-ly.

The figure snorted. "How couldn't you? You're the one who put him in that position. Notice anyone missing, eh?" the boy asked furiously.

His statement caused several, including the 2/3ds of the Golden Trio Draco noted, to look around. It was Lovegood who was the first to notice.

"Harry's missing isn't he? But you brought him back, didn't you, you nice Manar?" she asked dreamily, if more alarmed then usual.

The figure stiffened but slowly nodded "That I did, young Keeper, that I did." Several of the students looked at each other confused, what was a Manar, and Loony wasn't a Keeper in Quidditch at all, so what were they talking about?

Draco was distracted by this mystery when Blaise stood up abruptly with his eyes widened with alarm.

"Cousin Seth, what are you doing here?!"


AN: More will be explained later. But I had to write a Draco/Harry (first attempt (at slash and romance)) Creature fic. Veela!Draco and Elf!Harry. Manar and Keepers will be explained.

Keepers: Keepers are beings who have the express knowledge of one person or creature. They know everything about that person, past, present, and future. They are often mistaken for Seers, however only 'See' the future of their Shadow. Normally about the same age or younger then their Shadow. Example: Luna is Harry's Keeper and Harry is a Shadow.

Shadows (Better name would be appreciated): Are the person Keepers guard and know about. Most are magical creatures or mates of said creatures. Shadows are assigned a Keeper either at birth or when their parents die. Shadows normally do not know that they are Shadows.