Before my eyes

I stood at the beach, the waves crashing around my ankles. Yes, I let them get wet. I really just did not care at this point.

I should be happy. The war is over and I escaped with my life.

But she didn't.

I was beyond feeling. Both physically and emotionally. There was too much red staining the water and the sand at my feet.

They say that right before you pass on, your whole life passes right before your eyes.

I don't know who first said that, (she would know) but they only got it half right. Your life doesn't just pass right before your eyes, but people do.

I gazed out over the ocean, letting a sense of detachment come over me.

But before I could, I felt someone brush against me as they came to stand next to me, soaking their feet in the waves.

I didn't look at Grover, but I knew that he knew what I had done, even before I had done it. Empathy links have their little perks.

We were silent for a long time.

"I'm gonna miss you." He said, simply, starting our talk.

I nodded. He knew what I was thinking, and he didn't need to hear that I would miss him too. Silence covered us again like a blanket.

"Tell her I said 'Hey'."

"Will do, G-man."

Another comfortable silence fell over us again. But soon it was time for him to go. We didn't embrace. We didn't shake hands or pound each other on the back, because our love for one another was deep. Yeah, it was a brotherly love, but we both knew that it was there, deep as the Atlantic that we were facing now.

The last thing he said before fading away into nothingness was,

"Tell me if they have enchiladas there."

As he departed, I felt a little more of my strength go with him.

Minutes later, I felt the earth shake and I knew that Tyson had chosen to come to me by the sound and vibrations of his footsteps.

"Big Brother! What you doing here?"

I looked into his one wide eye. It was bursting with concern and questions. I felt my heart break a little wider than it was already.

"I have to go…away…for a little bit."

His face brightened and rose, but my heart darkened and fell. I had just lied to my little brother.

"Ok! Come home soon!"

I turned back to the ocean.

"Ok, big guy."

But he wasn't there. He had disappeared just like Grover. He didn't say anything nostalgic or heartfelt, because he didn't know what was really happening. So, we hadn't need to say 'I love you' or anything like that. Our love was even more brotherly than that between Grover and me. We were brothers, and our love was a given; and understood fact. It swirled around us like some giant whirlpool.

As he left, my strength ebbed again.

But just as suddenly, Thalia and…Luke appeared by my sides; Thalia on my right and Luke on my left.

My left side was plunged into shadow as Thalia's silvery aura brightened my right side. Ironically, it all fit. Luke was on my left side; the side that had been plunged in shade, and at the same time, he himself was plunged into shade. Hmm, I must be so weak that My ADHD worked itself into overdrive.

Btu Thalia's voice brought me out of my trance.

"What do you think you're doing, Kelpface?!"

I chuckled at her name for me, but I found myself echoing what I told Tyson.

"I have to go away for a little bit."

She stayed quiet. She was smarter than Tyson so she knew it just wasn't for a little bit.

I looked at her sideways. Sensing that I was looking at her, she nodded.

"Tell her that I miss her."

Then she disappeared in a flash of light, leaving me behind with a murderer.

We stood there in silence, just looking out at the ocean.

"I know that you aren't really here, but its all your fault. You get that, right?"

He nodded. "I know." Was all he said, in a quiet, defeated-sounding voice.

"She would still be alive, you know."

Another nod. "I know."

You know I hate you, right?"

"I kn-"

But this time he didn't finish. I spun off my left foot, and swung a wicked right hook, aimed straight for his jaw. For a hallucination, his teeth fell out with a surprisingly satisfying feeling.

But I knew that he really was sorry for what happened. I mean, he didn't even try to defend himself. He even rolled away with my punch so that I wouldn't break my fist. Even so, the feel of fist against face felt good.

He sprawled on the sand, blood leaking from his mouth. His face hadn't changed from its defeated looking expression and it made me angry. Why didn't he scream at me, or yell at me, or even fight back?

"I'm sorry, Percy."

Just those three simple words, but I knew that he meant them.

I echoed him.

"I know. ...Now get the hell away from me."

He too disappeared into nothingness.

But Luke held no piece of my heart. I felt no ebb in strength as he left.

Rachel came to me next. This would be short.

Her red hair bounced as she put an arm around me. Could she not see that this was not the time? I didn't want her. I only wanted one; the only one that I could not have. At least not for a little longer.

"Percy…you don't need to go. You could stay here. With me."

I turned to look at her, not allowing any of my anger to leak out of my eyes.

"You were there, weren't you." It wasn't a question.

She bit her lip, and lowered and raised her head in the slightest way that she could.

"You could have saved her." Again, another statement, not a question.

She was silent, what was she supposed to say? But I was up in arms now.

"You could have saved her! But no! You couldn't have that. And you know why?"

Finally, a question.

"Because you're selfish! Beacause you couldn't bear the thought of me with another person. Were you jealous of my mom too?!"

She remained silent as I knew she would. She had no excuse; no defense.

I fumed there on the sand, a righteous anger filling my heart and my head.

But then she had the nerve to speak.

"Percy, you and I together…we can fix it."

I was reminded of Annabeth and her hubris, pride. Both were dead.

She could not fix this, no one could.

She took my silence as her dismissal. I felt every teardrop that fell from her eyes hit the sand, as if each grain was a part of me.

But I felt no pity. Rachel Elizabeth Dare had just been evicted from the place that was my heart.

Standing was now impossible. Too much blood from my wrists had painted the sand. I sat down in the waves, immediately getting soaked. The absence of pressure from my back and legs was bliss, perverted and out of place given the circumstances.

Poseidon and my mom walked to me from the ocean. They stopped though. There wasn't much time left for me. There would be no heartfelt reunion, no more tears hitting the sand. They knew that I would miss them.

I closed my eyes, but opened them quickly when I felt a hand on my shoulder and smelt the salty smell of the breeze increase.

My mom stared at me, eye to eye. No tears moistened her eyes. She knew Annabeth. She knew me. She knew that this would be for the best for us, but not necessarily for her. She was the opposite of Rachel. Completely selfless.

She kissed my forehead, and my father soon followed.

"Go get her, son."

I nodded and the left, hand in hand, so that my mom would actually reach her apartment.

My vision dimmed. My time was up, evident by Nico and his father's arrival.

They walked towards me. I felt an inkling of sorrow. Annabeth had not come to see me. Yes, she was gone, but so was Luke and he had made an effort to see me.

By now, Nico and Hades stood in front of me, looking down at me with identical obsidian, as I sat on the shore.

"Are you ready?" Nico asked.

I looked around at the seven pairs of footprints that lay around me, arranged in a semicircle.

I nodded weakly. Nico and Hades both took a hand and murmured. Nico; a prayer to his father, and Hades a blessing that would lead me directly to Elysium…and Annabeth. When they removed their hands, a drachma was in each.

Hades touched me once again, and I felt a surge of strength.

I turned to the ocean, and ran into the surf, water getting me soaked. I held out my arms and reveled as I felt the cool air hit the slashes to my wrists, inflicted by Annabeth's knife.

Her knife was stuck, blade first, in the sand by Nico's feet. He would give it to Chiron.

I dived under a wave, watching as my blood turned it a deep, vivid red.

The last thing I saw was a teasing glimpse of blonde hair, as I lost myself to the bliss of Elysium. It was right

Before my eyes

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