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And this chapter is called "For my Health"

For my health

Elysium is boring. Yes, I said it. The haven of Heroes, where all of the Greek heroes go, is boring. Sure, they have the perfect life; it's always sunny, there's always something to do, people that you have known your whole life are suddenly back, alive and well- it should be the most heavenly place ever.

But of course, for me, it isn't.

Sure, in the beginning, I was thrilled to find out that I would be allowed into Elysium. I laughed and socialized with everyone, I took full opportunity of all the joy that came with Elysium. But, it didn't last as long as I hoped. Everything reminded me of Percy. EVERYTHING!

So, when I found out that there was a beach, I promised to stay as far away from it as possible. A watched pot never boils, right? Well, anxiously waiting for the day that Percy dies isn't going to bring him any closer to Elysium.

But eventually, Elysium lost all its charm. Soon, I was spending more and more time on the beach, just staring out at the perfect waters. The water was calm and clear, just like everything else in Elysium.

But my friends were worried. At first it was just concerned looks, shot at another friend and then at me. Then, excuses arose. "Annabeth! They just added a new amusement park! Let's go!" I always shook my head, preferring to spend the day as near to Percy as I could, even if he wasn't really there.

After that, other people came up to me with a stern expressions on their faces.

"Annabeth, you have to get on with your life. This isn't healthy, it just can't be good for you! Please, just come with me, let's go do something!"

Usually, they were pleading, and I watched them with a detached air, as if they were just pretty pictures floating and gesturing wildly in the air in front of me.

So, here I stood, once again on the beach, in the water. One could choose to get wet or not. I always let the water drip over me. I had given up long ago my promise to stay away. Now, I hardly left the beach, lest Percy die and be brought to Elysium in the five minutes it took for me to race to the bathroom and back.

But, strangely, I felt no sadness that Percy wasn't here. All that filled me was a deep longing, an ache somewhere deep in my chest. So this was heartache.

And that word was the trigger. Heartache. It raced around my head, expanding until it was the only thing that I could feel. It pushed aside all the other emotions.

Why wouldn't Percy hurry up and die already!? Sure, time moved differently in Elysium, but it still did nothing to dull the extreme impatience that I felt for Percy to kick the bucket.

So it was there, right there on the beach that I knelt down and I wept. I wept great tears that flowed down my face. They hit the sand and were quickly absorbed by the beach. Just another thing that Percy claimed as his that was originally mine. He had my heart. He had my emotions. Hell, he even had my iPOD, which he never did give back!

And then all the emotions that were pushed away by heartache rushed back with force. They filled me and I could only do one thing to rid myself of them. I raised my head towards the ocean, clear and calm, and screamed. I screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed. I tried to pour out everything in those high pitched lamentations. All my sorrow, my pain, my longing. I wanted nothing more than to go back to the indifferent look on life-or rather, afterlife-which I had adopted over the past few weeks.

Finally, when I felt I could scream no more, lest my windpipe collapse, I fell silent, finally achieving my stark indifference. I admitted it to myself right then. This isn't healthy. It can't be good for my health.

I sat back, and pulled my knees up to my chest. I buried my head into my knees, wondering what I could do to block all of this out.

I stayed like that for hours.. I'll never know what made me look up the way I did, but I'll never forget the next few minutes.

There was someone walking on the water. In Elysium, you could do a lot, but I'm sure that you can't walk on water. My Athenian mind quickened, and I raced through all the possibilities, each one more elaborate than the next. But the most plausible one was the first. Percy had finall-

"No. Stop it. Wishing like that won't help anything. It's not him, so just get over it."

With that thought, a new determination washed over me. I would leave this beach, and never return. I was serious this time.

I placed my hands on either side of me and stood up, deftly brushing the sand off of my jeans. I took careful care not to look up at the beach, scared of what I would see.

I made it all the way to the edge of the plastic sidewalk that marked the beginning of the beach before I turned around.

He was still far off, so far that he would have been completely underwater had he not been walking. My breath caught in my throat. He definitely had black hair. And that was enough for me.

I turned and walked back down to the shore, refusing to let excitement rule me. I took a very nonchalant pose as I looked out over the water, just a simple defense against my quickly arising anticipation.

Ten seconds. He walked ever closer, his black hair tantalizing.

Twenty seconds. His tanned skin became sharper, clearer to see.

Thirty seconds: An orange T-shirt bobbed along as it came closer to me.

I stopped counting then. I think I may have forgotten how.

It seemed like forever before his green eyes made direct contact with mine. He was still in the surf. Now, he let the water run over him, up to his calves.

I surprised myself. For all the pain and loneliness that I felt, I made no grand show of him finally appearing. I didn't run, jumping into his arms. I didn't break down crying. No, I did something much, much, MUCH better.

I stepped up close to him, and punched him in the shoulder.

"Took you long enough."

"Well, you know how slow a runner I am."

We laughed and abandoned ourselves to our emotions. I stepped in close.

He raised my head.

And I kissed him with all the passion that I could.

It was as if he had died, and I had spent the last few weeks mourning him. Yeah, like that could ever happen.

I let my emotions rule over me and I let instinct take over.

I snaked a hand under his shirt and rubbed on the small of his back. He tensed up as I touched the spot that bound him to the earth. To me.

I sighed and leaned into him, marveling at how I fit so perfectly to his body.

As I let myself fall into the bliss of Elysium, I mused to myself.

"Ok, so pining like that isn't healthy. So what? Percy is all I need for my health."

And then I jerked back into myself.

"Seaweed brain! Where's my iPOD!?"

And then we laughed, long and hard. Maybe Elysium isn't so boring after all.

So, I hoped you liked it. It turned out vastly different from how I originally wrote it down.