Chapter Title: the AntiHero

Category: Pokémon Special

Word Count: 84

Characters/Pairings: Lance

Timeline/Spoilers: no timeline; vague spoilers for Yellow arc

This is a story of a boy and a dream. A boy who had a dream of a better world. But it also tells of a cruel reality. You see, that boy grew to be a man, a man whose noble goal was corrupted by his means to obtain it. In short, it is the tale of an antihero named Lance. I know this because I was that boy, and I am that man. I am Lance, the antihero, and this is my story.

A/N: Eh, not much to say this time, but thanks to Blakeface for reviving my interest in this. :D Originally, I'd planned a full length Lance story, but I'm not sure if I want to anymore.