Puppy Love
Story # 0162:
by Kaline Reine

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, or anything related to the anime, manga, or series. It belongs to Masashi Kishimoto, the creator.

WARNINGS: ItaSasu fic, Uchihacest, incest, etc. It will be graphic, and there will be some very disturbing things in this one. (Adult stuff!) I hope you like it anyway. Beware, I am warning you, this fic will probably scare you. There is abuse of all kinds, mental, physical, sexual, and all kinds. There are other things too. You will probably be shocked and grossed out. …You're welcome for the warning.


Chapter 1: Inferno

It was a dark, dreary day. The rain poured heavily from the clouds. The shrill cries of a baby could be heard, crying it's birth to the world. Things were new once more; the world fresh and renewed.

Mikoto had a difficult labor, but nothing brought her this much joy. Her second son was born. Fugaku should have proud. He was proud of his first son, Itachi. But this baby… He could never be proud of. He refused to even name it. He referred to it by 'it' and not another name. He was a cruel tyrant to deal with. He knew they could not afford another baby, and he regretted bringing it into this world.

They had agreed before it had even been born to sell it. But Mikoto couldn't help but feel a little happy, holding her son in her arms. She didn't want to part with him. But she had her family, and other son to think about. And times were hard.

"Wipe that damned smile off your face, woman," He told her firmly, once everyone but the three of them had left the room. "You know we can't keep it."

"I wasn't trying to, Fugaku. I know what we have to do… But still… A mother cannot hide her joy. I'm still proud of him… My little miracle."

"Shut up."

He didn't want to hear her words of motherly love toward this… this thing!

They didn't hurt the baby, but Fugaku was trying to find a way to get rid of it without killing it. They kept everything completely quiet about this. They didn't even tell Itachi of what they planned to do. He was only three years old when the newborn infant was introduced, and he wouldn't understand. Times were hard, and money was scarce.

Mikoto had named her baby Sasuke… She had tried not to grow attached to it. However, by the time he was one year old, the family was living in such poverty… She knew she had no other choice. Fugaku was right, and in the end, she would have to listen to him.

There was a well-known slave trader who always came to their small town. He was only a year old when he traded to Orochimaru, in return for a very large sum of money. The Uchihas lived quite comfortably after that day.

"A pleasure doing business with you," He had hissed. The man truly was a snake, in every sense of the word. Fugaku had never liked him. But this was business.

"We never want him back," Fugaku had assured the other man. "Do whatever you want with him. I'm signing these adoption papers over to you. He is yours."

The baby was only a year old when he was sold. Little Itachi had been so thrilled about having a new baby brother. He went into a depression when his parents told him that the baby had been kidnapped. He had wanted to know more about it, but his mother vaguely said he'd been abducted, and there was nothing they could do about it. The baby was probably already dead. Or that was what she'd told him. Itachi questioned it, and finally he came to the conclusion that Sasuke was still out there somewhere.

Every time he would see a small infant, he would check to make sure that it wasn't his missing brother. He found himself slowly becoming obsessed with finding Sasuke, despite his parents having given up. Fugaku and Mikoto had filed a missing persons report, the day after he was "abducted". But Itachi noticed how happy they seemed strangely calm, and almost happy about the whole thing. He'd always thought it was quite odd.


*~*~*~* Fifteen Years Later *~*~*~*

"Fetch me the leash," The man hissed at him.

He didn't like the man. The man would always beat him. He had to do as he was told. If he got the thing, the man would beat him anyway. He knew that. But he would get beaten worse if he didn't get it. And then he wouldn't be fed. He wanted food.

The boy crawled over, on his hands and knees, to get the device the man had asked for. But he wasn't fast enough, and Orochimaru kicked him in the ribs.

"I said fetch!"

He whimpered, and scrambled across the floor to get the thing. He held his leash in between his teeth, and gave it to the man, just like a dog would.

"Now… Seiteki, would you like to go for a walk?"

The boy drooled hungrily, and wagged his little rump in the air. Orochimaru growled. Teasing wasn't what he wanted. He kicked the boy in his bruised, and broken ribs again.

Seiteki fell on his side, letting out a small whine.

"That's a bad dog! You're not going anywhere now, or ever! This is why I never let you outside. Look at you… Naked, disgusting, cold, and hungry. No wonder no one ever wanted you! You're such a pitiful sight!"

And then, taking the hard leather leash in his hand, he began to beat the boy senseless with it. He hit him wherever he could, not even caring that the metal part, the part that was meant to attach to a collar, was striking him too. The boy just sat there, with a glazed over look in his eyes, and took it. If he tried to defend or protect himself, it wouldn't work and would only make things that much worse. He was used to this. It wasn't even that bad today. A smile was making it's way across his lips.

"How can you be so stupid?!" The man hissed. This was making him angrier. "No dinner for you tonight, until you fatten up some, you scrawny little flea bag!" The round of shouting was followed by another well-placed kick.

Seiteki grabbed his poor, abused balls, and rolled over on the ground, not moving. He did everything he could to protect that part of him, but Orochimaru just didn't relent his ruthless assault of the boy's body. There was nothing the evil man wouldn't do. This wasn't even one of the bad beatings… His treatment today was considered mild.

Orochimaru left him, for now. He knew the boy could understand most of what he was saying, or at least the basic idea of it. Seiteki hadn't spoken for Fifteen years. He'd never learned to talk, and when he did try to say something, he would get hit. Every time. No exceptions. His master had literally beat him into quiet submission. There was no other choice, than to do what the man wanted. And he held power over the boy.

He had the key to all the locks and cages of his various prisoners. But none of them were quite like Seiteki. He was special. His master had taken a liking to him, right from the beginning. Later, when he felt Seiteki could understand it, he had told him a story about an evil god, named Orochi, who he was named after. He'd said that Seiteki was named after a powerful Ninja of legend too. The puppy didn't know the meaning of his name. But what his master had meant was his old name… The one that Seiteki himself didn't know about.

He had never seen the light of day, nor had he ever been treated as a human being. He could talk but he would only say a few words. Orochimaru owned him, body and soul. And only he could decide what would happen to his mistreated pet.

It was a few days later, when Orochimaru came back to teach him another lesson in pain. This time the pain was of an entirely different nature. But it was something Seiteki was used to. While the boy was kept somewhat pure, he was used for sexual relief. And his master allowed a select few other people to have their way with him as well. There was Kabuto, who was cruel and liked to inject him with various drugs and things. And also, Kimimaro, who was surprisingly gentle with him, given the circumstances. But Orochimaru was always the roughest.

"Would you like a treat?" The harsh words from his master came to him, from the entrance to his kennel.

Seiteki knew better than to disobey. He dragged his chain along the stone floor, wagging his tail eagerly at this notion, just as he'd been trained to do. He wanted to get as far away from the man as possible. But he knew better. He would have to stay there, and endure whatever it was that was to be done to him.

They had threatened on numerous occasions to neuter him. But so far, that hadn't happened. He considered himself a lucky dog. He couldn't suppress a yelp, as Orochimaru grabbed him by his collar, pulling him up pitifully to eye level, and nearly choking him.

"Does the doggie want a bone?" Orochimaru laughed knowingly, as Seiteki's eyes wandered down his naked form. The boy knew what he had come for today. "Heh. Well I've got one for you!"

He whimpered when he was pressed up against the cold wall, and a hand was wrapped around his length. It was agonizingly slow, and soon Seiteki's member was at full hardness. Orochimaru didn't like to waste time preparing him, and to cut corners, they were both already naked, so he simply thrust into him. It was delightfully and sickeningly easy. He never bothered to prepare the boy anymore. Seiteki's insides, as well as the rest of his body, stayed bruised, cut, and bleeding almost all the time. Sometimes they did horrible, unspeakable things to him. But all the while he endured it, simply because he had no other choice.

The larger, stronger man shifted so that his cock moved in and out of the abused hole. That is all Seiteki was to him. And the boy, who was being used as a dog, knew it. He didn't expect any better. He'd grown up in this harsh environment, and pain was all that he knew. No one would ever come looking for him; no one cared.

He was a broken toy.


*~*~*~*Two More Years Later *~*~*~*

He had grown into quite the dashing young man. Uchiha Itachi worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was a high-ranking officer, and all of his colleagues acknowledged his amazing work. They had brought many criminals to justice.

"Uchiha, you have a phone call," Konan, their receptionist, gave him the phone.

"I'll take the call in my office…" Itachi closed the door, and drew the blinds. He pressed the flashing red button on his desk phone, and the voice on the other line talked animatedly into his ear. "Calm down, mother… What happened?"

Mikoto was saying something about his father being in the hospital. But she was damn near hysterical when she called. The basics of the message were that he was dying. There was nothing they could do to save him. Itachi had never been more relieved to hear anything, in all of his young life. His father had never been anything but cruel to him. And with his life insurance policy, he could afford to maybe take that vacation he'd been looking forward to for the past few years. He was listed as the partial beneficiary, along with his mother.

"How much longer does he have?" His voice conveyed no emotion. He didn't care, so why pretend?

He could hear his mother sigh heavily on the other end of the phone. "Meet me at the hospital in an hour."

"I'm afraid that's not possible. We're investigating a major case today."

"What kind of case?" She sounded irritated. She had a feeling he was lying. "This may be the last chance you get to talk to your father, Itachi."

"Alright. I'll see what I can do."


It wasn't much later until he finally did arrive at the hospital with his mother. They were let in to see Fugaku almost immediately, given the gravity of the situation. Mikoto knelt down by his bedside, and grasped her husband's hand firmly in hers. He was all she had in the world, and now he was leaving her. He has lymphoma, and the cancer had already spread throughout his entire body. There was nothing anyone could do to save him now. Tears rolled down her puffy cheeks.

"Say goodbye to him, Itachi."

He was taken aback by his mother's harsh words. She knew he didn't want to be here. This was, in fact, the last place Itachi wanted to be right now. But he just might regret it if he didn't give his old man a proper goodbye.

He took a deep breath. "Father, I-"

"Itachi!" A loud voice interrupted them. It was Pein, the chief of the division that he worked for. "Come quick! We've found Orochimaru's hideout! But there's been a fire! We need you on recovery task force now!"

He grabbed Itachi's wrist, and pulled him toward the door. They didn't have time to talk it over. But the agent in question hesitated, before he left. He couldn't leave his father like this. Not when it was so important that he stay. Not that he cared that much, but he was concerned that if he didn't stay, he would have to live with the guilt for the rest of his life. And that was something Itachi did not want to do.

The old man looked up at him weakly, knowing it was his son's duty to go. "They need you more than I do," He smiled.

It was the only time Itachi had ever seen him smile.


The FBI had found their man. Orochimaru, the elusive drug dealer, had been found at last. His hideout was discovered during a secret undercover mission by two of their agents. Somehow, one of his men had leaked the information to him.

He was in his private chamber, where he came to unwind. Everything was going great for him, at the moment. They were supplying drugs to dealers to sell to junkies. They were addicted, and once they had been hooked, there was no hope of them quitting. They also had a counterfeit money ring set up that was nearly untraceable. So many things, this wicked man dealt in. From minor criminal dealing to horrifying things, like human experiments and torturing people for money. He knew that it could only be a matter of time, until it caught up with him.

"What?!" The drug dealer snapped.

"They're on their way now to arrest everyone," Kabuto repeated what his informant had told him.

"We have to leave now! Get my things, Kabuto! We have to burn the building down! We can't risk them finding out anything."

His loyal minion turned to go into the dungeons. For just a moment, anger flashed through Orochimaru's beady yellow eyes.

"Kabuto, where are you going?!" He hissed.

"To get Seiteki from his cage, sir."

"There's no time for that, you idiot!"

He shrugged, feeling almost bad for the suffering this master's pet would have to endure. "It's your call."


Seiteki heard noises coming from upstairs. They were strange noises, and not the usual commotion that could be heard here in the lair. He was never allowed to leave the dungeon. He didn't even know what things looked like out there. But he knew that this was not normal. He didn't recognize any of the sounds or shouts he was hearing.

The air was getting heavy and dense. Some strange, black smoke was floating in through the doorway. It was getting hard to breathe. And it was unusually warm in his cold, damp kennel.

Something was very wrong here.

What was going on?

The boy found out soon enough, when the flames spread into the dungeon, finally. They'd eaten away through most of the hideout, already. He ran a paw, er… hand quickly through his spiky hair, trying to decide what he should do. It was getting hot, and he was sweating. Maybe this was some kind of test. But strangely, he sensed that the rest of the place was empty.

Why hadn't anyone come for him? He knew why… It was because he was worthless; nothing more than a mongrel. That was what had been drilled into his head, ever since he was a pup.

At the moment, all he knew was that the warm flames were bad, and they would kill him. He'd never really seen fire before, and he wasn't sure how he knew. It was instinct. Growling, he gave a few sharp tugs to the heavy iron chain that held him securely fastened to the wall. All he had were a few feet of chain, allowing him some movement. They were attached to his collar, which was also made of heavy black leather. It was not designed to ever come off. Seiteki whimpered as he felt the unbearable warmth from the flame heating up his skin to unimaginable levels.

He had to get away from it!

Seiteki panicked, whimpering and letting out the loudest whines that he dared to. His world was spinning, and everything was going dark. He backed into the farthest corner he could get to. He coughed a few times, before crying out loudly, just before he passed out.

To be continued…


A/N: I chose to wait a while before attempting to write this one, b/c of the graphic nature and also b/c well… It's just an icky story. I was afraid to begin writing it, but I also want it to be perfect. Or as close to perfect as possible. The actual word Seiteki is Japanese for "sexy". (Well what else would Sasuke be? Ne?) I am so nervous as to how people will react to this. But I think you might re-think things next chapter. We'll see. This was more like a prologue than an actual chapter, but it works just the same. I think there may have been too much time-skipping, but that was unavoidable. I hope it wasn't too confusing or boring. I'm trying really hard with this one! I will try to update it once a week.

Just to clarify, at the present time in this fic, Sasuke is 19 and Itachi is 22. I decided they only needed a 3 year age difference. And I wanted Sasuke to be of age. But 18 was cliché, so I decided on 19. There, no more confusion. …Hopefully.

-Kaline Reine