Puppy Love
Story # 0162:
by Kaline Reine

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Chapter 18:

And he did just that.

As soon as they got home, Sasuke watched as his new master installed a brand new series of locks to his front door. It wasn't finished yet, but it was good enough for now.

What he really wanted to do was move away. As far away from here as he could get. But this was where his home was, his family, his friends, and his job. He could easily retire completely from it, but then Orochimaru would be more likely to get away with all that he had done.

And Itachi would not rest until that evil man was brought to justice. Maybe once that happened, he might consider leaving. But leaving now would not solve anything. He knew perfectly well that their problems would only follow them.

Justice had to be served first. He could not run away.

For the next few days, Itachi was quite paranoid about someone breaking in and getting to Sasuke. He hadn't heard a word from work about it and he thought maybe he should call them and tell them about what happened. But for some reason, he had wanted to wait a bit first. Two days had passed since he'd talked to Madara and heard what he believed to be the truth.

He had shown Sasuke some chores and light simple tasks he could do around the house. Not only would it keep him occupied, but he would be learning more about domestic life… Also, it would be of great help to his brother to have someone else cleaning things too.

His only regret was that they hadn't had more time for speech lessons. Sasuke really needed to start talking. But Itachi knew he'd pick it up in his own time.

Today Itachi woke up to the sound of water running. He jolted awake, and noticed it was coming from the bathroom. He was afraid that Sasuke was doing something he shouldn't be, like overflowing the toilet again. He was pretty bad about that.

"Sasuke? Otouto? Wha-"

When he opened the door, there was nothing wrong. At least, he didn't think so. The shower was on, and there was steam coming from the shower stall. He opened the glass door carefully, hoping that maybe Sasuke had forgotten and left it on… again.

Their eyes met, and for one brief moment they just looked at each other. Looked at-

"Oh my- Ah! I- I'm sorry!"

He slammed the door, and quickly left the room, his heart racing.

Sasuke had been… He had been nude. 'Showering… He was just… showering.' Itachi told himself. 'Then… why did it shake me up so badly?'

He hadn't noticed how much Sasuke was learning to do on his own. They had usually taken baths together, and later showers. Nothing had happened between them, because Itachi had deliberately and stubbornly made it a point to make sure they both wore underwear when they showered together. It had been a good idea… at first.

Lately he would notice the way the water soaked through the cloth, making it cling to Sasuke's skin in an all-too-delicious way. He could see every curve, every single shape of his younger brother's body, outlined so perfectly beneath the teasing fabric. It shielded him from view, but only made him want to see that much more.

And this morning, when Sasuke had apparently taken it upon himself to bathe alone, he had indeed seen more.

'Get a grip,' He ordered himself, trying to calm his frantically beating heart. 'It's not like he has anything I haven't seen before…'

His sense of reason told him that it was nothing. His body told him that the soft flawless perfectly toned submissive body was something that he wanted. No… He needed it. His attraction to Sasuke was clearly getting worse by the day.

"I-itachi?" Came a soft voice, just as the bathroom door opened. Sasuke's sopping wet hair framed his face in long wet tendrils. He came out wearing only a towel, seeking to comfort his master. "Okay?" He was seeing if he was okay.

"Don't worry, it's alright. I'm fine."

Itachi found himself wanting to comfort the boy, but at the same time, he knew he had to avoid touching him. His control was likely to snap if he touched Sasuke while he was dripping wet and wearing only a towel. Especially right after he'd just seen him naked… But god, what a sight that had been.

Sasuke whined a little, and put his hand on Itachi's shoulder. He felt a shiver go down his spine at the contact, and tried not to do anything.

"Get dressed, Sasuke."

The boy's expression changed. He looked sadder than he had before. But he did go into the bedroom, presumably to get some clothes to put on. He came back out a few minutes later, wearing a simple pair of black shorts with a black turtleneck sweater, as the weather was getting a little colder now.

"We need to go somewhere today. Can you come with me, Otouto? I don't want to risk leaving you here alone again."

It seemed Sasuke was picking up on more and more words lately. He understand the main point of it anyway, and nodded rapidly. Getting out for a while sounded like a good idea. It had been a rare treat to be allowed to go anywhere when he'd been with his old master.

Before they'd left, Itachi called work, just to let someone know what happened. When he'd finished telling her everything, the woman who answered was not too happy about the situation.

"It's important that you tell us as soon as you know anything else," Konan was not one to get upset with him over something like this, but he was fairly sure that it would piss Pein off. Good thing he hadn't answered. "We have to know if you encounter him again. Next time call us the minute something happens."

"Hai, I will."

"Good. I guess I'll let you get back to whoev- whatever you're doing."

She hung up without so much as even a hint that they wanted him to come back to work yet or… at all.

Okay so maybe she was angrier than he'd thought. That, or she was just playing with him. It was hard for Itachi to tell sometimes, especially with Konan. Women were so confusing… Things like this made him glad he liked men instead.

Now that that was done, they could go. Itachi made sure to change into his own sweater, also a conservative black one that looked similar to Sasuke's. It wasn't that he particularly wanted them to dress alike, it was just that he needed to go out and buy more winter clothes.

Sasuke was a little uneasy in the car this time. Maybe because it had been a few days since they'd traveled anywhere? Luckily where they were going was not a very long time.

They came back to the same mall they had already been to a few days ago. Sasuke wasn't sure why, but he wasn't as scared as he was the last time they had been there. He understood now that this was a place to buy things, and not some kind of weird way to punish him.

Itachi was silent as he shopped. He wasn't angry with his brother, but he just didn't know what to say. He offered him a few words of comfort here and there. But he too had noticed the change in Sasuke. He still wasn't comfortable in this strange new setting. But he knew that nothing bad had happened last time, so logically this time should be okay too.

They got a few more clothes for the winter. It was easy to try them on over their clothes, so dressing rooms weren't really needed, much to Itachi's continued relief.

After that was done, he approached the smaller store. The real reason they were here today. They worked up to a home security mini-store. There was a short teenager behind the desk who had his chin resting in his hands and a tired expression on his face. His hair was pulled into a short ponytail on the back of his head.

"Welcome," He took a long moment to yawn. "To Blinks Home Security. My name is Shikamaru. Can I help you?"

"Yes, I'm here to purchase an alarm system that will notify me as soon as someone breaks in."


The teen slid him a pamphlet across the glossy wooden desk. Itachi rolled his eyes and began to read it over. "Is there anything else I should know?"

"Nope, it's all right there. I could explain it to you, but it'd just be too troublesome."

"Hn. I see."

Sasuke whined, indicating that he didn't like it here and he wanted to leave.

"Whatever the prices, I want to buy one. What do I do?"

Rolling his eyes, the lazy teenage 'salesman' pulled out a stack of paper. "Sign here, and fill all this stuff out, then pay me."

The paper basically just wanted basic information, like his name and address and so on. Then it discussed prices. Itachi had to read over everything again just to make sure he understood. He knew the guy that was supposed to be selling this stuff to him was going to be virtually useless in explaining anything. He seemed a smart enough guy. What a waste.

Once that was all done, Shikamaru smiled. "Thanks. They'll be over to install it probably some time tomorrow."

"Yes, thank you."

Being a man of few words himself, Itachi left after that, satisfied they'd be at his house tomorrow. Sasuke seemed confused about what they'd just done, but he shrugged it off.

Once they'd finished and left the mall, Itachi, or rather Itachi's stomach, decided that he was hungry. He saw the way his brother looked over at him when it growled, rather loudly.

"Are you hungry too?"

Sasuke looked confused.

"Do you want to eat? You know? Food?"

He adamantly shook his head yes. There'd been something in there that he'd understood.

While Sasuke seemed to be slightly more human than he had previously been, he had still retained a lot of the dog-like traits. Like whimpering, for one. To Itachi it was a very sexual sound. It could easily have been mistaken for one, and he idly wondered if that was part of the strange appeal of it? He would not have been surprised to see Sasuke with his head leaning out the window and his tongue flapping in the wind- If he knew how to get the window down, that is.

That was a pretty funny mental image. It had occurred to Itachi just as he pulled the car into the parking lot of a rather upscale restaurant at the center of town. He chuckled quietly to himself.

Sasuke gave him an odd look. He didn't like the way that laugh sounded. It was sinister, almost wicked, and sounded nothing like the Itachi he knew. He became slightly scared again. He looked out the window when the car stopped, and saw that this was a new place.

"We're just going to eat lunch," Itachi ran a hand gently through his hair, almost like he was petting him. "You can relax, Otouto."

The boy knew that was his cue to climb out of the car, and he did so quickly. He tried to straighten his hair while they walked, and his older brother smirked at him, secretly thinking it was cute.

Itachi led the way inside the big restaurant. There were lots of people there, so it was obvious it was a pretty popular place. It didn't take long for them to be seated, though there was a bit of a wait for the table they wanted. Itachi had asked the hostess to seat them in a spot as far away from everyone as possible. He did not attempt to explain Sasuke's condition to her.

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