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Watching their sister dieing was something both brothers had seen. On hunts there were times where not only had she stepped into the line of fire but had been so hurt that even the doctors in the hospitals had lost hope. In the past she had always pulled through.

But now, neither could find themselves thinking this was one of those times.

Seeing her lips turn blue Sam realized that this was his vision. Now though, instead of seeing it through a staggering pained headache he was seeing it for real through swollen eyes. He couldn't move as much as he tried and from beside him he could hear Dean was struggling the same as him. It was only when they heard the demon did their minds even begin to think of anything other than getting to their sister.

"You Winchesters are all the same. Foolish. You all think you could actually fight us, fight this; and that you could win. This is a war in which you don't even have a moment's of notice in. Eleanor, if only you had simply died when I sent Cephestral after you. Then there wouldn't have been such a mess for me to clean up." He looked down at her, even while she was still a half a foot in the air, as though she were an insect in a jar to inspect and then dispose of.

Every eye in the square was watching Yellow Eyes and Ellie. Sam and Dean continued to try to fight to get up, to do something. The phone in Dean's pocket weighed heavily but he knew that it was likely that there was no way Sam had gotten his part done and without Ellie... the only thing his bit would do he realized would be to piss them off. But at Yellow Eyes' words he found he was the one pissed.

"You, you're the reason this started?! That crazy son of a bitch came after her because of you! WHY!?" Dean screamed. It was one thing if it had been chance, not likely with their family but still a whole different ball game. But to find that a demon, THE demon had sent it after his sister, made his blood boil. To himself he swore that if it was the last thing he did he would kill the bastard. Not send it to hell but kill it.

Turning towards Dean the demon seemed merely amused by him and his grip on Ellie did not faltered. "Of course I did. I had to do with her what I had to with that pretty little Jessica and your mama. They were simply in the way. I can't have my boy over there not be in fit condition and that wouldn't happen if he's home play house or watching his little sister's back." At the demon's indication towards Sam the two both stopped for a second. Neither of them had ever said anything on why they thought the demon had come that night. All thoughts and theories had been left up to their father. But he wasn't here right now. "You see, him and all the other children like him are going to play a very important part for my side. I have such plans for you Sammy."

"Like hell I am going to let you anywhere near him!" He sounded so sure of himself but even Sam could hear the slight quaking in his brother's voice. Ellie had stopped struggling against the hold on her throat. The both of them were filled with fear at seeing her go so still.

"Like you can really stop us Dean." From the crowd a voice sounded and then out walked the one person the two of them had been sure they'd killed. Meg. "No, you can't stop us from using him and you sure as hell can't save your sister. I have to give Cepsestral some credit though. He was right in watching your kind break. It is fun."

At her side was another demon, tall and silent was looking at Ellie in a way neither brother liked. "Father."

"Oh yes. I forgot you wanted to play with her." Loosening his grip Ellie they saw her body take a deep breath. Still unconscious he lowered her slightly and turned towards the boys. "You see, my son has a certain taste for anatomy. Your kind is quite interesting when you look at how complex your bodies are. He loves to see how far muscles and bones can be stretched and bent before they fall apart."

At seeing his sister being handed over to the other demon Dean became frantic. His mouth opened before he really even thought and out came the most cocky and stupid words he could think of. "You have a son? Isn't one of your kind having children an even worse blasphemy than what your kind are to begin with." Both Yellow Eyes and his son paused to glare at him, Ellie midway between the two. Expecting one of the tens of demons around him to hit him, Dean wasn't expecting what did happen.

With Yellow Eyes still staring him directly in the eye, suddenly his chest felt like it was exploding from the inside. As though a thousand claws were ripping their way through his organs, he for a split second wished he would have shut his mouth. Back arched, a scream escaped his lips and he felt blood begin to flow through his lips. Induced in his pain he didn't hear his brother scream his name nor realize that his scream was answered with the flicker of his sister's eyes. Suddenly, the pain stopped and he fell back to the ground, panting for his breath and with each one an echo of pain ran through him.

"Ah, that hurts Dean. You shouldn't say such mean things." Meg taunted for the demon's side. Walking to Dean she lifted him up on to his knees. The second her hands left he almost slumped over. Finding energy from somewhere he tried to stand up, to be in any position other than on his knees in front of this bitch only to find the bottom half of his legs where now stuck to the ground. If he felt he could have cursed he would have. As it was he didn't even have the energy to do so in his own head.

Looking he saw yet again Yellow Eyes had Ellie, this time by the back of the neck thank God, and was now a foot away from him. He could feel besides him his brother still as the demon came closer. "That was always like you wasn't it, Dean. Cocky. But it's all a mask isn't it', to hide the hurt and pathetic child underneath. No one really needs you do they? John didn't need you. Left you behind if I can recall. Sammy and Ellie did too. And you know Sam is John's favorite, he let him go to college, didn't go and drag him back now did he? And Ellie, well I just bet good old John would do anything to keep his little girl safe. Did so a year ago. Now, I think you hurt my daughters feeling there Dean." With that he indicated behind him to Meg. Dean felt himself groan wishing the slight action wasn't as pained as it was. "Well, I promised her you so I think she find a way for you to make up for it."

Walking from behind him Meg came. For a moment she was smirked down at him. He couldn't stop himself. He just had to say it. "Usually I can lie with the best of them but here well, I really do think your bitch of daughter is a damned abomination so really I don't get what I should make up for." Looking up he smirked right back at the bitch. If this was the moment in time he was going to die, then damn him if he didn't make it at least a remembered one.

Seeing the blonde's hand go back he awaited the hit the most likely would take his head off. From the corner of his eye he saw Yellow Eyes glare down at him and he also saw the one thing that actually made him smile. His little sister's eyes flickering. She was alive. He just wished he could have found a way for her to be a little bit longer. Turning back to Meg he saw the hand come down and really hoped he pissed her off enough to finish it in one blow. He didn't want his corpse too mangled.

But the hit never came. Instead, a shot rang through the air, halting every single beings actions in the square including the pissed off Meg.

Across the square on the other side of the fountain from both the brothers and Yellow Eyes a demon went flying and all the others came to a stand still. Sam couldn't see anything still being on his back but Dean could, barely seeing over the edge of the fountain but with what he saw he understood why every single demon was frozen to their spots. From the allyway came John Winchester.

"Dad?" Dean's voice called filled with pain but he didn't care, not for a second. Around him all the demons besides Yellow Eyes and Meg and the son started to step back and never had both the brothers been so happy to see their father. The one man in the world that could scare demons and he was there.

At seeing John, Yellow Eyes brought Ellie down and around in front of him like a shield, taking a few steps away from the brothers. Between them and the demon and John a triangle seemed to have formed. Not a one was more that ten feet away but to Dean and Sam it seemed like a million miles to them.

"Oh, good old Johnny. Come to save your precious children?" Both brothers could see the grip on Ellie's throat was back to the front and gripping hard but not cutting off air. She was still looked unconscious and Sam could find no comfort about that. Dean however knew better and realized the Ellie knew to wait until the right time to expose herself. So focused on her for the second their father's next words shocked them even more.

"No. I just came to kill you."

Nothing in the square moved. Not a demon, and human or anything else. The only thing that did was the small drop of water that dripped from the fountain. As it fell the impact of that one drop seemed thunderous. Then the moment passed and Yellow Eyes laughed. Head back he laughed and laughed.

Turning to the man across the square the demon still smiled as he spoke. "John, and here I thought you at least were smart compared to the rest of your family. Seems as if I was wrong." Never taking his eyes off of John nor loosing his smile he nodded his head to Meg. "Kill him."

Meg moved forward as well as three other towns men. All were cautious as they moved in but the closer they got the more like predator they appeared to be. John paid no attention to them, merely watching Yellow Eyes. As Meg moved within the last few feet of him he raised a different gun, an old black colt that Dean could see carvings in. In that second Sam while he couldn't see what was going on he did see the demon's eye widen. Whatever was happening was spooking the demon and as much as he wanted to cheer on his father, he could still see that Ellie was in the demon's grip. UHHH! He wished he could move, anything! In his anger he began to struggle again but in a second he stopped. He no longer was stuck. All the demons around were to busy to notice his minor movements. Catching Dean's eye he showed him their freedom. Now they just needed to right moment.

"I see you found the colt. It still couldn't save your wife and it won't save your daughter." Yellow Eyes again closed his fist around Ellie's throat.

"I know, but it will be enough to kill you." Aiming for the demon Dean began to panic. Their father would take the chance of shooting Ellie if he thought it would kill the demon. He knew it. Their father had hunted for more than twenty years for this thing and now that the moment was there Dean knew nothing would stand in his father's way, not even the man's own blood.

"Sam?" Dean's question was clear and out of the corner of his eye he saw him shake his head. Damn it! Turning back he begun to dig in his pocket for his phone. Not a single demon cared for what he was doing.

"Mighty big risk you'd be taking Johnny. You very well might kill your daughter instead."

"I know. I'm willing to take it."

Cocking the gun, finger on the trigger Dean pressed in 83 and send. Immediately two things happened but only one he expected. A groan was heard through out the square as the pipes whined and, to Dean's shock, Ellie's voice began to ring through the whole town.

The fountain came to life and immediately every demon was doing impersonations of the wicked witch. Most immediately begin to scream and try run, filling the square with panic. But Ellie' s voice stopped every single one. The only ones who seemed to not be paralyzed by the exorcism were the trio supreme family of demons. Yet in the end even Meg ran, the holy water cascading down upon her being too much.

Turning to John, Yellow Eyes only stayed long enough to say one thing. "This'll be fun Johnny. Can't wait to see what happens next." In a smear of smoke he was gone. Both the brothers let out their breaths. They forgot for a second that there was still one demon there and now he was the one holding their sister. They remember really quickly though.

"She's mine. The flaw is mine."

I have to say, being called a flaw was a little bit of a blow to myself esteem. And the grip the damn demon behind me had one my arms was enough for me to gasp. I was only glad the shouting in the background and all the demons squirming and screaming blocked it from being heard.

But right now I found the real problem was that even with the exorcism going on the demon behind me wasn't letting go. I could feel him shake slightly but I also knew that the exorcism had about another twenty seconds to it, and while I would have loved to have waited 'till the black eyed bastard's soul was ripped out of the man I had a feeling he wasn't going to wait that long. When one of those hands moved to my throat I knew I was right. He wasn't going to leave until it finished with what it wanted. And my luck, it wanted me.

In the back of my mind I found myself asking what the hell was it with demons and all the throat grabs today.

Opening my eyes and staying limp I looked across the square at John, at the man who seconds ago was willing to take the chance of me getting caught in the crossfire. My heart had stopped when I awoke to hear him having a conversation with the very demon my brothers said had murdered my mother. When the old black gun had come out and I felt the demon still and stiffen I wondered what John had done that could scare it? In my head with my eyes closed I was cheering him on. I think I had even called him dad for a second, but that was before I heard him say he'd willing risk me to kill the demon.

At that moment I felt that last string that attached me to my family snap. Over the last few days it had become so prevalent and strong. Yet, gone it was at the presence of one single sentence.

The grips on me became more intense, bringing me back to reality, and behind me I could feel the demon getting ready to run. Well, either that or twist my neck like a doll. I saw that John saw this too and out of the corner of my eye I saw Dean shift. John looked at his eldest and I saw another shift. For once I think I actually got the plan and the second John moved I shoved as hard as I could backwards. I actually managed to get out of the demons hands, surprise being on my side. Before I could get more that a few hurried steps away a gun went off and I heard a weight fall. Something caught my feet and I went down.

Scrambling I turned and I saw I'd been right. While I had been trying to make my break for it John had thrown the gun to Dean who took the shot. I'm really glad John hadn't. As good of a shot I knew he was chances were still higher than if Dean had to hit me. And Dean had pulled it off adn one I didn't get. What gun could kill a demon?

Suddenly, as I was looking down at the body of some man, some person who had been so unlucky, the whole square was filled with demonic smoke as my exorcism finished it's final words. The sky over head flickered with lightning and thunder and beneath the ground shook with all the souls sent through it to Hell. The fountain still sputtered water but the flow wasn't as strong as seconds ago. Even with it's light splashes the town seemed deathly silent. It would likely have remained that way forever if a groan hadn't sounded out.

Lunging to my feet and forward I ran as Dean started to topple over. I didn't make it in time but Sam managed to catch him quick enough to keep Dean's head from hitting the ground. Kneeling before my brothers I looked them over. Even as light headed as I was I could tell the both of them needed to get to a hospital soon, Dean much more so. His chest had long angry slashes down it and I would bet that his insides weren't looking all that different. Seeing flashed I remembered months ago, how similiar I had looked to him. I knew it simply was too much to do in the back of the Impala no matter what John said.

"Sam I need you to help me get him up. He's needs to get to a hospital." Moving my arms under Dean's from one side I waited for Sam but looking over I saw he was having trouble just getting his legs underneath him. Ok then, I'll just have to do this myself. I have before. Turning back to Dean I began to try and lift him when suddenly my arms were removed and replaced by another's. Looking up I saw John host him up. I pushed back the feeling of just how harsh his shoving me off was and turned to Sam. Now so wasn't the time to wallow in cruel and unwanted facts.

After a lot of effort I finally got sasquatch up I began leading, well more tipping, over to the Impala. John already had Dean in the back and was climbing in to start it. Hopping to the passenger side I dumped Sam in and then shut the door. Hurrying off I dug my keys out of my pocket but I didn't get more than five feet before I was called to a halt.

"Ellie! What the hell are you doing? Get in the damn car!" Huffing to myself I really didn't think I had time to explain that I didn't think the old man really wanted me in there right now. But I knew I had to give him some explanation.

"I'm getting my bike. Someone needs to lead the way to the hospital and you don't know it."

"I do so get in." He started to get in to the car and I had to push every ounce of my anger down or I would seriously blow up. He really thought I would listen to him after all this time with such obedience as Dean always had for him? Like fucking hell!

Continuing on I ran to my bike in a nearby alley. A part of me preened that my baby wasn't hurt at all. Another part of me scolded myself and told me not to dare stop and inspect the stupid thing. Hopping on and starting it I then scolded myself for calling my bike stupid. Shaking my head I thought maybe it wasn't the best idea to be driving when my own mind wasn't seeming all too stable.

Driving into the square I saw the town's people were starting to stir and out of the corner of my eye I saw a few were helping a mound I knew was Eric. Bringing myself back to the road in front of me, I just found I couldn't watch as the eyes turned towards me. I couldn't see the accusations and the broken gazes. I knew every person here, had made friends with them, eaten meals and joked with them. And now they were a broken group of people who didn't understand the horrors they had seen and been forced to be apart of. And I found I just couldn't.

Finding the black beauty waiting on the one road out I pulled up besides it. John looked pissed and Sam was struggling to get Dean to lay down adn cover him with a blanket. Their hushed words unfortunately were too soft for me to hear through the window. But I could hear Johns growl, I could have if I'd been on the other side of town. "Eleanor-"

"John, I know the way and I can keep a better eye out than you. Come on, Dean really needs to get there soon." Without waiting for a response I took off. I found out in the first five miles driving really wasn't the smartest choice. Twice in that long run I nearly fell over. Twice the lights behind me flashed bright to dull to bright again. Driving with the air slapping my face and sending tremors through my drenched body I found myself praying. I prayed, to not let their be a third time, because I didn't think I could stop or right myself again if suddenly the world tilted that extra degree.

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