title. just as light and sound
fandom. twilight series
pairing. marcus x seth clearwater
prompt. 088. he
words. 149 words
disclaimer. i don't own the twilight series, it's the property of stephanie meyer.

. just as light and sound .

Over the decades, Seth can read Marcus easily and they've fallen into a comfortable rhythm.

Sometimes Marcus needs a little space when he's angry about something, but once he's calmed down he'll go looking for Seth and curl up with him. Seth doesn't say anything because he knows that if Marcus wants to talk, he will, and sometimes he just needs some time before he's ready.

Marcus smiles quite a bit when it's the two of them and he's very open. Whenever he needs to be a leader of the Volturi, he's cool and more detached. But he's still affectionate.

It's a hand at the small of his back, the way he tucks Seth against his side or just a little bit behind him when they deal with rogues.

There's always some sort of physical contact.

Seth doesn't need pretty words and fancy declarations. He knows how Marcus feels about him.

That's all that matters.